Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Be a proper person...

And you will never have to hide from anyone. Can never understand what some people are thinking? They preferred to stay in their liar world, and continue their mistakes. Perhaps, they don't think they're wrong.

They probably didn't know that they only managed to hurt people who love and trust them. And maybe, they didn't know how hurtful it is, to find out all the truths. They didn't feel anything for people who are suffering for them. No, they don't. 

You can lie to the world, to yourself, but not to God, and not to the the unborn soul of your own flesh and blood. 

Realising how evil he is, made me relieved, that I didn't do anything impulsive. 

A person will not be stupid forever. And I only have two words to say to him... FUCK YOU. 

It's a blessing you're out of my life now. God loves me becos I'm kind, he made me wake up, if not I'll forever be living in a lie. 

My advise to you, the people you hurt, will not hurt you back for sure, but God will punish you. 

You can continue making up stories, to defame others, to make people trust you. Up to you. As long as you can sleep well at night. 

The people whom you still make effort to contact now, hahaha, are those who haven't wake up. And one day when they wake up, lol, will be too late. 

And don't worry, all the things you did to me, Ben Ben will return them to you DOUBLE. Trust me. You will have your karma one day. And if I'm lucky enough, I'll be able to see it. 

By then, don't blame me if I brushed through you, like a transparent. And I fucking swear, I'll live well, which I'm doing so now. 


P/S: Continue stalking my blog more please. I'll expose all your evil deeds slowly. Stay tuned hor. CCB. 

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