Monday, March 4, 2019

Coal 3606

Anyone here from the past CHIJ St. Nicks girls school?

If you are, you have sure heard of Aunty Meow Lang's chicken wings. For those who are not from that school, fret not, here are some infos...

It's better to pre-order the wings in advance cos they will only serve it during non peak hours. Their core is on western food...

One of their very popular item on the menu; Salmon.

Another one will be their steak.

Fish & chips

Grilled Dory Fish

If you've been following me on my FB or page, you'd have know that I'll be franchising Coal 3606 to Nanyang Poly!!! Which will start operating in mid April! 🤗

Which explained why those kitchen photos above cos I've been learning how to cook (even though I don't have to cook)... OMG, grilling fishes is the hardest!!! I just don't have the talent lah! 🤭

Any housewives or retirees wish to join me at NYP?
Pls contact 90087688 for more info!

Say really ah, entering into a new line which I'm totally not familiar with, gave me both fear and excitement. I've to learn everything from scratch all over again, at this age, lol. That's why I've been really really really busy for the past many weeks. Shag die me! 😵

It’s really irony cos I’ve never been a lover of western food (but my Raeann is). Hahahaha 

Anyway, more info will be here soon, once NYP is up and running! Btw, it’s OPEN TO PUBLIC! Do come and try cos the food is sooooo much cheaper affordable than outside (Nothing above $5 on the new menu, Chicken chop @ $2.50 if I'm not wrong?)! 😬 Guaranteed that you won’t be disappointed! 😄

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