Thursday, June 28, 2018

Happy Birthday to me! 🍺

Oh well well, I can’t sleep now, cos Germany got “kicked out” from WC today! 😭😭😭 

To be honest, they performed like shit this WC, and their Away jersey is damn ugly (cos I really hate green 😬), but I’ll still support them, no matter what! 

Good that they’re out also lah, so I’ll quit and focus on my work. πŸ˜‚ Cos WC is indeed turning my life upside down. I actually stopped last whole week cos I was busy with work, I only watched Germany (and that day) matches, then I stopped again until today. 

So now, let me emo finish and I’ll get back to work again. Hahahaha


And it’s really comforting to see such comments, knowing people appreciated me for all the extra miles I did for all my customers. Really thanks for all the supports and trust. I always deliver what I promised. 😊


I told everyone that I don’t like to celebrate birthday, I don’t like to be centre of attraction (where everyone is looking at me & the cake), I don’t like people to waste $ on me, birthday is just another day to me. (And don’t you think it’s very sad if people only remember you once a year? I spend my life as though it’s my birthday everyday leh. πŸ˜‚)

But this group of brothers and sisters really came up with a good plan to surprise me. I didn’t suspect AT ALL! Thank you all so much lah! 😊

Wendy also brought me to this jin atas place! Ambience is cool, service is good, but food so-so only. Thanks babe! ❤️

Meeting Mel tomorrow. Aiyo. I’m really paiseh when they keep ‘dating’ me and I keep postponing it, due to work and family. 😬 Of cos, I felt so blessed and loved, by all of them. To all my friends, thanks for remembering me, and the effort on our friendship! People come and go in life, I’m glad you all stayed. πŸ˜‡

Not forgetting the simple dinner with my lovely family. Thanks bro for planning! 😊

Another surprise at my door! ζ„ŸεŠ¨! ☺️

Last but not least...

Thank ❤️ for this lovely present! 

Okay, I’ve been aiming this bag for a long time, but didn’t get it cos too expensive for it’s small size, can’t bear to buy it. 

This man really really dotes on me. But sometimes, unknowingly and unintentionally made me angry, but never for once (after throwing all my tantrums at him) he blow his top at me before. Thank you for lovin’ me lah! 😘

And oh ya, if u realised in all my photos, I’ve cut my hair jin short. LOL

Glad that I didn’t turned out weird, and no regret till date. Hahahaha 

Okay lah, I think I need to force myself to bed now. Good night all! 😴

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