Wednesday, August 30, 2017

What's my objective? πŸ€”

Lately, I've been pondering over an important issue; work - a path I need to consider carefully, thinking about all the concerns in my life. 

It's not that I'm not doing okay, I'm doing fine, up and down, busy and quiet, and this is exactly how a sales job is like. 

However, due to "no basic salary", I really cannot afford to slack, and this is tiring. 

The bad economy is affecting the whole entire global, so this is something uncomplainable. Everyone is facing it. 

A kind fellow mummy blogger (used to be) who is a dealer offered to pull me into B*rnea* (thank you very much), and I've been considering if I should try? She said I need to do something if I wish to go further in this trade. It's true. Cos Samuel said the same thing too. 

Samuel said, I'm a broker (agent), one day consumers will think, "Why should I go through her? I can find myself right?" As for the dealer's side, some will really be 'sour grapes' if they don't know me well. 

Thus, all the ponderings. 

Thinking and thinking and thinking, I rewinded back to when I first started this... 


My objective has been very very clear since the first day I started.

Which is to assist people who are too busy to source, people who are unfamiliar with the trade, people who don't even know what's a logcard, people who kena cheated badly before, people who don't trust dealers etc, to get a good and fair deal. FAIR is the keyword. 

And I do get a lot of the above (types of) customers. 

I'm a service provider, I followed through every deals closely. My reply is lightning fast, you need not have to fear for MIA dealer. After sales, I'll still provide you with service/info (within my means), if you need help. Even if we didn't manage to deal, I'll still help if I can. 

It's not very nice if I were to keep airing dealer's dirty tricks but I can prevent it from happening on your behalf behind the scene. Again, fair is the keyword. 

Then again, this is just my δΈ€εŽ’ζƒ…ζ„Ώ opinion, people who don't appreciate will only think I'm a kpo. It's okay. If you think u "know" dealers, I'm happy for you too. Most importantly is, you're able to get your vehicle with everything promised, delivered. 

θ‰―εΏƒ, 不是每δΈͺδΊΊιƒ½ζœ‰! 

Sigh. Back to pondering. I'll be back stronger. πŸ’ͺ🏻

Monday, August 21, 2017

Butt itchy! 😐

Ouch, I had a bad fall this morning, hit straight into the bone at my ass crack there - I think it's the spine. Le' bf got so worried and keep checking out on me, asked if I'm okay. Honestly, the pain didn't go off but it's not as painful as the moment it happened. THAT WAS REALLY FUCKING PAIN.

He tmd keep scaring me until I messaged my mum that I wanna see a doc (it's hard for me to see a doc, unless I really really cannot take it) if the pain didn't go off. It's okay to die, but not okay to be sick or whatever and have to trouble others to take care of you. 

So my mum erm, nagged abit, for my own good, said cannot suka suka knock here, dismantle there in the bedroom. 😬

Yah, I don't know what's wrong with me. I woke up one fine morning and decided to dismantle the bed and paint the room. That's why I said I'm so impromptu until I also cannot tahan myself. Hahahaha

The first step was to remove the DIY bed, followed by the kids' wardrobe (cos spoil until cannot liao). 

Bought this Nippon easy wash (brand new, 5L) from Carousell at $40. The color is very similar to Tiffany & Co. that blue. I likey! 😊

εΌ€ε·₯ε’―! πŸ˜‚

Completed the whole room at freaking 4am! 😱

Really is old liao. I woke up with a crashed body the next day. No strength. LOL

Sourcing of bed, shelves etc now. Can't wait for a completed room. Brb. 

Wednesday, August 16, 2017


Just in case there's anyone here who don't understand Chinese...

I think this is so important, in every part of life. Just like selling your car, the right timing is so important. 

There will be demand when there's supply. You will get higher value for it. 

No joke. I encountered a car's value depreciated $3k in just one month recently, Asian car hor, not even Conti. 

However, if you urgently need to sell away your car NOW...

