Friday, March 31, 2017

Cheapest in the whole market?


If you've come across the news about Royal Automotive leaving customers in lurch after paying a huge amount of money. Customers got tempted by their cheap price. 

See... I've told many customers before. The margin for new cars are more or less the same everywhere. And when the price is too good to be true, it's not true. 

I've heard about 'them' last year, way before the first news broke out. You know how small car trade is, whereby if your connections are wide enough, you can hear about everything. 

But becos it's trade news, we will just listen and avoid. I'll warn my customers, but will not say much. However, whether they listen or not is another story. 

That's why ah, I don't really bother about the deal if customer don't trust me. Becos θΆŠζθΆŠι»‘. They will think I'm pushy and just wanted to earn their money. πŸ˜”

If you don't trust me, there's no point pushing and forcing. What I can assure is, you will get your car within the time frame promised, with everything nicely done up. I'm selling my service, not product. 

And rest assure I'll not disappear or hide when issue arises. On the contrary, I'll be there to help you solve the problem. That's exactly how I gained all my customers' trust and their continuous support. ☺️

Speaking of that, time to upload all my customers' feedbackssss. It's piling up like crazy and I've no time to do that! 

Thank you very much. 😊


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