Tuesday, November 14, 2017


Remember this planner? I'm so glad I filled up the entire book even before the year ended. And I refused to buy another 2017, becos it's almost ending liao. Jin niao one. 😂

Thus, I got a simple one from Daiso, and have been carrying two books around, it's damn heavy. (I need the monthly planner thingy!) 

So today, I decided to modify it myself! Hahaha I msg thy bf, "omg, I'm so smart!". (Actually it's becos I got tired of packing luggage and need to do something else.) 

Hahaha! Very ugly (there are eyelid taps & thread around) but I don't care lah! As long as it ease the load! 😁

Yup, those are the angbaos that customers gave me, I kept all of them as "good luck" & "motivation". 

Okay, back to packing! 

#kthxbye for reading this crap! 😬

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