Wednesday, October 2, 2019

CHIJ St Nicks Moonlight Party

Coal 3606 was being invited to join, to sell our signature St Nicks wingssss! They ordered 1000 pcs wings & 100 boxes pasta from us. 😊 

NYP, being nearest to St Nicks (5 mins drive) was being tasked to handle this event. (RP under reno now!) I felt there’s a need to go back to the wings’ homeground to take a look too. Before the event, I don’t even know where is St Nicks lor! 

But it was super duper shiong! We wash and marinated 13 cartons of chicken wings, and had to control our own stall’s stock cos fridge no space!!! Very challenging indeed, with some hiccups here and there. 

Honestly awed by the size of the school, it’s damn huge!!! 

The place where we fried the wings. Thank god there’s  a ‘secret’ spot inside the school with commercial sockets. If not, really head very big, the normal one cannot support my fryers (oh, do you know that all my kitchen equipment have names? 😂) at all!!! 

The never-ending queue lasted 3-4 hours, people really queue and waited for the wings for hours, Ah Ma's wings power lah!!! Deeply sorry for the long wait! So busy until no time to take photos sia! Can only wait for St Nicks photographers’ photos! (Kinda regret didn't take any photo with KTH's mum, the second generation of St Nicks wings.)

KTH’s vegan pasta!

I hereby express my gratitude to KTH, his parents, cousin, volunteers, teachers etc for all the help rendered on that day. I won't be able to handle without you guys! (Thanks CHIJ St Nicholas Girls' School for giving us a chance to be there!) 

It was an eye opening experience I should say, finally 见识到 the power of Ah Ma's wings!!! To those who have been craving and raving over it, thank you very much for the support. Drop by RP, NYP or IRAS for wings if you guys have crave for it in future, don't have to wait or queue for 3 hours ah. 😬

Also, I’ve set up an WhatsApp group for NYP wings update... Join if you’re keen, we will update our wings availability there, and take in reservations from there too. (Text 90087688 to join!!!)

P/S: Will update when I get to see those photos taken by the photographers on that day! =D

Coal 3606 @ NYP

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