Sunday, January 21, 2018


#throwback post!

No idea why, I'll become a chef whenever I come over to Senja. Google everywhere for recipes, try this and that. 😂

All the food below are made with homecooked (one big pot) stock, boiled for hours using ikan bilis, yellow bean, pork bone and red onion only, no salt, no msg

Used the stock to cook our favourite MHK, soup for the next day and braised pork belly! ✌🏻

We love it very much! #yummyinourtummies

Added in red dates, corns, potatoes and pork ribs! (Make do with ingredients I found inside the fridge!) No salt nor soy sauce either. The soup is rich from all the things I added in + overnight stock. Raeann said, "my mum can cook!", heehee!

Braised pork belly yo! Added in tau kwa and quail eggs.

The pot of stock is indeed very nourishing, delicious and useful. Try it! Boil one super big pot and keep it in the freezer, you can use it to cook many different dishes. I'm getting more and more aunty, hahahahaha!

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