Thursday, February 9, 2017

Hello iPhone 7!

Sigh, heard something not supposed to hear and was kinda affected over it. I've asked people to stop telling me about him cos it affects me alot and I can't work.
I've accepted the fact that he doesn't loves me anymore. But I just wish to clarify that the feeling was real when we were together. He didn't woo me just becos he wanted to cheat me. That's all. 

But anyway, I've decided to get rid of the iPhone 6 he bought for me. Initially wanted to keep, but it will only brings me more heartbreaks.

Anyone wanna buy? 1 year+ old iPhone 6 (128gb) @ $500.

I'll slowly get rid of everything about him, even memories.

1) U. Have changed my life from the day I saw u on 12/12/2014
2) F.amily oriented, funny and gentle in spirit.
3) A.lways thinking for others at the expense of yourself and many times being misunderstood but will continue to give of your good intentions to other.
4) N.ever asking for anything in return but truly care for me and supporting me always.
5) T.rusting and always wanting to give people the best benefit of doubt. 
6) A.mazingly humorous and funny. 
7) S.umpat sumpat but have that attractive side of you which can be felt through your gentleness on spirit and heart.
8) T.alented but always willing to learn from people around. Always putting yourself in a humble position to make sure u get the best of others ideas.
9) I.rritatingly beautiful. Why irritatating? Cos People always look at u.
10) C.are towards your family. Kids, parents, brothers n your younger sister.

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