Thursday, March 15, 2018

Busy like a beeeeeeeeeeeee 🐝

Yes, I’m very very very busy. (Sold 3 new and 1 used cars in 5 days!) Been on the road till wanna vomit... Calls and msgs keep coming in, see phone until banged wall... 😂😂😂

No dents but headlight cracked!!! 😱😱😱

I was told headlight for conti is damn freaking expensive!!! For new Japanese cars too, very ex. So please, take care of your headlights. 😬

But but but... 

You know what’s the privilege of being in the car trade? 

I got a pair of (used for 2 months) original at only $220!!! And...

Friends fixing it for me late at night! 😊

So both my headlights look like brand new now. Original somemore. ℓσℓ (No idea why I banged car bang until so happy. 😅) And I've arranged for people to come to my place for a ceramic coating over the weekend when I'm not in SG, sibei cheap also. Then, a dealer helped me to order (and will fix) running Merc light!!! Will blog about it after it's done. My Benz will be so chio, can't wait, so excited.

Actually, this is the first time I'm spending money ON my car. I just don't like the idea of it leh. Cos to me, car will scrap one day what, zhng this zhng that end up also no value, AT ALL. Might as well save the $ up, to buy a better car? I had this mindset since the first day I owned a car (at 18? lol), I don't spend on cars. And I'm so proud to say, since then, I pay for (and own) my own car. That's why when I buy car, I don't need anyone's permission. I bought then inform, cos I'm paying it myself mah.

O'rite, gtg and pack luggage and clear all my billsssssssssss. Blog again when I'm back ya! ^^