Monday, September 11, 2017

Which type are you?

33 years of living, I realised there are two very common types of people in this world.

1) One whom is not fake but often being misunderstood as being fake becos many times, in order not to create any trouble for anyone, they choose not to voice out anything and brush it off if it doesn't affect them at all, becos they know how harsh they can be, and once they voiced out, it will be disastrous. 

However, don't ever expect a single "hello" from them, becos they will simply brush you through like a transparent. 

And don't worry, becos you're never part of their life, their topics with anyone will never includes you in, at all. Becos you simply don't exist in their life, at all. 

They're lidat towards EVERYONE. 

Becos of their selfless nature, they're extremely caring and helpful towards people they cared and loved. They tried to help in every ways they can, quietly, and willingly. They will defend you in your absence. 

Garnered a lot of hates due to their cool attitude. Often being gossiped and talked about, even for things they didn't say/do. And when they fight back, they're the bitch. 

2) One whom is not so real but often classified as very real cos they choose what to say/do towards every different person. Everyone thought they're forgiving, loving, caring and friendly, becos even when they dislike you, they will still be "friend" with you, for whatever reasons, nobody knows. 

They choose to stab you behind your back, you can expect whatever shit from their mouth when you're not around. 

Well liked by everyone (except those few who know their pattern very well), cos they simply know how to "por". 

So, which type you belong to? And which do you prefer?

Honestly, I belong to cat 1 cos towards people I know, I will just say directly. But towards people I don't know, I choose to keep quiet, ignore and treat you like you don't exist, cos I don't wish to waste my time on you, UNLESS you provoked me first. 

But a lot of people have been telling me that most people belong to cat b and in order to survive, I need to be ask fake as cat b. Which I really cannot do it. 


For those who do it to me, thank you, at least you remember me! Hahahahaha 

Those who know me, whom treated me as friends (and I treated them as friends too), I don't even "talk" about them. On the contrary, I'll defend them if people talk about them. This is how protective I am, as a cancerian.

But somehow or rather, I do get VERY ANNOYED when...

Direct translation: The most disgusting thing in this world is, you know how fake a person is, yet nobody can see, and everyone think he/she is so good, and you become the bad person instead. 

Fuck you can. That's precisely I'm not lidat, that's why I've so many anonymous haters. And I really mean... haters - people who dislike me for no whatsoever reason.

But you see... 

I hate wasting time on things on people whom have no power or effect in my life. I DON'T. Cos I've much better things to do. 

But it's just the very annoying one second moment whereby you will ask yourself... WHYYYYYY?!

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