Thursday, March 9, 2017

Crazy week!

Eh... Nope. I didn't sell anything since March started becos I over-chionged during Feb and this whole week, I slacked (meet friends lah, do nails lah and going for a 'date' tomorrow, lol) while settling some custs' issues. Those after-sales service lah. When problems (e.g. loan) arised, I need to think of solutions for them. But anyway, all settled! 😊 

Handed over Dyna on Wednesday, City just now, Merc probably next Monday. Phew! FINALLY. You know ah, as long as the vehicle is not handed over, those dealers are prepared to receive my msg/call almost everyday, until they auto update me the status. LOL 

Poor them. But they're still very happy to see me de hor. Cos I'm like their 正能量 and I'm funny. The friend of one of my trusted dealer told me today, "can you help me to find an agent like you?" πŸ˜‚

Anyway, if you're following my page (, you'd have saw this new promo...

Okay, this bloody card costed me a bomb to customise it. So it's very very limited. 

In fact, I still can't decide to work or not cos on the other hand, I'm looking at holiday destinations to bring the kids to, for a short trip, during their school holiday. Becos after that, I'll be leaving for my own trips. 

So I'm really (literally) going for a one month holiday. 😬 Don't miss me hor! 🀣

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