Monday, January 23, 2017

Porridge Buffet @ Kitchen Loft

Located @ MapleTree Business City!!!

O'rite, if you've been following this blog, you'd have know that I've stopped accepting adverts, reviews, food tasting and events for quite some time already. And therefore, I'll not anyhow blog for anyone unless I think they're worth a post here.


This week, I got 4 cars (sold last week) to handover. 😬

But today, I had a little time off for myself to collect some personal stuff, meet Jane for lunch, beautify my lashes and have a peep at my new wardrobe. 😊 Becos I've already blocked all appointments away for today, due to my wardrobe!

Ok, straight to the point. PORRIDGE BUFFET @ KITCHEN LOFT. 

Kitchen Loft is an atas foodcourt! The food price is just like a food court but it looks cleaner and more atas! Must remember to return your tray after eating. We forgot about it today and I was telling Jane, "OMG, later we get stomped how?" So sorry about it, it was an unintentional mistake.

So we were thinking what to eat on this cold rainy weather, porridge seems the best choice. It's a buffet @ $10.90 per pax NETT. Let's take a look at their variety of food...

They have this DIY fruit rojak corner.

My rojak not bad hor!

Food is not bad, and I felt it's so worth it otherwise I wouldn't even bother to blog about it. But I've no idea of their opening hours as it's located in a business area. Usually, people don't open for business during weekends at business areas.
But if were to meet customers or friends for a good lunch during office hour, this will be a good choice. Not pricey, good food and you can sit and talk as long as you like! ^^

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