Saturday, July 1, 2017

Record breaking June!

Wooohooo! I LOVE JUNE! Cos...

1) It's my birthday month.
2) I broke the highest record for the past 10 months in cartrade.

Sold a new Vezel Hybrid on Thursday and a new Dyna yesterday. (Cos it's Sat now!) Haven't count how many cars this month (yet). 😬

πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ» tolong all the deals will be smooth and happy. No hiccup please! Super thankful for all the intros and referrals. 😊

However, I'm feeling a little overwhelmed with everything; work, kids & family. Kinda exhausted at times. πŸ˜” Just have to hang on, that's life. 

And hor, CAN I STOP GETTING SUMMONS???!!! Walao eh. I 明明 see the signboard, only need coupons until 5pm. Why the hell did I get a summon for not displaying coupon after 5pm??!! 😑 Did govt comes up with new law AGAIN?! 

Then ah, Upper Thomson and Yishun a lot of people speed issit? Tmd, so many cameras. I unknowing kena summon for speeding on a 60km/h road, > 1-20km!!! 

I've phobia so I travelled 50km/h all the way today. Kaoz (In this case, I need to plan at least 1.5 - 2 hrs to every destination. Sometimes, I really no understand SG govt. They wanted us to be fast paced. Yet, they made us waste our time. δ½ θΏ˜θ¦ζˆ‘ζ€Žζ ·?) 

Supposed to meet dealer after meeting customer today at LTA. He called a few times, asked me why I take so long? I told him, "ζˆ‘θΏ˜ε†εšδΉŒιΎŸπŸ’ε•¦!" πŸ˜…

Aiya, just some random rants about my life. Time for bed. Good night! πŸŒƒ


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