Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Why do you need me?

A customer inspired me to do this post. It's based on a true story, so you guys be your own judge ok!

This customer is a colleague of my friend cum past customer, she passed me his contact this morning. 

So this funny guy went to view a car yesterday. The dealer (which is introduced by his friend) is apparently not very honest. 😬 Maybe that's why he didn't confirm on the spot. 

1) The car price is higher than market price (cos it's a ROPC going to convert into normal plate). Customer apparently didn't know how to count. 

The dealer did a breakdown of only the car price (no ARF nor depre mentioned), age, interest rate & monthly instalment. 

2) Interest rate has been lowered to 2.78% max for used cars, across most banks. (I'll receive updates from finance company, the rates are constantly changing though.) But if nobody say, you won't know right? He was being quoted 2.98%.

3) With effect from 20th December, all the LTA fees will be revised. Meaning if you buy NOW, transfer fee is still at $11. He was being quoted $25 cos they told him w.e.f December. ($14 also want to cheat! πŸ˜’) 

4) Admin fee... The dealer charged him $500. 

And I did. My dealer has agreed to waive the admin fee. But I've to say, not all will do that. Some will waive, some will discount, I'll help what I can. 😊

These are all the reasons why you need me! Hahahaha! Cos I don't side with dealers yet I can help them to earn money. And most importantly, I'll help you guys to save money hor! ✌🏻 So, why not? πŸ˜‰

Disclaimer: I don't take sides, at all. Fair, honest & transparent deal is what I'm fighting for! 😊 

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