Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Home sweet home!

On the flight home now... Time passes extremely fast when you're on holiday. I didn't have time to blog cos I was too busy shopping and eating, especially after food/shopping queen Cheryl arrived there, ℓσℓ. Sleep also not enough lor, we walked more than 12 hours everyday. My poor legs...

(I did something damn silly. I brought my huge ass camera and it's charger, but I forgot to bring memory card!!! Luckily my phone has 128gb now. YAY!)

I really made FULL use of my 6 days in HK. Went to many many places, ate so many nice/popular food. Discovered some things too:-
  • Things and food are not cheap at all, similar to SG price. (I mentioned this before!) I spent most of my money on food anyway.
  • Transports (cabs) are more expensive than SG. 
  • Macau people are rude, extremely rude!!! But plenty of "ah sia kia", handsome ones!!! I don't like Macau anyway.
  • Eye opening experience becos I saw the protest going on, during our last night (yesterday). It was so bad till they shut Mongkok MTR station. However, it was not that exaggerating as what the news showed and no one seemed to be affected. Well, at least not for us.

This was where I stayed. 

The hotel is so huge and shiok!!! Even though is kinda out of town areas. But MTR is just beside, 3 mins walk, so it's very convenient.

Took MTR everywhere becos cab is really expensive. I'm very familiar with HK MTR map now. I can even bring you around leh. Not difficult actually, unless you're one super 路痴.

2nd day; to Macau! 

Today's! Thank you Hyatt Regency Sha Tin for the pleasant stay and fantastic experience. I'll be back! My two babies, mommy is coming home soon! 

I went with 13kg, so I didn't really buy much. More stuffs for the kids and gifts, things for myself are countable, by fingers. 

1) A pair of jeans. 
2) 2 (on sale) tops. 
3) A pair of loafers. 
4) A bag (bought very last min).
5) 2 hp cases.

No more liao! But it's okay lah, I had plenty of good food and I'm very happy. This whole trip (plus shopping) costed me about, hmm, within $2K. More than $1K is on food & transport, lolol. (No joke, food is kinda expensive and very salty there!)

Oh, I managed to meet up with Victoria too! She brought us around to shop & eat for our last two nights. Thank you dear. See u in SG soon! ^.^

Vic came to ask me this, "did anyone tell you before that you and Cheryl look alike?" Lolol

Well, even HK waiter asked if we're sisters, hahaha! 

With Vic's funny hongkie lil' friend. He's only 22, and super funny, I can't even. We look like his background, he's actually taking photos of himself, hahaha! 

Thank you for accommodating me (and my friend) at such a budget amount and bringing me around! :) 


And oh, helping me to take photos while waiting for Cheryl to shop, lolol. I'll be like, "take photos take photos", and I told Cheryl I wanna caption "becos Cheryl is shopping, again" Hahahaha!  

And if you're kpo, here are photos of the protest last night! 

Flight is landing soon... Welcome me back to reality.

Friday, November 21, 2014

First solo flight!

Hey, are you missing my craps already? Hahaha

I'm on the plane now, drinking wine, trying to make myself drunk and sleep becos I'm sitting in front of a family who yak loudly non stop.  

First time seeing this!!! People always tell me that it's dry on board but I didn't used to think so, cos I didn't experience it before. Now I know. Walao, I should have brought a hand cream along! Huge difference between 29 and 30 years old leh. Sigh, old liao! :( 
By the way...

Lolol! Becos it's $14, I had to eat it despite being very full already. My friend booked everything for me, and it includes this nasi lemak. 

Okay lah, 不错啦! Very small portion, won't be enough for big eaters but definitely enough for me. I was already full anyway.

Bo treated me to brunch just now. Thank you for the brunch & sending me off. 

First time taking flight alone & I'm actually quite cool about it. I stoned all the way becos I didn't have enough sleep. No excitement feel at all leh. (It's a budget trip for me & I didn't bring much $, let's see how I survive! If I didn't come back on the 26th, it's either I've joined the protest or I overspent, and no money to come back! Lol) 

(With my Invisalign on, the 9th set now.) 

But well, it proved one thing, I'm capable of being alone & I'm not a needy person. My happiness comes from myself and not from anyone else. It's a bonus if someone's willing to pamper me. But if there's no one, I can still live happily. 

Okay, I need to go to the ladies now! One more hour to go. Walao, so many turbulences!!! Before I go... 

Happy toddler on board! She's so cute and pretty, she has a pair of big round eyes! I love such non attention seeking kids. (She seeked more attention with her happy character and pretty looks actually!) 

And I'm very thankful to be seated next to a quiet, gentle and nice couple. They've been reading and reading. It will be a peaceful flight and I'd have sleep, if the family behind is less noisy. Sigh 



Thursday, November 20, 2014

Just Education


Sorry for the lack of update, here's a short post before I leave for my holiday! Woohoo! A short one becos I've just started packing my luggage and halfway through, I got sian and don't feel like packing liao. After this then continue.

