Sunday, February 26, 2017


Many people are so capable of doing this. It's okay. GOD IS WATCHING. Don't blame others when karma falls on you, becos you reap what you sow. 

Sunday, February 19, 2017

I ❤️ my job! 😍

Remember my BMW's accident almost two years ago? It's a straight forward case. (My car stopped at traffic light, bus banged on it.) But due to some circumstances, the case is still hanging in mid air NOW. Received a call from lawyer two days ago, I'm unable to claim back the medical bills which I've paid. ☹️

Well, I'm not gonna push blames here. I can only blame myself becos...

My mum asked me to pursue the matter but I decided not to after hearing out from my lawyer. I'm at the losing end. But I'm not sad over it. This was what I msged my mum... 

There's a saying goes... "Your best teacher is your last mistake." 

Becos I received so many sudden customers' complaints and I don't know a single shit, I've no choice but to read up, google, ask around and take responsibility for everything. 😔

That's how I 'blindly' jumped into car trade, and I'm still learning along the way. I'm thankful to all the nice dealers I met, whom are so willing to teach & guide me along, and support me a lot. 

Of cos, there are plenty of obstacles which I've to cross and endure. However, I dislike posting negative stuffs. Not trying to boast when I posted about the cars I sold, it's a form of encouragement for me, to stay positive, always. 

There was once my mum asked me to give up this job, becos lol, kena bullied by dealer. I told her I'm not going to give up. I've come this far, I'll not give up. 
Yes, I love this job. I love how I managed to come up with a job scope and make it work out. (It meant to be a part time, but business is good! 😂) I love how I proved people wrong. I love how those who kept trying to bring me down and looked down on me, is doing what I'm doing now; a broker/agent. 😏

People have no idea how much I've gone through and survived. Though my family isn't poor (used to be poor), but I stopped using their money since I worked, 18 years old? Everything I have today, I worked hard for it (and with some God's love). I don't cheat, don't scam, and don't owe anyone money. Therefore, think twice before you try to 'ruin' me, becos 'what doesn't kill me, makes me stronger'.

Yeah, NO excuses, only results! ✌🏻

Monday, February 13, 2017

Shocking Surprise

Not expecting anything this Valentine's Day cos well, single mah. Was at AML today closing Alphard (and Stream) and I received a call... 

Delivery man: Hi, is this Ray? 
Me: Wrong number. 
Delivery man: Oh sorry, I'm actually delivering something to you, is this Joanne? 
Me: Huh?? From who? 
Delivery man: A person called Ray. 
Me: Wru now? 
Delivery man: Outside your house. 

I wasn't home, so he hanged it on my gate!
Lol, my trademark, too cute! 🐽 I found out who is the sender liao lah. Thanks ah "Ray". 😂 Happy Valentine's Day! ❤️❤️❤️

Closed! This customer has been waiting for me since last year. LOL! Sorry to keep you waiting. Proposed this car to him at 1pm, appointment at 5pm, closed in 10 mins. 😊 (Closed a Lexus last weekend too! ✌🏻) 

He's very pleased with the deal cos his dad is happy with the car. (Superb condition, super low mileage, and lowest depre in the market. Carplate quite chio too!) Glad to hear that! 🤗


See. I'm the least selfish hor. Too selfless and generous in fact until some people take it for granted. 😔

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Decluttering Senja & memories...

I wanna get rid of all these things. Ladder and trolley have been reserved, left with wheelbarrow, spade and that patch of grass. Anyone? There's no space in my bomb shelter at all. 

Also wanna get rid of the cushion ledge but no idea how to? Even if people want, I also don't know how they are going to move it? 

Slowly decluttering every part of him and us away. It's damn hard becos there are toooooooooo many. 

I've finally made the first step to ... move on. Blocked his number everywhere becos I'll only get more and more disappointed, not receiving any replies. He's avoiding me, and the more I care, the more desperate I seemed. ☹️

Cooked our favourite dish today. We had this almost everyday when renovating Senja. One of the similar thing about us is, we eat very simple food, and feel happy. As long as he was by my side, everything else doesn't matter. 😔

The little girl he doted on most is still talking about him from time to time. Upset as I am, but I can't show it. ☹️


Friday, February 10, 2017


Happening at now!!!
Everyone needs this card - as Cashcard for vehicle owner, Ezlink card for public transport user. Comes with a $50 value, as a "thank you" gift for all my supporters. THANK YOU VERY MUCH.
Sorry that I've been eccentric lately. Sorry that you guys have to bear with my emo-ness. I'm not being myself everytime I got triggered. I tried my best not to already, but it's really hard. However, I know I'll get over this one fine day. Hope I can live that long to do so. LOL
If I ever leave the world one day suddenly, I just wanna let my family and kids know, I love them alot. I've done what I should already - completed my house reno.
There's nothing more to look forward to. I've achieved everything I wished for, am never a materalistic person. I hope people around me will live and do well! :)

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Hello iPhone 7!

Sigh, heard something not supposed to hear and was kinda affected over it. I've asked people to stop telling me about him cos it affects me alot and I can't work.
I've accepted the fact that he doesn't loves me anymore. But I just wish to clarify that the feeling was real when we were together. He didn't woo me just becos he wanted to cheat me. That's all. 

But anyway, I've decided to get rid of the iPhone 6 he bought for me. Initially wanted to keep, but it will only brings me more heartbreaks.

Anyone wanna buy? 1 year+ old iPhone 6 (128gb) @ $500.

I'll slowly get rid of everything about him, even memories.

1) U. Have changed my life from the day I saw u on 12/12/2014
2) F.amily oriented, funny and gentle in spirit.
3) A.lways thinking for others at the expense of yourself and many times being misunderstood but will continue to give of your good intentions to other.
4) N.ever asking for anything in return but truly care for me and supporting me always.
5) T.rusting and always wanting to give people the best benefit of doubt. 
6) A.mazingly humorous and funny. 
7) S.umpat sumpat but have that attractive side of you which can be felt through your gentleness on spirit and heart.
8) T.alented but always willing to learn from people around. Always putting yourself in a humble position to make sure u get the best of others ideas.
9) I.rritatingly beautiful. Why irritatating? Cos People always look at u.
10) C.are towards your family. Kids, parents, brothers n your younger sister.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Senja Open House

Very very busy lately, meeting friends and buying food, cos I hosted a steamboat gambling session at Senja yesterday. I'm still in holiday mood, lol. But I started work le lah.

Thank you thank you! 😊

I bought like $400+ worth of food. Lost control cos I split 3 days to buy, no strength to carry all at one shot mah. So each time, I always think it's not enough so I just keep taking lor. End up, my fridge exploded. LOL! My friend counted, there were more than 20 items. 😂 

All get 18 points! LOL

Too much food left so we have steamboat for lunch again today, lol.

Thanks to those who 赏脸 and came. I wasn't a good host cos I was really tired and sleepy. Woke up like 5am cos I kept thinking of boiling soup. Hahaha Plus beer, white wine and red wine, woohoo, I knocked out when my friends were still playing mahjong. Luckily I don't snore! 😬