Friday, February 10, 2017


Happening at now!!!
Everyone needs this card - as Cashcard for vehicle owner, Ezlink card for public transport user. Comes with a $50 value, as a "thank you" gift for all my supporters. THANK YOU VERY MUCH.
Sorry that I've been eccentric lately. Sorry that you guys have to bear with my emo-ness. I'm not being myself everytime I got triggered. I tried my best not to already, but it's really hard. However, I know I'll get over this one fine day. Hope I can live that long to do so. LOL
If I ever leave the world one day suddenly, I just wanna let my family and kids know, I love them alot. I've done what I should already - completed my house reno.
There's nothing more to look forward to. I've achieved everything I wished for, am never a materalistic person. I hope people around me will live and do well! :)

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