Friday, April 24, 2020


Hey H̤̮E̤̮L̤̮L̤̮O̤̮ everyone! How’s life? 😊

Covid-19 Circuit Breaker

And so, it extended for another 1 month...

Oh yes, I've been a complain bitch, always kpkb at what our Govt is doing. But you know, from the first day it started, everything I said, came true. If the G had reacted earlier, we would be recovering like China, HK, Taiwan now. (And it's indeed a joke we became a joke to others now, when earlier stage, some people are so proud of our "gold standard", and became so complacent.)

Yup, I do agree too, we can't compare with other countries cos we do not have any natural resources. But is there any difference NOW?

I always believe in "Prevention is better than cure."

Now that things are out of control, we have to suffer. Not becos Singaporeans are not cooperative (there is always black sheep in every country, cannot define whole lot of Singaporeans being Covidiot when there is only one small group whom refused to follow the rules), it's becos of the measures and messages they have been putting across, bit by bit. One moment this, another moment that. And what are they best at? Fines & summons.

Sometimes, I wonder, do people really know what's going on?

Let's skip the mask hoo-ha. Cos I was proven right.

Then, we were told not to hoard. So naturally, people who don't hoard, will go shop for groceries often. (For those who stock food, trolley will be full, then people will start taking photos to post, scold & criticize.) So now, those who don't hoard, appeared at supermarkets/markets, but becos they controlled the humans inside, obviously there will be queues ma? Then people will take photos and post (scold & criticize) again. Alamak.

So how? Don't hoard, don't go & buy, eat air ah? SG is very small, FYI, and we have a dense population.

Again I said, there is indeed a group of people who cannot be bothered, but pls do not lump all Singaporeans together. Check out how many of us have been staying at home even before the CB started.

Really don't understand why those pro-G people can find thousands of excuses to cover up for our G's mishandling??? When people complain abt G, they will be very unhappy. Then say, we’re not appreciative, hard to please, blah blah, but are they in our shoes, facing what we're facing? They are not.

Yeah, "not happy, just pack up and leave". Say until very easy hor, talk is cheap. Pls go and ask around how many Singaporeans wanted to migrate so much, but can't, cos it's not that easy!

Other than being grateful to the PAST G for building SG up, I can't think of anything else. My life? My parents gave it to me. My carefree childhood? My parents worked hard for it. My HDB flat? I paid for it with my own money. My car? I paid for it with my own money too. All these happened, becos my parents & I worked hard for it! So why should I be thankful to the G for the comfy life that we worked hard for? Very funny.

P/S: Before you start slamming me, kindly note that this is my own point of view. You may disagree, no worries. And I'm saying our current G & current roti prata system. If you can accept, that's your problem.

But anyway, we can only pray for the best now, and life can resume back to normal asap. Speedy recovery to those infected. And pls stay safe, all my family, friends and readers (no idea still have or not now, lol).

Before I end this post...

This is me now. Just in case anyone miss me!! Hahahahaha

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