Let me help you! But please ah, don't use my quote to others, saying that I offered $XXX and they matched or counter offered by $100 (or $200) more. πŸ™„

Com'on. If they're sincere, why didn't they offer you their best price initially? If their initial quote is already higher than what I quoted, then fine, I hope you sell them too, since they can offer higher. I will not counter offer, don't worry. I'm not that unethical. 

See? This is what I meant. If the other party is desperate, then give him lor. What's the point I offer you a price, and the other wanna match? Hope they don't deliberately find "things" to deduct when they view the car then. Becos for my side, I'll try to hold the price offered if possible. 

Sometimes, I really can't help but to scold customers. Cos some of them are really annoying to the max. 

It's like nobody forced them to look for me, yet they doubted me. πŸ˜’ I should start charging customers who love to waste my time. They simply take advantage of my free (non obligated) service. 

Don't waste my time leh. If you've so many doubts, then don't look for me, it's this simple. Thank you. 

I'm very humble and friendly, but I'm not sibei free lor. 😀

By the way ah, just an advise to people who want to buy car, don't ask too many people and listen to too many opinions. 


Everyone is different. A like this car, B might not like it. And hor, if you realised, everyone only "hearsay" it from someone else. Who? Nobody knows. 

For used cars, it's really heng sway. Me and my bro got the same BMW 323i at the same time with the same lifespan. My car has no problem but his car got many problems. So is BMW problematic? I'd say yes, for certain models. But it's higher percentage out of that certain models. 

There's a reason why when I changed to C180, I tell nobody. I only informed my mum after I bought the car. I don't want to make myself confused. 

Till now, I've no regrets buying this car. In fact, very happy with it. You get my point? Just like a relationship, no matter what others say, ι ζ„Ÿθ§‰. 

If you get together with someone just becos your parents like him/her (but you don't), will you be happy? #justsaying 

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Double happiness! πŸ€“

First of all, I'd like to thank those people (dealers lah) who honour their words, who update accordingly as promised.

It's such a torture to work with people who have no sense of urgency, don't update, MIA, no reply, and do everything last minute. I really is the buay tahan to work with such people. Either I blew up and scolded them 9696 (then they decided to act on it), or I will ζ°”εˆ°ζ­»ζŽ‰! Obviously, my nature self will choose the former. 

It's okay if you're too busy to update and of cos, I'm (or rather my customer) not your only customer, BUT DON'T SCREW THINGS UP LAH. Really hate it when people over promised, under delivered or never delivered. 

I admit I'm those ζ€₯性子, and I'll always get things done asap. I'd rather be early, than to be late. So in order not to have any conflict, I always warn people first... 

Putting my words up front is my style of working, I'm really straight forward until cannot. I wonder how many dealers secretly hated me? πŸ˜‚

Aiya whatever lah. You just can't please everyone! Therefore, I'm very thankful to those who didn't dislike me cos they know I'm a very steady person, towards everyone. 

Again, giving customer the best, if it's within my means. ✌🏻

COE went up by about $2.8k for Cat A, but my Vezel customer gotten it! Yay yay yay!!! 😊

My (new vehicles) price is slightly higher, becos I only quote 1 bid guaranteed, no capping, no top up. I know some people has no urgency and would rather go for (6, 9 or even 12) non guaranteed bid. 

Let me explain why I'd rather pay slightly more and get my vehicle asap! 


My good friend (also a customer) called me that day. He said his friend, whom bought a commercial vehicle from his good friend (which I really don't understand, I thought good friend will explain more in detail?), failed to get his vehicle after a long time. (My friend who bought from me, collected quite long ago, and he bought it later than his friend.) The price was $3k cheaper from the price I quoted people that time. But little did he knows that it came with a capping, and he was asked to top up $8-9k. So, which is more worth? 


True enough, price for non guaranteed bid is indeed very attractive, but that only applys IF COE drops, then maybe you will get your vehicle. 

Let's not mention those minority who collected your deposit and suddenly close down, how long do you think you can take back your (deposit) refund? Never hear before meh, collect money very fast, refund money very slow. 

And if you really think COE will drop till sky low hor, I think you better stop dreaming. Maybe it will drop, but all new vehicles price will be adjusted up (and the jump is quite huge) by September. Why? Cos of the revised CEVS lor, some Euro 5 and Euro 6 thingy la. 

