Tuesday, June 18, 2019


🙏🏻 Let me recover before Friday!!! Cos I’m going for a birthday road trip to...!!! ☺️ Omg, entering mid life crisis soon. ℓσℓ

P/S: Intended to close the stall on Friday. Shall see how tomorrow. Becos it’s super duper mafan. Sold out cannot close early, don’t open will kena fine $200/day, everything must write in to submit for approval. 🙄 The management seriously sucks big time. Like hey, hello, it’s MY STALL, I don’t open I lose my earning, it’s my problem right?

Okay, I’m actually going into drowsy mode soon cos I just took my medicines. Have been coughing for many days and nights until I bth, visited a doc this morning.

Grateful to someone whom has been helping me to send Raeann to school for her remedial in the morning cos I'm feeling unwell, he wanted me to rest more! Honestly, without his support, TLC and help, I'd probably collapse.


To me, 幸福 is, when you're sick, there's someone looking after you, throughout the night, checking out on you and your temperature every hour. Wanting you to rest more (even when not sick) and sacrificed himself, just to help you out with your stuffs & errands. Knowing how to 心疼 you when you 受委屈. And you know, he will always stand in front of you to fight out whoever bully you, even with his own friends, becos he fully understands and knows you well that you won't be so dulan for no apparent reason. Always there for you when you need him the most, no excuses. In another words, he can give you enough security and you know you can just fall back on him, he will be there to hold you, for sure.

Find the one who can handle you.

Thanks Venus Beauty for the Birthday hamper! 🤗


Best birthday gift ever, considering I’m super poor now as all my $$$ has gone into NYP! I’m blessed! 😊 Don’t worry, I’ll continue to work hard! Heehee

I’ll enjoy my road trip and come back to fight (harder) again, cos the next day school reopen (for Poly) lo! 💪🏻

You may still text me @ 9008 7688 for any enquiry about cars!!! I’ll reply no matter where I am! 🤗

I ℓσνє June 2019!!! 

Till then, guys! And advanced “Sweet 21” to myself! HAHAHAHAHAHA 

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