Saturday, April 1, 2017

Ready, Get Set, Go!

Counting down another 11 days to... SONGKRAN! I don't know what to expect cos I've never experienced it before. But Mel is gonna help me bring water gun liao, he said he has two. I was prepared to buy it there one. Prepared to be WET throughout the 5 days. 

Travelling with Mel is so shiok cos I literally 'zho bo lan', cos he do everything for me. From booking air ticket, to hotel, to changing currency, to filling up forms, to planning itinerary, all he do. 😂 (Well, I used to do all these de lor.) I just need to bring myself, $ and passport nia. 

And hor, I shop, he take things for me. Such friend, where to find sia??? 😬 

He always bring me to nice nice places too. Places that I don't even know it existed. 很美 hor?!

Anyway, I've something to announce next week. 😊

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