Saturday, July 23, 2016

No work = no $!

Thank you for the 2000+ "likes" on my FB page. I promised to do a giveaway when it hits 2k. Tell me what you all want ok? If not, let me go & think of what to give.

There's something I need to clarify... I refrained myself from posting my kids' photos here NOT becos I didn't spend my time with them. But becos I read a lot of news and articles on the risk of posting kids' photos on social media platforms. 

I'M AT HOME EVERYDAY. I send and pick Meimei everyday. I come home to watch my kids fight and cry everyday. (It's fucking annoying but I refrained myself from complaining here.) I'm with them 24 hours every weekends. 

So no idea why some smart ass who act like he/she knows me very well said until like I'm a failed mum? And he/she feels sad for my girls? 

Since you feel sad, come and take over my role. I don't boast what I do here doesn't mean I didn't do. Don't know why are there so many stupid people in this world? Stupid nvm, still wanna be smart ass. 

I have to work becos I need money. For their school fees, tuition, extra classes, school bus, pocket money, food, my car, my maid, myself & all the daily expenses. 

Again, since u feel sad for my girls, why not u work and give me money for all the expenses? So I can spend all my time with them, that will lessen your sadness. 

Hate people who talk without using brain.  

And hor, I don't think I ever mentioned that "I'm strong" for the previous few posts, cos I'm not? But one thing for sure, I'm smarter and more capable than you. That's becos I don't poke into others' affair. I got no time to do that. I spent all my time earning money. 

Talk about earning money, omg, I'm so excited about Monday. Just now, I received a "lobang" for a BMW 525i XL with a cheap depre from a direct owner. I blasted out to the dealers and they gave quite ridiculous price for it. But it's standard. 

Then, hahahahaha, I FOUND A DIRECT BUYER!!! Viewing car on Monday. I think I can be a dealer too. (Tolong Bo Pi all my referrals over this weekend will be successful.) 

Please don't feel sad for my girls, becos they have a smart and capable mum. You should feel sad for yourself cos you have no life until you have to interfere in my life.

You can never win me, on my blog. So don't be stupid to come and provoke me. And, I don't understand what's your "no offence" for when you obviously know you're offending me with all your bullshit? It's just like I gave you a slap and say no offence and expect you to smile at me. Dumb? No offence.

Sorry ah, the "trying very hard to get your ex bf's attention" is too fucking lame. Please explain which part of the post is even trying to get his attention? And why will he feel 反感 when he's the one asking me to move on?
Kindly refer to my last few posts again. Other than cars & work, what the fuck did I do or say that is contradicting? I'm talking about work all the time. 

If you're feeling "sour" over my "hot date", too bad I can't help you, cos he's indeed this capable. (Is it wrong to praise someone? Praising him doesn't mean I like him what! And sorry, I'm not impressed by his money or cars, I'm impressed by his thoughts, maturity and capability.) 

I'm a very rationale person. I know what I can do, what I can't do, what's right and what's wrong. I'm not desperate. If I am, I'll expect him to fetch me so I can take a photo inside his car and post publicly on FB, captioned "you make my day". 

We're just friends, and we only contact for work. I'm not his type, he's not my type. I thank him for teaching me a lot of things and his honesty. We will not proceed any further and will remain status quo. 


Humans are really weird. When I'm sad and down, people asked me to be strong and move on. Now I moved on, bucked up to work hard, people said I'm trying to get attention and asked me don't need to tell others "I'm strong"??? 
Simi lan? Get this clear. This is my blog. Don't teach me what to blog. If I've to listen to everyone, there's nothing I can blog anymore. Keep your bullshit comments to yourself. Do you know how crap you are? You come to my blog and tell me you feel sad for my girls, teach me how to be a mum, then tell me "no offence"? Fuck you. It's not that I can't take unfavourable comments, but I hate people accusing me.

If now, I'm out drinking and partying everyday, desperately meeting every man who wants to date me, don't bother about the kids at all, fine, I'll LL suck thumb take your comments for advice. 
But I don't. So you have NO RIGHT to say that. Get this very clear again. Now, I only want to work hard and build up something for myself, and earn more money for my kids and myself. Everything is only about work, not love, not man. 

Friday, July 22, 2016

Knowledgable & eligible "hot date"!

The "date" turned out ... GOOD. Not as weird as what I expect. Lol

I bombarded him with ALOT of car questions until he said he's going to ignore me. LOL

Sorry ah. Cos I don't know so I must ask until I know. He made me read up about lemon law the moment I reached home. 

He has been in the car trade for many many years. And he specialised in conti and supercars only. He has a super cool car can, I first time see such a car lor. Mercedes SLS!

Ah this. Anyway, he "play" with supercars one. Due to his contacts and network, he's unable to sell any Asian cars. 

