Monday, January 30, 2017

CNY day 3

Getting all emotional today. I met my nanny, whom looked after me and my bro when we were baby. Not that long for me, about 1-2 years, 6 years for my bro, but we were damn attached to her.

It's to a point whereby we stayed at her place during weekdays, and when our parents brought us home during weekends, she will come over and stay as well. We only met once a year now cos we're too busy with our own work and family. 😔

She's 90+ years old now, looking kinda frail and weak already. My eyes went teary when she baded goodbye to us, cos she kept repeating, "要好好" in Teochew. Meaning she wants us to 一定要好好过. 😢

I really really dislike "goodbyes" though I know it's inevitable. Everyone has to leave one day. But I hate, fear and dread this day to come. ☹️

Sometimes, I really don't understand why some people love to compare, compete, or be greedy. We are unable to take anything away when we leave. 

I'm not rich, I'm just contented.

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