Sunday, April 16, 2017

Songkran in a nutshell!

To sum up my life these few days in BKK... (unless I took a cab!) 

1) Stressed about what to wear cos limited clothings. 

2) Kena splashed splashed splashed. 

3) Hide into shopping mall... cold... brr... 

4) Back to hotel WET.

5) Shower, wash clothes, bra and panty, dry it everywhere.

So I basically have phobia stepping out of hotel, cos that alley to & fro is... CRAZY. I'm thankful for the days I was dry.

Okay. Once in a lifetime experience, but once is enough. 😂 I'm going home to my babies liao! 

This trip, I explored a few new places, more about it soon. 😊

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