Friday, March 3, 2017

Joke of the century!

Lol, I'm a sticky pad. πŸ˜‚ By the way, this is the 3rd person telling me what he said about me, and things he did behind my back. These 3 people; two knew him longer and better than me, another one is my friend. They're totally not associated with each other. 

3 people telling me the same thing, so who's the liar? Complaining to my friend about me? Idiot or what? Trying to manipulate my friend into thinking I'm a crap huh? Hahahaha (Didn't know you hate me that much eh?) 

GO GO GO, go and ask around, ask the whole world, what kind of person I am. My character didn't change, I'm like that since young. I'm an open book. 

I'm a man trapped in a woman's body. So independent and strong till I don't fucking need anyone in my life. And precisely I'm NOT a sticky pad, that's why you're able to do soooooooooooooo much behind my back. Sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much till I don't even know where to start talking about it. 

Though yes, the hours when we were together, you treated me very well. That's why when all these truths unfolded, I took a long long time to digest. It's unbelievable. 

Becos everytime I confronted, you will push it away, and made others the liar instead. I gave you too much benefit of doubts. 

You deserved the best actor award. πŸ†

Who's the one controlling who? Who's the one who banned me from everything? Don't allow me to talk to any man, if not you will blow up and fight with them, and leave me stranded with house renovation without a single contact? Who's the one who forced me to give up blogging? Who's the one who don't allow me to contact all my friends? Who's the one who controlled me like a caged bird, to the point I can't even wear what I like? Who's the fucker who stirred my life upside down, and suddenly disappeared? 

Yah, I still believe you have a reason for doing so, but the reason is not a good one anymore. It's purely becos...


It's a habit that you have, and you probably didn't think that it's wrong to do that. The fools (including me) will believe you until things got exposed and landed ourselves in deep shit. You're so horrible, till my heart cringed and I shivered when I thought back about everything. 😰

You didn't physically torture me, but you mentally tortured me, and that's worse. 

Why did you even come near me? Becos to be very honest, I didn't give a fuck to you when we first met. (Just to clarify, I knew him AFTER my divorce.) I seldom reply your msgs, becos I just don't feel like it. You're not my type, at all. Are you just trying to prove that you can get me? By playing with feeling? Congratulations, you did it. 

The feeling was real, at the start, I know. But due to your character, you can't trust anyone, cos you're a liar, you think that everyone is the same. Worried that you'll get hurt first, you choose to hurt people first. What a way of protecting yourself, by ruining others? 

All along, I've never hate you, I pitied you instead. That's why I've been asking you not to do wrong and ruin yourself further. I've been trying to pull you back to the right path. You're such a promising young man, but you choose the wrong path. 

Maybe from your point of view, it's not wrong. πŸ˜ͺ

Just becos I'm not like you, I do things in a proper and decent way, that's why you find me a hindrance. You know that I won't support you to become a villain. (In a good way, you left cos you don't want to get me into trouble.) 

But I didn't regret. 

Becos I won't be able to bring myself to do it, I've integrity. My reputation is more important than money. And I don't wish to suffer from retributions. 

By pointing out your wrongs, it's for your own good. Only people who are true to you will do that. Otherwise, who will have so much time to bother about a fucker like you? 

People scolded me for being stupid. Yes. I think I'm stupid too. But becos of this stupidity, I've become stronger and smarter.

Please note that, you're the one bringing yourself into your own grave, you're stepping on a time bomb now, and you will get yourself into deep trouble one day, becos SG is small. 

By stopping you from getting yourself into trouble, is my last step of loving you. I don't wish to see anything happen to you. 

Though by right, yes, I should hate you, but sorry, I don't hate anyone, becos hating someone requires a lot of energy. I don't wish to become another person, becos of you. 

I'm who I am, and I believe someone will love me for who I am. I wish you, and myself, happiness.

P/S: I didn't get cheated in terms of money. He does dotes on me and the kids. Just that the things he did behind my back, I cannot take it. And well, I'm not a saint, I played my fair share to cause the relationship to breakdown too. Which is why, I don't push blames.

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