Wednesday, August 30, 2017

What's my objective? 🤔

Lately, I've been pondering over an important issue; work - a path I need to consider carefully, thinking about all the concerns in my life. 

It's not that I'm not doing okay, I'm doing fine, up and down, busy and quiet, and this is exactly how a sales job is like. 

However, due to "no basic salary", I really cannot afford to slack, and this is tiring. 

The bad economy is affecting the whole entire global, so this is something uncomplainable. Everyone is facing it. 

A kind fellow mummy blogger (used to be) who is a dealer offered to pull me into B*rnea* (thank you very much), and I've been considering if I should try? She said I need to do something if I wish to go further in this trade. It's true. Cos Samuel said the same thing too. 

Samuel said, I'm a broker (agent), one day consumers will think, "Why should I go through her? I can find myself right?" As for the dealer's side, some will really be 'sour grapes' if they don't know me well. 

Thus, all the ponderings. 

Thinking and thinking and thinking, I rewinded back to when I first started this... 


My objective has been very very clear since the first day I started.

Which is to assist people who are too busy to source, people who are unfamiliar with the trade, people who don't even know what's a logcard, people who kena cheated badly before, people who don't trust dealers etc, to get a good and fair deal. FAIR is the keyword. 

And I do get a lot of the above (types of) customers. 

I'm a service provider, I followed through every deals closely. My reply is lightning fast, you need not have to fear for MIA dealer. After sales, I'll still provide you with service/info (within my means), if you need help. Even if we didn't manage to deal, I'll still help if I can. 

It's not very nice if I were to keep airing dealer's dirty tricks but I can prevent it from happening on your behalf behind the scene. Again, fair is the keyword. 

Then again, this is just my 一厢情愿 opinion, people who don't appreciate will only think I'm a kpo. It's okay. If you think u "know" dealers, I'm happy for you too. Most importantly is, you're able to get your vehicle with everything promised, delivered. 

良心, 不是每个人都有! 

Sigh. Back to pondering. I'll be back stronger. 💪🏻


  1. 加油 you're strong and will be back stronger.

  2. 加油! You're strong and will be back stronger.


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