Saturday, January 14, 2017

Friday The 13th

My apology for the lack of update lately. Was busy with Senja's stuffs, which I'll blog about it next time.

Ouch, my car kept getting "injured" lately. I've spent a lot on "beautifying" repairs. Nah, I'm not those who take extreme care of my car, but I cannot stand scratches and dents; those obvious ones.

Lol, from my house gate. I thought it can be polished away, so I immediately booked an appointment for full grooming on the next day, which is yesterday, Black Friday. ☹️

But it needed to be respray. It was around 1pm. I told them I'm fine to go for the respray, but I must collect the car by evening. Their slots were full. 😖

I was feeling a little helpless becos I don't wish to waste another day on my car. Then Lion suddenly replied me on a quote. So I asked him for help... 

You know, SG is really small. Lion knew the person in charge of the grooming shop I went. This shop is recommended by one of my dealer. So in another word, car trade is really small. Seems like everyone knows each other. You just needed to be LJ lang once, your name will be spread across the car trade. 

The white GTR used to be Lion's. His name is Ryan btw, Lion is given by me, called by me. Lol

Thank my lucky star always, Lion helped me to find a shop above which can do for me immediately. So I went up to leave my car, then Raymond came to pick me to collect customer's car from Tampines, to Wcega. 

LOL, don't have to buy recording cam liao, got it free from my customer! This dealer is funny, he bought me a tooth whitening kit. 😂

After that, we went for lunch at this apparently very popular but I've never heard of it before cafe, the so called Harry Potter cafe; 1094 Platform. If he didn't bring me there, I don't think I'll know about this cafe in this entire life. Lol

Very unique but food is so-so only, not I say one. I don't know lah, cos I'm not so particular over food one. But I'm a hawker person, hawker food FTW, lol.

At 5:15pm, my car is ready! Woohoo! Less than 4 hours! Very grateful to always receive helps with just a phone call. It's not due to my looks, it's becos I'm a very steady person. I don't push blames nor hide when problem arises.

@ Level 45. Everything is good about this place, except that stupid (iPhone) GPS brought me a few merry-go-rounds before I found it. Damn!

He's my... friend, hahaha. No sparks or chemistry between us, just a friend whom I can confide in. Actually, I can get along with many people leh, but not many know the real me. They only see the strong, cheerful and sampat side of me. I don't show, I don't show my weakness to everyone.

Ah btw, he's single and available! 1983 one! Has a good career, quite well paid one. Any taker? LOL but he said he's damn fussy hor, when it comes to relationship.

I realised, I'm only interested in hardworking men. I cannot stand men who sleep their life away. He doesn't has to be rich, nor very good looking, but he has to be very hardworking, more hardworking than me. LOL

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