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I ❤️ Boracay!

Boracay is a small island in the central Philippines. It's known for its resorts and beaches. Along the west coast, White Beach is backed by palm trees, bars and restaurants. On the east coast, strong winds make Bulabog Beach a hub for water sports. Nearby, the observation deck on Mount Luho offers panoramic views over the island. Offshore, coral reefs and shipwrecks are home to diverse marine life.

Love everything about Boracay (sun, beach, sand, cheap beer & people) except the food. Me no like, 吃不惯. They have plenty of beach bars, restaurants & road side stalls (at night) but 来来去去就是那几样咯, they don't have wide variety of food. 😬

And holy god, I wish the traveling journey can be shorter & less troublesome. Probably that's why there aren't much Singaporeans there, but ALOT of Koreans, Malaysians & (China) Chinese leh? 🤔

I can finally strike Boracay off my bucket list! Will I go back there again? Yes, but not anytime soon. Cannot tahan the long & troublesome journey leh. But it's worth it lah, all for their beautiful sunset, soft fine sand, ombré blue sea, crystal clear sea water, can't ask for more liao. 

Thank you my ❤️ for planning and bringing me there! 😘 Yes, he booked & arranged everything. I just have to pack myself there. ☺️

Take memories, leave footprints, sealed with a kiss. 💋 #JJ2Boracay

Now, bear with me on this lengthy post - A simple guide to Boracay. 🤗


You have to take all 3 modes of transport - air, land & sea just to get there. Imagine carrying your luggage up and down, up and down. Plus all the waiting time, it will take one day to reach there, one day to come back. So actually, we only spent 3 days there. 

Changi Airport ➡️ Kalibo Airport (3-4 hours)

Kalibo Airport ➡️ Caticlan Jetty Port (2 hours)

Caticlan ➡️ Boracay (5-10 mins) 

Shuttle bus ➡️ our hotel. (15 - 30 mins, depends on traffic condition) 

The above are all excludes waiting time, which is non fixed. Tell me it's not scary. 😅 We set off at 8am to Changi Airport, we reached Boracay hotel at 8+pm. (There's no time difference.) Totally exhausted when we reached, no energy liao. 


Southwest took care of all our activities and transfers. And they're all generally quite friendly and nice. The first "tour guide" we met the moment we reached Caticlan Jetty is so damn friendly until I scared sia. 

Our activities guide, our new friend. He's so cute and funny! 😂


You can take their "tricycle" (something like tuk tuk) if you don't wish to walk. 60 peso (max) per ride for two paxs. 

TIPS: Please remember to bargain as they will offer 100-150 peso if you don't. 

They have other modes of transport too, van/bus where you can just hop on and squeeze with 12 people.

Or motorbike! We tried 3 paxs in a bike there, in our new friend's motor! 😅


Henann Prime; they're quite a large group, having 4 (I think?) big resorts in the entire Boracay. Ours is located at Station 1, which is the more quiet area. 

Station 2 is the most happening while station 3's happening is between station 1 and 2. Ya, that's how small Boracay is, made up of 3 stations along White Beach. 

Morning view of the pool.

We were being served a glass of mango juice each while doing the check in. Their service is really 👍🏻! Highly recommended. I'll go back there if I ever visit Boracay again. 


This is their legendary beautiful White Beach.

Heard from a local there, station 1 has the finest and softest sand. Which I really have to agree. In fact, to me, the sand is really damn soft, regardless which station. 

Haha we were at the beach everyday!!! Combed from station 1 to 3! 

Another part of White Beach. 

Station 2, many many people! Frankly speaking, I still prefer station 1, even though we have to walk damn far out, just to look for food. But we always stroll back to hotel after dinner, along the beach, jin romantic hor. 

TIPS: Try to be there on a weekday, the entire white beach is damn crowded during the weekends! 

Won't be able to take such picture at all, like us owning the whole sea! 😂 Please ignore my trotter thigh though. LOL



The most popular must go (sure passby) and probably the only place with proper shops (not inside shopping mall) in Boracay, located at station 2. 

TIPS: Similar stuffs at slightly cheaper price can be found at "pasamalam" shops along D'Talipapa! 


Perhaps, don't need to waste time going this mall, limited shops, nothing to see or buy one. But it's the only air conditioned shopping mall in Boracay. 


The Beach Bar

Please try their Liempo (pork) Belly!! It's 👍🏻!

Thai Basil

Ok lor, average lor. 

CYMA Greek Tavern

Recommended by a friend but as think it's so-so only. 😬


It's a seafood "heaven" where you can find the weirdest and freshest seafood in Boracay. Literally a tourist spot. 

Seafood & cooking of the seafood are charged separately. You have to choose the seafood first, then ask another shop to cook, same goes for vege! (Pssss... Spot that "aunty"! Wahahahaha)

All these plus some beers cost around S$120? Cheap or ex? To me, it's consider expensive cos I saw restuarants at station 2 selling cheaper! Maybe not as fresh lah! 

TIPS: Show your full battle bargaining skills, else will kena chopped into pieces. 😬 They don't eat and doesn't know how to handle fresh oysters there, therefore, don't order it raw. 

Seaside Stalls

Nothing recommendable actually, all the seaside stalls sell exactly the same kind of food. 

WARNING: Do not try their intestines if you have a weak tummy. My man gotten food poisoning on the last day (the next morning actually). 😂


Happy Planet Zipline & Cable Car

Jet Ski


TIPS: Try Ariel Point whereby you pay 2500 peso (around S$67) per pax and you can get to try kayaking, cliff jumping & snorkelling with BBQ lunch and free flow alcohol, all in. (8am - 5pm) 


Nothing much you can buy there, probably only their most popular dried mangoes cos it's half the price cheaper than SG. 

They have a husband day care 'center' if you ever need it! 😂

Their sand carving skill is really 👍🏻! But do take note that you will be asked to pay when you take photo of it after completed. They will suddenly pop out from nowhere to ask you to pay. Lol

Their McDonald has no chili sauce, and some of their meals come with rice! The locals there love rice! Our activities guide told us that he cannot live without rice. Hahaha

Their alcohols (beers) are really damn cheap, less than $2 per can/bottle! 

O'rite, hope I didn't miss out anything, and hope this post helps if you're planning for a Boracay trip. Overall, it's really a nice place and worth to visit (at least) once in a lifetime. Till we meet again, Boracay.

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