Friday, January 27, 2017

You've no right to judge...


Whatever between me and him, has nothing to do with you, understand ex husband? You have no idea what we have gone through and what he's going through now, so just keep your mouth shut. You're nowhere compared to him. 


And that's the reason why I'm still mourning over it. Becos I know he's trying to protect me, that's why he left, he didn't want to get me into trouble. 

This was confirmed after my previous two post. Becos I offered to pay him the $20+k which he said he has paid for Senja (I've no idea how this amount came about, but I just wanna see him), he has no intention to take it, at all. 

This guy protects and dotes on me and the kids like crazy, gave me the love nobody else has ever given to me before. He understands me very well (much much more than you), he understands me so much that he knows I'll stick with him through thick and thin, he didn't want me to suffer, that's why he left. 😢

I didn't cover up for anyone, good means good, bad means bad. And I believe I've given you enough tolerance. You've no fucking right to talk terms with me over the kids. You've no fucking right to say or lecture me and people around me. 

Becos you're a shit. Don't tell me you're their father, what did you do to deserve them? I merely requested for $700 for TWO KIDS as alimony, nothing for myself, but you didn't pay a single cent, for a long long time. 

When I give you face for not bringing it up, or talk about it, kindly shut the fuck up. Becos I won't be nice when I flared up. You've been spreading nonsense about me, I kept quiet. 

I don't owe you any fucking reason for not allowing the kids to go over becos I'm supporting them alone. If you've been nicer (especially your mouth), I'd consider. But too bad, you're still as fucked up as before. This is not the way to "repay" someone who is supporting and looking after kids bearing your surname. 

I sincerely hope you can find someone new, set up your new family and leave us alone. I've said, I'll change the kids' surname when I have the chance.


We're doing good, don't worry, becos they've a mum who is responsible and don't push blames at all. 


Excited kids packing their new closet. They have one big closet each. Before they saw it... 

Meimei: Mummy, how does my new closet looks like? 
Me: Looks like a closet lor. 

Hahahahahahahaha 😂

Hereby wishing everyone...

Happy Chicken Year! :)

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