So yah, maybe COE will drop, but the tax went up, end up price same or maybe more expensive than now. 

Disclaimer: This is just my own point of view, I'm not the govt so I won't know what they will do next. 


There are so many gimmicks and hidden cost, especially in new vehicles so I'll always warn customer to ask and read everything thoroughly if they didn't get the vehicle through me! 

No, I won't feel sour if people don't buy from me, but I just don't want them to get cheated. Buying a new vehicle is supposed to be a happy thing right? 

Customers who bought through me, I'll ask and find out everything in details for them first, before I propose. I know what to ask. If you're not familiar, you won't know, and most people won't be so kind to tell you if you don't ask. 

Tempted by the low price? Or cheap interest rate (for in house)? End up they slap you with an admin (and GST) of $7+k. Please be wary of those who refused to disclose much over the phone and keep trying to get you down to their shop instead. This is just a general warning, not pin pointing on anyone but I did encounter one recently. 😬

He refused to reply me on the admin part and just say "you bring your customer down now, my salesman will be able to close it." 

I was like, how can sia, bring my customer down to let you chop meh? 

Then he got very agitated, said he can sell many units in a month and they're doing proper business. Yah, collecting admin (for in-house loan, it's a must for all dealers) is proper ah, but how much only mah. 

But aiya, once again, this is just my own opinion, you can choose not to trust me. And if you don't trust me, don't look for me lor! Don't repeatedly come and tell me "another side offering this this this, that that that", I don't like to do counter offer using other's quote cos I felt that's so uneithical. If you want quote, I will quote you my best, buy or not, it's up to you. Sorry, I'm this cool! 😎

And to those who think I'm earning a lot, becos hmm, I drive a Merc? You just didn't know how I work, I worked very very hard. I didn't sit at the shop and wait for customer to walk-in, I went around searching for customers. I don't believe in waiting for "durian to drop", I believe in going around to pick up the durian instead.  

So yes, that's our difference. I'm not a boss and I work like a horse. 🐴🐴🐴

Monday, August 7, 2017

Still alive! πŸ˜‚

Oh yay, I'm still alive man. Anyone miss me? I bet so cos I've readers msging me, saying I didn't blog for a long time. How's life people? 😬

Well. I'm busy, with work, with friends, with love, with kids, with family, with life. 

Work; sold a lot of new vehicles (and a few used ones) lately - Harrier, Vezel, Dyna and Hiace. And you know ah, new vehicles' process is longer than used ones. I followed through every single bit myself, everyday, until the vehicle successfully delivered. It's stressful. 

Things like sourcing (and collecting) the best accessories (to customer's request)...

Helping customer to choose leather seats color etc. Up and down, up and down. But I still love my job! ❤️

I'm happy when my customers are happy. I'm happy when they feel happy with my service and deal. I'm happy when they trust me. 

Time flies. I've been on my own as a freelance broker/agent for a year already. Met many many people, argued with some, scolded some, made some new friends, had a fair amount of sadness & anger, but overall, I'm still happy! 😊

The 3rd batch of Nets Flashpay customised (for customers) , by a new supplier, embossed. So much nicer hor? I like this more. 

Well well, even though I've been so busy with work, I didn't forget to catch up with friends. One of the reason is for networking, another reason is to keep my sanity. Lol

Laugh die me. Lol!


And if you're on my fb, you'd have know... 

I've someone taking care of me now; η»™ζˆ‘ι—Ήθ„Ύζ°”, ι…ζˆ‘η–―, help me blow hair/massage etc. Will go more into us next time! 

Been so crazy over this funny app - SNOW, simply keep me entertained for the past one week. Really can laugh until stomachache. 🀣

So yes, basically I'm busy with my life. So many things to do, so many people to meet, so little time. πŸ˜‚

O'rite! Till next time again. 加油 everyone! δΊΊη”Ÿε°±ζ˜―θ¦δΈεœεœ°ε₯‹ζ–—! πŸ’ͺ🏻πŸ’ͺ🏻πŸ’ͺ🏻