Saturday, February 11, 2017

Decluttering Senja & memories...

I wanna get rid of all these things. Ladder and trolley have been reserved, left with wheelbarrow, spade and that patch of grass. Anyone? There's no space in my bomb shelter at all. 

Also wanna get rid of the cushion ledge but no idea how to? Even if people want, I also don't know how they are going to move it? 

Slowly decluttering every part of him and us away. It's damn hard becos there are toooooooooo many. 

I've finally made the first step to ... move on. Blocked his number everywhere becos I'll only get more and more disappointed, not receiving any replies. He's avoiding me, and the more I care, the more desperate I seemed. ☹️

Cooked our favourite dish today. We had this almost everyday when renovating Senja. One of the similar thing about us is, we eat very simple food, and feel happy. As long as he was by my side, everything else doesn't matter. 😔

The little girl he doted on most is still talking about him from time to time. Upset as I am, but I can't show it. ☹️


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