Monday, February 13, 2017

Shocking Surprise

Not expecting anything this Valentine's Day cos well, single mah. Was at AML today closing Alphard (and Stream) and I received a call... 

Delivery man: Hi, is this Ray? 
Me: Wrong number. 
Delivery man: Oh sorry, I'm actually delivering something to you, is this Joanne? 
Me: Huh?? From who? 
Delivery man: A person called Ray. 
Me: Wru now? 
Delivery man: Outside your house. 

I wasn't home, so he hanged it on my gate!
Lol, my trademark, too cute! 🐽 I found out who is the sender liao lah. Thanks ah "Ray". 😂 Happy Valentine's Day! ❤️❤️❤️

Closed! This customer has been waiting for me since last year. LOL! Sorry to keep you waiting. Proposed this car to him at 1pm, appointment at 5pm, closed in 10 mins. 😊 (Closed a Lexus last weekend too! ✌🏻) 

He's very pleased with the deal cos his dad is happy with the car. (Superb condition, super low mileage, and lowest depre in the market. Carplate quite chio too!) Glad to hear that! 🤗


See. I'm the least selfish hor. Too selfless and generous in fact until some people take it for granted. 😔

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