I learnt something new today. "Buying an import used supercar is like buying a chiong Hermes. No (parf) value, cannot join (supercars) Club, cannot go HQ for service and repairs and nobody want to buy, unless you sell it at super low price! People who know about supercars, will not buy."
This man is really unique sia. He taught me not to waste my time on things that doesn't gain me knowledge, doesn't make money and doesn't benefit me. He taught me about cars and car trade. He taught me how to manage a proper business. He taught me how to handle staffs properly (he has a good way of doing it). He taught me how to do more networking. He taught me a lot during the few short hours.
I thought about all his "lectures" while driving home. His words really make me THINK. I told him I'll learn. :)
There's something we think alike though, which is doing business through referrals. He said he don't want to employ people who station inside the shop to 摆美. LOL

I think my new "job" as a car agent can really work leh. Dealers will be happy to link up with people like me. Cos now, I really go all the way out to spread my network. Even today, I went to collect a long overdued payment for my full time job. The admin exchanged contact with me, saying her friend (or bf) is searching for a BMW (she can't remember what car). 
I'm always out, seldom in the office now. When I finally can sit down and take a break, I'll do a lot of follow up with all my "customers". Marketing articles taught me that customers love follow up and rewards. It's true. Cos when I do follow up with people (even when I know they won't buy), they thank me for following up. People will remember you for your sincerity. 

Can't deny that when you mix with people better than you, you will improve yourself to be better too. I'm really motivated by him.

I didn't know he booked Gold Class tickets, it's my first time & I'm fucking sua-ku. Wine over movie is a heaven, lol. I wanted to pay for the dinner since he treated me movie. He firmly said, "you come on a date with me, I must pay." Wah seh. 

Haha, we are of different "class" people. Cos I remembered his Lamborgini kena total loss few years back. He told me lose abit only lah, about $80,000. (And he's not hao lian way of saying.) I was like WHAT!!! $80,000 is ABIT??? FML. $800 is a lot to me liao. 

Okay, I need to work harder, so I can achieve 1/4 of what he achieved. (He's only 2 years older than me for goodness sake.)

This time round, I found my real direction and I'm going to chiong all my way out. At this moment, I'm contented with 3 successful referrals per month. Will set new target when I get myself stabilised.

This is also considered sales hor. Just that I don't need to do paperwork and proposal. But I need to liaise and convince my customers too. If I didn't managed to convince them, they will not even bother to view the car. When someone is willing to deliberately make a trip down to see the car, means he/she is already 70% convinced. I'll leave the 30% to the boss. 

Yes. I try to link up with all the bosses becos salesman has no power for negotiations. So if I referred you, most likely the boss will be the one serving you. Just feel free to ask for discount. Lol 

Money is not my main concern now. (So even when I don't earn a single cent from a deal, I'll still do my job well.) I want database, I want contacts & intros, I want customers! I'm not afraid of hard work, at all. The busier I get, the happier I am.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Come. Buy. Merc

FML. I'm fucking stress. Hot date jio me watch movie later!!! And our conversation is getting a little "weird". He asked if I'll be driving? My reply "Drive lo. Cannot be walking there mah." Eh... Awkward silence. Jitao cut off the conversation. Lolol (I hope he don't read my blog, tmd.)

I've never felt so nervous for a long time. Calm down calm down. I'll just be myself. I hope the "date" won't turns out awkward. (Tolong my falsie don't fly out later cos I'm using a different eyelash glue today, lolol!) 

Well, I received feedback from a guy that this looks damn gay. So I've another "gift" for guys who think this is gay. LOL

But I don't know where to buy the thin tissue refill ah.

Hmm, I've the urge to fly to somewhere again. Somewhere, but I don't know where. Yes, alone, #foreveralone. Let me think...

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

"Hot Date"

I've something to confess. I'm a little nervous over tomorrow's dinner "date". Actually, I just met him today, cos I've a friend who's interested to buy his consignment car (Mazda 3).

Everything's normal. He's normal. I'm normal. WE'RE JUST FRIENDS. But no idea why tmd, I feel nervous over tomorrow's dinner. 

And hor, I'm actually bringing another person down to view his another car (C180, lol) tomorrow noon leh. So why the fuck am I feeling nervous over the dinner sia??? Maybe cos I too long never go on date liao lah. It's not becos of him that I feel nervous cos he's just a normal guy to me now (no fast heartbeat yet). It's the "date" that makes me nervous, I don't know what to talk to him.

Before I left today, I reminded him "tomorrow ah", then he said "yah yah HOT DATE". Lolol, maybe his "hot date" makes me nervous lah. 

Stress stress stress. I haven't think of what to wear. Today I wore jeans, tomorrow wear what?! Shit. 

Fuck man. It's just a dinner and drinks. Maybe I wear shorts. LOLOL 
Esther is going down on Sunday to view his BMW coupe too. Hope he can close it! :) 

Many of my friends are asking about C180 and C200 now. I think my face in the photo played a big part. Made the car looks more chio & tempted people to buy, lolol. I'm not kidding, I made quite a few people "jump car" liao. Even those with no car also tempted to buy (cos they asked me about it). 

