Thursday, February 15, 2018


Hahahahahah this is funny...

You know what it means? It means I don’t lie, I don’t make up any story to make myself look smart nor like a victim. 

Everything I posted here is based on #truestory. I really encountered them and it’s purely fact, nothing more, nothing less. 

Anyway, HIIIIIII EVERYONE! I’m back! Lolol

Sorry, have been very busy, will blog more when I settled all my cars & customers on hand ok? 

Thank you for still visiting this boring blog. I’ll be back soon, real soon. 😊

Aiya, wanted to post a photo of myself cos I thought people might miss me. But... realised that I’ve been cured of mental problem and seldom take any selfie now. The last post about my hair was the last selfie I took. (Read it somewhere, people who always take selfies got something wrong. Maybe wanna show off to people how many clothes they have lah? Same angle with different clothings, 😬) 

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