Sunday, May 20, 2018

2CH Dash Cam

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And seriously, don't buy those ahjiparia brand whereby it's being installed for a show only. It's cheap, but useless, cos it won't help when you need it. If you need any recommendation or good lobang (local set with warranty), contact me @ 90087688. I've intro-ed to many customers and they're all satisfied with his wiring work and service. And price is damn attractive, given that installation is included. Sometimes, if arranged earlier, he will even go to your place to fix it, at no additional charges. 

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Sunday, May 13, 2018

(WoW)o 🐌🐌


Spent the whole night reading up about 🐌, the positive and the negative. Okay, I’m just kpo cos afterall, I’m a Singaporean mah. To be honest, it has been raved on my newsfeed everyday but I didn’t show any interest in it until hell breaks loose! 😬

However, my bf bought me a bottle of shampoo to try, just to support his friend. Wah, a small bottle costs $25 lor, I told him, “omg, this is so expensive, I need to use it slowly!” 


It doesn’t work on me. In fact, my scalp gets more itchy after using. But I didn’t talk about it at all, cos ‘one size doesn’t fit all’, it didn’t work on me, doesn’t mean that it won’t work on others too. 


Okay, just like the LED tooth whitening kit (which many of my friends used to sell), I didn’t even bother to click on it. Look what happened now?

No, don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I don’t trust my friends, but I just don’t trust the ‘miracles’ of the product that people claimed. 

I’ve been approached by many to sell all these, be it skincare or consumable products. But I’ve politely rejected all of them. I told them, “I myself need to try and be convinced first. If I can’t even convince myself (to even try), how am I able to convince others?” 

Truth is, I don’t dare.

Yup, even though I used to do reviews on beauty products. Plenty of research were done on each product first, to prevent giving wrong info to readers who trusted me. And I don’t dare to accept any adverts involving facial. Becos hello, my face leh, later rot how? Consumable products are worse, cos some side effects don’t appear instantly. 

I do buy to support friends, but to sell, absolutely NO-NO. It’s impossible to recruit me, so don’t even waste time trying. I’m very adamant on this. 

But don’t worry, I’ll help to promote if I’ve tried and think it’s really good, when I’m free, or when people ask me. (Just like the workshop and spray paint shop, I don’t earn a cent from recommending, but they’re indeed good, so I recommended them to everyone who asked me. This is the genuine ‘words of mouth’.) 


Well, even though all (not only 🐌 lah) claimed that they’re not MLM, which technically speaking, they’re not cos they don’t function exactly the same way MLM does, but when there’s a tier levels of earning/discount, it’s MLM to me lah! 

My definition of MLM is, making use of people’s credibility and words of mouth, using ‘recruitment’ as the first step and you’ve to pay to join them lor! 😑

Once you’re in, you will strongly promote the products to your own network then after that, recruit ‘downlines’. Your ‘downlines’ will get stocks from you, and the more stocks (got quota one) you order from your ‘upline’, you will be promoted to the next tier, thus cheaper price (likewise for your ‘upline’). Therefore, you’re earning from your lower tier too, no? This cycle will go on and on...

Who earned the most then? Think about it yourself. So, isn’t this considered some kind of MLM too? 🤔

Well, I’ve never trusted any MLM before. I just can’t accept the idea of having to fork out an upfront payment to join them; registeration fee, some called it ‘security deposit’ + starter kit. Siao bo! Pay to work and promote for them? Joke! 😂

❌ Don’t be silly to think that it’s your own business and that’s why you need capital for it. IT IS NOT YOUR OWN BUSINESS, becos you totally have NO control over it. Let’s put it this way, IF one day, something happened to the founder, and the Company suddenly shut down, who are you? Don’t be naive and get fooled by their ‘sweet talks’. They’re nice to you cos you’re helping them to earn money, that’s all! 


Okay, this is the most important point of this post, I guess which is why people are starting to post negative stuffs about it now — don’t claim things that are not true just to sell your products. (In this case, resellers cannot be blamed, unless they know about it!) 

HSA will not (and need not to) test and give approval to sell such products in Singapore, you just have to notify them. So by saying it’s #HSAApproved is very misleading. 

It’s just like IF I tell people I’m Case Trust Accreditted (when I’m not) to gain assurance by making use of the authority, it’s not right. #ifyougetwhatimean

Be very honest with all the content too. Don’t market it as 100% natural/organic/vegan (made of plants only, this is what my bf was told) and it’s safe for everyone (including preggies and babies) when it does contain chemicals. Who knows if someone is allergy to that one particular chemical leh? 