Go for high OMV cars, you will not regret. If possible, I'll change away Benz Benz in two years and go for a higher OMV car. 

And, if you're also interested to buy C180 or C200, I've them on hand now. Contact me @ 90087688 for more info! 

Now, even my interior is chio (minus away the stupid brown leather seat, I hate brown leather seat, look so ah pek). Everything must match and bling okay. Love the Merc bling bling air refresherner. Sorry, my photo don't do any justice to it due to bad lighting. 

Aiya, I need my beauty sleep now for my "hot date" tomorrow. Good night. 

Tuesday, July 19, 2016


感觉好奇怪 when your ex company's customer tried his ways and means (he has tried for two days) to robe you into his company to... Sell cars. But obviously, he didn't know I was previously with that company. I also tried ways and means to reject, lol.

Thank you for seeing me so up (maybe he thinks I can sell cos I look like Fann Wong, that's what he said. Lol). But I don't want to get tied down by one company. I prefer what I'm doing now. 

I've tied up with a few dealers (some are long time friends). My job is to "find out" what people want then I'll intro a few best options for them to choose from whatever stocks my dealers have. (No obligation at all.) At the same time, I'm helping my dealers to spread awareness to all my connections.

It's nice when people want to buy a car, they will call and ask if I have or not first! Thank you for the trust and support! (That's my another C200 deal! He initially wanted to get Estima one, I made him jump car! Heehee)

Much as I agree that some of them are just wasting my time by asking for fun, but I do have friends who are very steady towards me. And I don't really think they're asking for fun lah, they probably have no urgency and haven't found one they really like. That's where my job comes in. I need to "read" their mind. Lol! I'm providing a service to people who are not sure what they want, minimise their choices & get the best deal. Afterall, finding cheap and good deals is my forte.

Price will be the same as what they sell to others, I won't mark up. Want to bargain, bargain yourself. Haha! Just earning a minimal referral fee from dealer, not customer. (See. I'm honest right!) 

Like I know a friend who has just started her rental company & she's searching for Asian cars left with 1-2 years. When I see good deal, I'll intro her lor. 

Then another friend (Esther; my manicurist) likes white coupe car. I found one BMW coupe for her too. Hope she buys! Heeee (Her hub gonna give her $30k for dp, so nice!) 

I was telling the boss (the one who wanted to rope me into his company badly), nowadays people will only buy from reliable intro, cos too many scams and cheats around. Plus, there are so many car dealers in SG, selling the same thing. It's sheer luck that people will just walk into your shop and buy from you. He agreed.

Don't worry, I only tie up with people who are trustworthy. My reputation is at stake. I choose who I want to tie up with, not people choose me.  

So, if you're searching for cars, come to me. I'll help u to find the best deal! :) New or used cars all available! No obligation. 
Any car dealers who wish to do this collaboration with me, kindly email me @ (Sorry but I'll need to research about your Company first!) If someone happened to be searching for cars you have, I'll send it to them. In additional, I'll do some free advertising on my FB (personal or page) sometimes. 

I'm spreading out my network now, through social medias, family, friends, neighbours, dad's business associates, customers & friends, crane industry, automotive industry, beauty industry & etc. I simply tell everyone I know, even my maid agent, lolol.

Btw, I sell crane too. My dad sold a crane yesterday. I gonna get comm from him, cos limbu prepared all the documents one. Lolol (And becos he's so damn annoying, I already warned him I emo liao!)

Really need to thank my mummy for the support of my "sideline", she has given me a lot of encouragement throughout this whole period of time. And I can't stay in office all the time. She knows I need to earn more money, for the kids and myself.

Wah. I need to announce this becos... I'm finally going for a "date" this week, lolol. No lah, actually it's just dinner and coffee with one of the dealer friend whom I've not met for trizillion years. He wasn't selling cars yet when I first knew him. All grown old. Busy man date me, I'm so honoured. Now I'm stress, don't know what to wear. Need to flip my wardrobe liao! Hahahaha 

Monday, July 18, 2016


I like the last part. The one who spent your life with you might not be the one you loved the most. 爱一个人, 不一定要在一起. I'm prepared to be #foreveralone anyway. I'm scared to go through all these again.
Nothing hurts more than the person who said he will never ever hurt you, hurt you. This pain is even more torturous than what ZY had given me.
Yes, I played my fair share to cause the r/s to breakdown too. What I didn't expect was, it ended too abruptly, I'm not prepared. Becos all along, we were very very loving (to a point everyone envies). Our arguments and fights always ended up with kisses and hugs, but not this time round. (Now, I dare not watch any love show. Cos it will reminds me of us. And tears will start rolling down like spoilt tap again.)

However, one thing I'm sure is, we didn't stop loving each other. We are forcing ourselves to walk away, due to some circumstances in life. We can only blame fate for playing this painful joke on us. 

8384 - I'll never love another one the same way again.