Thursday, November 30, 2017

Coe Renewal Loan

Oh gosh, I've been sooooooo busy ever since I'm back from Boracay. Closed 7 deals in one week plus. Once again, thank you for all the referrals. Also, need to thank all those finance company, dealers & exporters for their kind support. If not for their good price and help, I won't be able to survive till today. Thank you. 😊

Anyone in need of COE renewal loan? Full COE loan at interest rate of 3.25%! Contact me @ 90087688 if you need! ☺️ 

You may also contact me if you wish to buy/sell/trade-in/export/scrap/renew (any) vehicles (including commercial), plus insurance! ζˆ‘δ»€δΉˆιƒ½εš! πŸ˜‚ 

I've received high value (just did it today) for C class body now. Any C class going to scrap soon, contact me ok? 😊 Thank you! 

I think I really brought the C class trend among all my friends and readers (and oh, maybe haters too! 😬). Out of sudden, so many people changed into C class when they don't even look at Merc initially. HAHAHA But I'm okay, cos I'm not selfish one. It's true that C class is always in demand. I ❤️ my car! Heehee

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