Friday, February 9, 2018

Maid-less now!

Well, Win has gone home (for 15 days already) and apparently, I've to go back to my past life 1.5 years ago, now. Waking up at 5:45am to see Raeann up the school bus, tie hair and send Meimei up the school bus everyday. I think I can handle though. See ah, I was doing everything alone until Raeann was 9 and Meimei was 5 years old. The toughest days were over, and I survived ah. (Don't ask me why I employed a helper, I'm lazy to explain. Can only say, I don't need one!)

But the only difference is, I've my own house now and every weekends, I've to go and do housework!

However, I'm lucky and blessed with someone to help me out with all the chores!!! (OMG, I washed until my nails and hands chui.) Besides helping in household chores, he helped me with the kids alot, entertain them alot, guided them with homework when I've to work late. (Gotta admit he's more patient than me, I'm very short tempered. He can tolerate nonsense and idiots, I cannot.) 

He's no other than... le’ bf! (Thank you love!)

Okay, Raeann did helped out a bit bit too.

Cos hor, I told her I’ll put all the rubbish she created into her room, hahahaha! Humans really cannot be spoilt lor. 

The last two weeks before CNY is always very crazy, rush and rush and rush, I’ve 5 cars on hand waiting for handover now. I don't understand why people cannot buy earlier leh? Must wait till last minute then get kan chiong? Why har? The rushing part is trilling huh?

Luckily my pace is fast enough to catch up, else sure get scolded one. But then again, I won't make any promises when I've no confident to deliver. That's how trust is gained, yes? 🙂

I received another set of iroad V9 from customer (Thank you Joey & Hub! 😊), this is the 4th sets, I think? Two sets V9, one set Blackvue (which is finally fixed up on my car on 7th Feb 2018, lol) and one I don't know what brand, it's originally from CnC. Nope, I don't sell them. I gave it to friends and customers who needed it. It's a cycle, when you're nice to people, people will be nice to you, NOT ALL THOUGH. 

Oh yah... 

In case you miss me... WAHAHAHAHAHA 

Notice any changes??? Yeah. 12cm shorter, I feel so light now, lolol. The lighting at Chanel boutique (NO, I wasn't there to buy something, not so rich eh, but to repair my wallet) is so pretty, no Meipai nor filter needed. Yah, I’m lucky I’ve no 'lines', yet. CHOY CHOY CHOY. 😅

Ok lah, need to work liao, settling all my paperwork for direct owner sales. Ciaoz! 👋🏻


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