Monday, January 30, 2017

CNY day 3

Getting all emotional today. I met my nanny, whom looked after me and my bro when we were baby. Not that long for me, about 1-2 years, 6 years for my bro, but we were damn attached to her.

It's to a point whereby we stayed at her place during weekdays, and when our parents brought us home during weekends, she will come over and stay as well. We only met once a year now cos we're too busy with our own work and family. 😔

She's 90+ years old now, looking kinda frail and weak already. My eyes went teary when she baded goodbye to us, cos she kept repeating, "要好好" in Teochew. Meaning she wants us to 一定要好好过. 😢

I really really dislike "goodbyes" though I know it's inevitable. Everyone has to leave one day. But I hate, fear and dread this day to come. ☹️

Sometimes, I really don't understand why some people love to compare, compete, or be greedy. We are unable to take anything away when we leave. 

I'm not rich, I'm just contented.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Why must have CNY?

Aiyo, it's the time of the year to niam again. CNY is boring. It's not about the giving angbao part, it's the before CNY rush and during CNY boredom.

Did the last handover before CNY on Wednesday, a brand new Honda Shuttle. I wanna talk about this cos it's the fastest delivery of a new car I sold (with Sam). ONE WEEK. Specially rushed for my customer! A promise delivered. 😊 Enjoy your new ride, babe! Have a huat huat 🐔 year! 😊

来来. Come collect angbao from me! Lol

I used tong to make MM's hair pong pong and she said, "wow, I look like snow BLACK now." LOLOL! She's really as funny and creative as her mum. Hahaha

Anders boy is getting more and more mischievous! 

Instead of the usual steamboat (annually), we had something different this year - buffet! But aiya, it's still very boring. Many people (dealers) jio-ed me to gamble this year, but I don't know how to gamble and I'm not quite interested in gambling, I get bored easily. Maybe mahjong okay, but I didn't play for a long time already.

Friday, January 27, 2017

You've no right to judge...


Whatever between me and him, has nothing to do with you, understand ex husband? You have no idea what we have gone through and what he's going through now, so just keep your mouth shut. You're nowhere compared to him. 


And that's the reason why I'm still mourning over it. Becos I know he's trying to protect me, that's why he left, he didn't want to get me into trouble. 

This was confirmed after my previous two post. Becos I offered to pay him the $20+k which he said he has paid for Senja (I've no idea how this amount came about, but I just wanna see him), he has no intention to take it, at all. 

This guy protects and dotes on me and the kids like crazy, gave me the love nobody else has ever given to me before. He understands me very well (much much more than you), he understands me so much that he knows I'll stick with him through thick and thin, he didn't want me to suffer, that's why he left. 😢

I didn't cover up for anyone, good means good, bad means bad. And I believe I've given you enough tolerance. You've no fucking right to talk terms with me over the kids. You've no fucking right to say or lecture me and people around me. 

Becos you're a shit. Don't tell me you're their father, what did you do to deserve them? I merely requested for $700 for TWO KIDS as alimony, nothing for myself, but you didn't pay a single cent, for a long long time. 

When I give you face for not bringing it up, or talk about it, kindly shut the fuck up. Becos I won't be nice when I flared up. You've been spreading nonsense about me, I kept quiet. 

I don't owe you any fucking reason for not allowing the kids to go over becos I'm supporting them alone. If you've been nicer (especially your mouth), I'd consider. But too bad, you're still as fucked up as before. This is not the way to "repay" someone who is supporting and looking after kids bearing your surname. 

I sincerely hope you can find someone new, set up your new family and leave us alone. I've said, I'll change the kids' surname when I have the chance.


We're doing good, don't worry, becos they've a mum who is responsible and don't push blames at all. 


Excited kids packing their new closet. They have one big closet each. Before they saw it... 

Meimei: Mummy, how does my new closet looks like? 
Me: Looks like a closet lor. 

Hahahahahahahaha 😂

Hereby wishing everyone...

Happy Chicken Year! :)

Monday, January 23, 2017

Porridge Buffet @ Kitchen Loft

Located @ MapleTree Business City!!!

O'rite, if you've been following this blog, you'd have know that I've stopped accepting adverts, reviews, food tasting and events for quite some time already. And therefore, I'll not anyhow blog for anyone unless I think they're worth a post here.


This week, I got 4 cars (sold last week) to handover. 😬

But today, I had a little time off for myself to collect some personal stuff, meet Jane for lunch, beautify my lashes and have a peep at my new wardrobe. 😊 Becos I've already blocked all appointments away for today, due to my wardrobe!

Ok, straight to the point. PORRIDGE BUFFET @ KITCHEN LOFT. 

Kitchen Loft is an atas foodcourt! The food price is just like a food court but it looks cleaner and more atas! Must remember to return your tray after eating. We forgot about it today and I was telling Jane, "OMG, later we get stomped how?" So sorry about it, it was an unintentional mistake.

So we were thinking what to eat on this cold rainy weather, porridge seems the best choice. It's a buffet @ $10.90 per pax NETT. Let's take a look at their variety of food...

They have this DIY fruit rojak corner.

My rojak not bad hor!

Food is not bad, and I felt it's so worth it otherwise I wouldn't even bother to blog about it. But I've no idea of their opening hours as it's located in a business area. Usually, people don't open for business during weekends at business areas.
But if were to meet customers or friends for a good lunch during office hour, this will be a good choice. Not pricey, good food and you can sit and talk as long as you like! ^^

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Some random thoughts...

Okay, I'm awake, at 5+am, sitting on the bean bag at Senja's living room. The kids requested to stay for a night. I was here to settle my wardrobe with the contractor.

So yeah, my house is finally going to complete soon.

