Wednesday, August 16, 2017


Just in case there's anyone here who don't understand Chinese...

I think this is so important, in every part of life. Just like selling your car, the right timing is so important. 

There will be demand when there's supply. You will get higher value for it. 

No joke. I encountered a car's value depreciated $3k in just one month recently, Asian car hor, not even Conti. 

However, if you urgently need to sell away your car NOW...

Let me help you! But please ah, don't use my quote to others, saying that I offered $XXX and they matched or counter offered by $100 (or $200) more. 🙄

Com'on. If they're sincere, why didn't they offer you their best price initially? If their initial quote is already higher than what I quoted, then fine, I hope you sell them too, since they can offer higher. I will not counter offer, don't worry. I'm not that unethical. 

See? This is what I meant. If the other party is desperate, then give him lor. What's the point I offer you a price, and the other wanna match? Hope they don't deliberately find "things" to deduct when they view the car then. Becos for my side, I'll try to hold the price offered if possible. 

Sometimes, I really can't help but to scold customers. Cos some of them are really annoying to the max. 

It's like nobody forced them to look for me, yet they doubted me. 😒 I should start charging customers who love to waste my time. They simply take advantage of my free (non obligated) service. 

Don't waste my time leh. If you've so many doubts, then don't look for me, it's this simple. Thank you. 

I'm very humble and friendly, but I'm not sibei free lor. 😤

By the way ah, just an advise to people who want to buy car, don't ask too many people and listen to too many opinions. 


Everyone is different. A like this car, B might not like it. And hor, if you realised, everyone only "hearsay" it from someone else. Who? Nobody knows. 

For used cars, it's really heng sway. Me and my bro got the same BMW 323i at the same time with the same lifespan. My car has no problem but his car got many problems. So is BMW problematic? I'd say yes, for certain models. But it's higher percentage out of that certain models. 

There's a reason why when I changed to C180, I tell nobody. I only informed my mum after I bought the car. I don't want to make myself confused. 

Till now, I've no regrets buying this car. In fact, very happy with it. You get my point? Just like a relationship, no matter what others say, 靠感觉. 

If you get together with someone just becos your parents like him/her (but you don't), will you be happy? #justsaying 

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