Sunday, February 19, 2017

I ❤️ my job! 😍

Remember my BMW's accident almost two years ago? It's a straight forward case. (My car stopped at traffic light, bus banged on it.) But due to some circumstances, the case is still hanging in mid air NOW. Received a call from lawyer two days ago, I'm unable to claim back the medical bills which I've paid. ☹️

Well, I'm not gonna push blames here. I can only blame myself becos...

My mum asked me to pursue the matter but I decided not to after hearing out from my lawyer. I'm at the losing end. But I'm not sad over it. This was what I msged my mum... 

There's a saying goes... "Your best teacher is your last mistake." 

Becos I received so many sudden customers' complaints and I don't know a single shit, I've no choice but to read up, google, ask around and take responsibility for everything. 😔

That's how I 'blindly' jumped into car trade, and I'm still learning along the way. I'm thankful to all the nice dealers I met, whom are so willing to teach & guide me along, and support me a lot. 

Of cos, there are plenty of obstacles which I've to cross and endure. However, I dislike posting negative stuffs. Not trying to boast when I posted about the cars I sold, it's a form of encouragement for me, to stay positive, always. 

There was once my mum asked me to give up this job, becos lol, kena bullied by dealer. I told her I'm not going to give up. I've come this far, I'll not give up. 
Yes, I love this job. I love how I managed to come up with a job scope and make it work out. (It meant to be a part time, but business is good! 😂) I love how I proved people wrong. I love how those who kept trying to bring me down and looked down on me, is doing what I'm doing now; a broker/agent. 😏

People have no idea how much I've gone through and survived. Though my family isn't poor (used to be poor), but I stopped using their money since I worked, 18 years old? Everything I have today, I worked hard for it (and with some God's love). I don't cheat, don't scam, and don't owe anyone money. Therefore, think twice before you try to 'ruin' me, becos 'what doesn't kill me, makes me stronger'.

Yeah, NO excuses, only results! ✌🏻

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