Yes, it’s easier to sell with such claims cos most people will trust what you claimed without researching. But there will be people who have all the time in the world to dig out all the infos. 


Regardless of what products/brands, you have to try it at your own risk. There’s no 100% assurance on everything. 

Once again, I’ve to emphasise, I’ve nothing against 🐌 and I’m not saying that their products are toxic/harmful becos it did show positive results on some people, just unfortunately, not me! 

P/S: What’s your take on this? Are you using 🐌🐌 too? If yes, did it works?! 

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Why I prefer Sedan more than Hatchback cars?

Disclaimer: I’m merely speaking out true facts and my own personal preference. I’ve nothing against hatchback cars and not targeting anyone, those driving a hatchback, don’t hate me for no reason. You can don’t agree with me de, I’m just voicing out my own opinions. 

What inspired me to blog about this is cos, today I sold an Avante to a first-timer customer. He approached me in Feb. (So sorry to keep him waiting! 😬) 

He initially wanted a Honda Fit. And reason why he needs a car now is cos he has a newborn. I kept trying to talk him out to look for another car cos Fit’s boot space is very small. Will be hard to put car seat, pram etc. Until today, I told him the most important reason why I keep recommending him a sedan car instead... 

Becos of this accident! 

Which happened when I was driving my previous BMW (can you imagine the impact when BMW is such a hard car?). It happened when I was stopping at the traffic light (cos red light) and the bus driver couldn’t brake in time. 

So can you imagine if I was driving a hatchback and I’ve passengers behind? (CHOY CHOY CHOY. It sounds so unlucky so I rarely bring this up.) From then, I swear to myself that I’ll never ever buy a hatchback again. 

Moreover, the purpose of buying the car is to ferry his baby and wife around which obviously, they will be sitting behind. Nowadays, SG is flooded with vehicles. Even if you’re a safety driver, okay I don’t wish to continue liao, but better be safe than sorry. 

I treated all my customers like my friends so I always offered my most genuine and honest opinions. If they insist, I’ll still lookout for them. I’ll put every factors into consideration before recommending the car to them. 

Most of my customers have no idea what car they want, so I’ll ask some questions before I proceed with the search. A lot of them are budget constrained. So I’ll always try to find and work out something that fits their budget. (And if really really no choice cos of their budget, a small hatchback will be more suitable.) 

Wah, talking about this, hahaha, I’ve become very pro in counting all these. No joke, I can ‘tak tak tak’ everything out on calculator within split seconds. I think this is call “practice makes perfect” cos I’ve been helping customer to count and count and count. 

And cos lately ah, I’ve done quite a number of direct owner deals, so I can agar agar estimate out how much will the insurance be, that makes it easier for me to tell customer roughly how much cash they have to fork out. 

I’m glad that many customers saw my professionalism and passion in this job, supported and trusted me so much. (To a point, they’d rather wait for me to find!) 

I’m sorry that sometimes shit happened. (I’ll never recommend a car that I personally think it’s shit lah.) It’s like cos I’ve no idea when the car will break down too, due to wear and tear. But rest assure that I’ll help to solve the problem as much as I can, ASAP. 

Most of my customers are very understanding lah, maybe cos those fussy and crazy ones, I’d rather don’t sell lor cos I’m scared! I always think that, if you don’t trust me, then don’t look for me. 

Ask anyone around, no matter you buy or didn’t buy from me, I’ll always help if you approached me. And well, I don’t earn a single cent from recommending workshop to you. I merely intro cos I trusted that they won’t cheat you as I personally go to them too. 

I’ve seen how mechanics work (the time, energy and effort they put in), and know how much is the reasonable amount to pay. If workshops cover me, it means adding cost to the customer only. How much can I earn from it sia? I’d rather don’t earn and ask them to give customers better price lor! Well, so far, recommended soooooo many people there, none of them came back with bad feedbacks. I’m happy lah! 😊

Dial the car hotline 90087688 if you’ve any queries, need help, need insurance quotes (Oh ya, a friend in the finance company introduced this agent to me, wah, her price ah, very good lor, better than the previous few 😬, did many times with her liao, I’m gonna switch to her side also!), need recommendation of workshop, spraypaint shop, grooming shop, sticker shop, tyre shop etc etc ok? 😂 (Cos this number has long ago became a car hotline! LOL)