Friday, December 8, 2017

不懂装懂 πŸ™„

I realised hor, there are so many idiots out there who like to 不懂装懂 (act smart), when they simply don't know a single shit, then when I prove them wrong with facts, they in return hate me, or come up with another shit.

Thank god I'm not like that. As a humble person, when I don't know or not sure of anything, I'll not hesistate to ask around or google. I'll not say or insist things which I'm unsure about. I've no idea why people wanna do that leh? To prove what ah? Prove that they very smart ah? 

Sorry, but the result still proves that I'm right and you're wrong. I'm talking about those "procedures" whereby it's not something people can agree or disagree about. The procedure is like that means like that. 

Idiot No. 1) 

Many months back, I sold a car for my customer to my broker's friend's friend. My customer entrusted me to settle everything for him. I've all his IC, pin, documents etc, he will settle his own outstanding finance. The buyer took up loan from a finance company. 

That idiot is the broker's friend, who is also in car trade but apparently, don't know a single shit, but acts like he knows everything. 

First, he asked me to ask the bank for Form B, say he needs to see Form B, if not won't release cheque. He said the finance company (well known and reputable one hor) asked for it de. Hahahaha 

Everyone in car trade fucking know that Form B is an internal system form whereby bank will update their system internally. There's no way to get a paper slip of Form B, at all. He insisted that I should get it, despite me explaining it to him multiple times that it's impossible. πŸ™„

I should have done this, and send to him. πŸ˜‚

Next, he insisted that the owner should be there personally to sign and collect the cheque if not they won't release. 

If every owner has to do that, what's the use for dealers & agents? Moreover, cheque is to owner's name. 

I told him I've his IC and all the neccesary documents with me liao. He insisted cannot.

Conclusion = I received the cheque on behalf of my customer. 

So hahahaha, becos I insisted my way through and magically did everything that he said cannot, he hates me? Who cares anyway. 

P/S: If you don't know a shit, don't argue with someone who knows and did it (many times) before. Throw your own face only. πŸ˜‘ 

His car dealership company, omg, his cars, lok 到可δ»₯, and he don't even bother to repair. πŸ˜’ Plus his very 'smart' ignorant, he will give you a lot of troubles. BUY AT YOUR OWN RISK!!! 

Idiot No. 2) 

Oh, this one I just met nia, a workshop lady boss from buyer's side. Me and seller sent the car to that workshop, upon buyer's request, it's a direct owner sales. The car is in superb condition I swear, this is what their mechanic said too. 

But this annoying orange right, has been scarring and saying nonsense to the buyer. Nvm, it's okay cos I can handle. (I think she's just sour grape?)  

Buyer requested to collect car first before we do settlement and transfer of ownership. Becos it's a long stretch of holiday for that week, so we can only start processing on the handover date. Things were already planned and agreed upon liao. 

When I was there, you know what that annoying orange said? 

She said, "no, cannot, I'll talk to him (buyer), must settle all the paperwork first before collecting the car." So I said, "then ok lor, when seller hands over the car, I'll just park at my place first. It doesn't affects me at all, its requested by buyer, himself."

Then she said, "no insurance how he drive?" I said, "he can activate his insurance first de". 

Here comes the interesting part...



I said, "no no, must activate insurance liao then can do transfer." Then she insisted that her 'step' is right. So I told her, "I've been doing it." 

Guess what's her next line?

"It's just so unethical to do it this way." 

WHAT?! Who the fuck don't do it this way? Activate insurance liao then can do transfer, it's LTA ruling leh. Anyway, I msged the buyer about this too, and I told him that she's plain annoying. Yes. I'm this direct, won't hide one. 

Then guess the irony? She wanted to buy a car from me, asked me if I have that car or not. πŸ˜‚ Sorry lor, even if have, I won't sell her, I don't want to do her business. I don't see any point helping people who don't trust me. 

Gosh. But seriously, thanks to such people, cos they made my life in car trade more "interesting". 

I admit, I've zero patience for arrogant people who love to act smart & fake people who love to act nice and play victim. 

And honestly, people can hate me, for all I care, I'll still be myself, stay true to myself, and continue doing things I love. 😊

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