Also installed the bomb shelter rack! ✌🏻

Actually, I know nuts about reno, I can only pray that I don't get cheated becos I'm too chin chai already. I don't know how to see defects, neither researched about market price. I guess, I always work based on trust. 

If I don't trust a person, I'll never approach him. But if I want to "support" someone, I'll not ask about price either, unless it's very large amount and I need to see if my bank account has enough money not. Lol

And to "trust" someone, that someone has to be reliable and reachable. You cannot expect me to trust you when I can't even reach you. No response, no reply. 

This "trust" issue has been haunting me for the past 10 months. 

But what I'm sure is, without proper communication, no form of relationship can ever work out. Don't blame people for not trusting you, when you failed to even give a proper explanation. 

If one person claimed that you're a bastard, it might be that person's problem becos maybe he doesn't like your face. But if 10 persons claimed that you're a bastard, with all the similar stories, it's time you should reflect on yourself. 

I'm still standing by (but no longer holding on) becos I felt that he's not a bastard, and he probably has his reasons for doing the things he did. I've been trying to find out the "reasons" but to no avail. (你想要有个家, 对吗?)

I wanted to help him. Even if he's just a friend, I don't wish to see him ruin himself like that. It doesn't feel good to hear bad things about him everytime. 

Why will people come and tell me? 

Becos I've been crying and mourning for the past 10 months. Drinking everyday, just to sleep. I spoilt my own body, my nose has been bleeding frequently. They've been trying to "wake" me up. But I'm stubborn in a way whereby I want to hear from him, from his own mouth. I still give a lot of benefit of doubts. I'm still telling people that he's not a bad person. 

Becos I've NEVER been lidat before, NEVER.
I warned people I intro-ed becos I don't wish to receive anymore sudden shocking "complain". I won't be able to pick up anymore shit as I'm still picking up those previous shit. All he did was... disappeared. When people can't find him, they naturally called me. 

But most importantly, I don't wish him to wrong further. He's still young. I've loved him before. 

Loving someone is not supporting and agreeing to whatever he do, even if it's wrong. Loving someone is helping him to be the best out of him, to see him doing good and living well, even though I'm not the one by his side. 

I didn't hate nor blame him at all. 
He's seeing me as a bad person now, thinking that I'm trying to seek revenge or something. But sorry, I'm not such a person. If I wanted to do so, I'd have done it long ago. I've no time to plot any revenge on anyone. 

And being in the car trade now, it's not difficult to ruin his company, with all the evidences people provided me. But I didn't. I didn't even tell anyone that I was from which company before, neither tell anyone that I know him/them. 

I do my own things, they do theirs, we have nothing to do with each other. I'm lidat. It's either I care, or I don't give a fuck. 

I always believe in leaving a 后路 for people and I try to help people I cared, whichever ways I can. 

It's heart breaking to get misunderstood always. But I really hate to explain myself. 😔

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Friday The 13th

My apology for the lack of update lately. Was busy with Senja's stuffs, which I'll blog about it next time.

Ouch, my car kept getting "injured" lately. I've spent a lot on "beautifying" repairs. Nah, I'm not those who take extreme care of my car, but I cannot stand scratches and dents; those obvious ones.

Lol, from my house gate. I thought it can be polished away, so I immediately booked an appointment for full grooming on the next day, which is yesterday, Black Friday. ☹️

But it needed to be respray. It was around 1pm. I told them I'm fine to go for the respray, but I must collect the car by evening. Their slots were full. 😖

I was feeling a little helpless becos I don't wish to waste another day on my car. Then Lion suddenly replied me on a quote. So I asked him for help... 

You know, SG is really small. Lion knew the person in charge of the grooming shop I went. This shop is recommended by one of my dealer. So in another word, car trade is really small. Seems like everyone knows each other. You just needed to be LJ lang once, your name will be spread across the car trade. 

The white GTR used to be Lion's. His name is Ryan btw, Lion is given by me, called by me. Lol

Thank my lucky star always, Lion helped me to find a shop above which can do for me immediately. So I went up to leave my car, then Raymond came to pick me to collect customer's car from Tampines, to Wcega. 

LOL, don't have to buy recording cam liao, got it free from my customer! This dealer is funny, he bought me a tooth whitening kit. 😂

After that, we went for lunch at this apparently very popular but I've never heard of it before cafe, the so called Harry Potter cafe; 1094 Platform. If he didn't bring me there, I don't think I'll know about this cafe in this entire life. Lol

Very unique but food is so-so only, not I say one. I don't know lah, cos I'm not so particular over food one. But I'm a hawker person, hawker food FTW, lol.

At 5:15pm, my car is ready! Woohoo! Less than 4 hours! Very grateful to always receive helps with just a phone call. It's not due to my looks, it's becos I'm a very steady person. I don't push blames nor hide when problem arises.

@ Level 45. Everything is good about this place, except that stupid (iPhone) GPS brought me a few merry-go-rounds before I found it. Damn!

He's my... friend, hahaha. No sparks or chemistry between us, just a friend whom I can confide in. Actually, I can get along with many people leh, but not many know the real me. They only see the strong, cheerful and sampat side of me. I don't show, I don't show my weakness to everyone.

Ah btw, he's single and available! 1983 one! Has a good career, quite well paid one. Any taker? LOL but he said he's damn fussy hor, when it comes to relationship.

I realised, I'm only interested in hardworking men. I cannot stand men who sleep their life away. He doesn't has to be rich, nor very good looking, but he has to be very hardworking, more hardworking than me. LOL

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Kickstart 2017

Chapter 2016 has officially closed!!! 😌 It was a roller coaster ride. I don't have much feeling towards it. Everything was like an illusion.

A brand new planner and excel sheet to start my 2017, I hope it will be a good one. 😊 I've a target to achieve, success is my only option, working hard is my only choice.


Let's work hard and fight for a better 2017.