Saturday, January 28, 2017

Why must have CNY?

Aiyo, it's the time of the year to niam again. CNY is boring. It's not about the giving angbao part, it's the before CNY rush and during CNY boredom.

Did the last handover before CNY on Wednesday, a brand new Honda Shuttle. I wanna talk about this cos it's the fastest delivery of a new car I sold (with Sam). ONE WEEK. Specially rushed for my customer! A promise delivered. 😊 Enjoy your new ride, babe! Have a huat huat 🐔 year! 😊

来来. Come collect angbao from me! Lol

I used tong to make MM's hair pong pong and she said, "wow, I look like snow BLACK now." LOLOL! She's really as funny and creative as her mum. Hahaha

Anders boy is getting more and more mischievous! 

Instead of the usual steamboat (annually), we had something different this year - buffet! But aiya, it's still very boring. Many people (dealers) jio-ed me to gamble this year, but I don't know how to gamble and I'm not quite interested in gambling, I get bored easily. Maybe mahjong okay, but I didn't play for a long time already.


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