Sunday, February 5, 2017

Senja Open House

Very very busy lately, meeting friends and buying food, cos I hosted a steamboat gambling session at Senja yesterday. I'm still in holiday mood, lol. But I started work le lah.

Thank you thank you! 😊

I bought like $400+ worth of food. Lost control cos I split 3 days to buy, no strength to carry all at one shot mah. So each time, I always think it's not enough so I just keep taking lor. End up, my fridge exploded. LOL! My friend counted, there were more than 20 items. 😂 

All get 18 points! LOL

Too much food left so we have steamboat for lunch again today, lol.

Thanks to those who 赏脸 and came. I wasn't a good host cos I was really tired and sleepy. Woke up like 5am cos I kept thinking of boiling soup. Hahaha Plus beer, white wine and red wine, woohoo, I knocked out when my friends were still playing mahjong. Luckily I don't snore! 😬

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