Sunday, August 18, 2019

Wings anyone?

Already received 100 wings order as of now. Will leave some for NYP walk-ins cos I’ve given them too much disappointment. It’s always sold out! 🀭 No joke, sold out so fast (every week) until many asked for my mobile number liao, wanted to PO before they come! 

(Last week, I didn’t open any PO, and ordered lesser cos it’s their exam week, first day only, got a walk-in staff from NYP come and buy 30 pcs. Then all the 10 pcs, 6 pcs, 4 pcs, 3 pcs etc orders from lecturers & students, first day sold out liao! Therefore, I decided to open PO again this week!) 

All the big orders last two weeks... The wings is very pop in NYP now, even more pop than RP! Top sales ok! Lol! 

KTH says his ah ma will love me and may come and visit me this 7th mth. πŸ˜‚ I say “ask her come NYP see see look look lor” before it’s gone... 

P/S: Say really, if anyone reading this, is coming down to visit this lonely old woman aka me, do drop me a text first, and reserve your wings! I’ll keep it aside for you first. πŸ“ž 90087688

ζ₯, ai order wings mai??? πŸ˜‹

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