Monday, December 18, 2017

4th batch lo!

Repeated the orders again and again becos this card is so useful!!! Anyone, everyone can use it! ☺️

I'm so proud of my own idea and apparently, so many people are copying it. People only copy IF it's good right! ✌🏻

This batch again, is the embossed type! The one that I prefer! Very unique and outstanding. This is still considered limited edition as I don't do a lot of pieces each time, not cheap eh. I did not mass produce it cos I don't wanna make it common (strictly not for sale). You know how those common design ones always tio 'kop'? Lol

The only difference between the old and new (embossed) is that I requested to have a space on the left and right side. Actually now, I can't decide which looks better? Hmm...

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