So, I posted this on my FB page last week, asking if any mummies would like to join me at this (FOC) event. Too bad nobody RSVP, probably cos the timing is abit weird? Or you're shy? But you've definitely missed out plenty of useful information! 

I put the flowers from Anonymous into good use, lolol.
Here's a short intro about Just Education...
Life-long Learning is Powerful Magic
Learning centre founded by professional magician with Maths degree teaches Maths and Science through magic. Unique life-coaching workshops empower students with competitive edge over peers.

Just Education is not your average tuition or enrichment centre. After all, how many centres hold regular workshops to teach students how to empower their lives, develop powerful memories, design goals independently, and discover the fun in Maths and Science through magic? For that matter, how many centres have a professional magician holding an EMBA and double mathematics degree at its helm?

Designed to be fun while equipping students with important, long-lasting life skills, participants learn how to train their memory, harness their creativity, have a "millionaire mindset", acquire leadership skills, gain a competitive edge, or develop new levels of appreciation for Maths and Science concepts via magic.

(These workshops have proved so popular and successful that Just Education has been invited by schools to conduct selected workshops during term time.)
Yup, it's indeed interesting! I literally went "WOW, MAGIC" when I saw Mr Francis Ang performed his "magics", which he later revealed and explained that it's actually using Science to do it. Here's a short video to let you WOW too...

Hahahah, yesh yesh, he's very good looking.
(You see, I really blog rubbish!!!)
Anyway, I was too engrossed in the magic so I've no idea what he explained, but it has something to do with Science, I sucks at Science by the way. I hate Science cos I never ever do well in this subject before. I only remember I broke plenty of test tubes during my Science lessons and I need to compensate! -.-

Well, I'm considering to enrol Raeann into either "Just Young Magician" or "Just Young Scientist I" now. I'm very very sure she will love it. Will call them up when I come back from HK.

And if you're interested to find out more about Just Education, please visit or their Facebook page at

Just Education operates across 15 centres in Singapore. So, do not worry about have to travel far cos you can definitely find one of their centre near your place! :)

Genius is 1% talent and 99% hard work. -Albert Einstein
Love the above quote!!! Thank you for the invite and goodie bag. It's my pleasure to be there, sorry that I was so late due to heavy rain. 
(Okay guys, I need to go now. Byebye, don't miss me too much hor! LOL)

Monday, November 17, 2014

Busy, really busy!

Why am I not excited for this coming HK trip ah? I seemed not excited for anything now. I only know I'm damn busy.

With kids; the same old routines except that they have been following me to work. Glad that they didn't really disturb me. 

But it's kinda pekchek when you reach home after a long day of work, but you can't rest becos you have to keep nagging and scolding and packing the mess they created. (I just threw away their stuffs becos I packed many times and yet they keep messing it!) 

With work; becos I've to clear everything before leaving. Then I can enjoy in peace.

With family; I finally get the chance to meet my ℓil' nephew today!!! 

Too cute!!! Welcome to our family, Anders boy. I know you're so excited to meet us, that's why you came out about one month earlier. Heehee

Babies; so small and tiny, best creation and gift from God, ever. I ℓσνє ℓσνє ℓσνє babies. I got consider to become confinement nanny before leh. Hahahaha! Okay, if I'm jobless, then I'll try! Babies only, not toddlers, not kids. Watching them really brightens up my day! 

Brought Meimei to shop for a gift for Anders on Sunday noon. Walked the whole Vivo and finally found this...

With friends; attended pork's wedding on Saturday noon and met a lot of old friends. Didn't see them for years already! By right, the past me will be so excited, cos meet old friends mah, wanna dress up nicely. But then, no leh, I didn't even think of what to wear, just anyhow pull out a black dress from wardrobe. Black = safest.

They're still the same though, funny and full of patterns. The tweety bird story never die, after like 16 years, lolol. Plenty of birthdays, weddings & baby showers these two months!!! 

Catch up with PY at Wine Company after the wedding. It feels so good to just sit down, relax and talk. (Thanks for the treat girl. My turn next! ^.^) 

Becos everytime we meet, are usually with the kids. And we will be too busy nagging and watching the kids till we don't even have time to sit down properly. Woes of a single mom, she understands me best. 

(These sums up my weekend!) 
I just went to change HKD today. And I haven't start packing anything yet. Borrowed a huge luggage from Cheryl, it's so big, more than half of my body. I wondered if I can carry not? Lol

I didn't plan any itinerary, I'll just leave it to the other two ladies. Oh, did I mention that Cheryl will be joining us on the 23rd? 

And they're so excited cos they keep msging me! Jane is very familiar with HK so she will bring me around. Cheryl said she will source for nice food to eat. (Food again, lol!)
Okay, need to nag again. Till then.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Yay! School holiday!

To all the hands-on parents out there, HOORAY, it's the school holiday again. Which means, no morning rush, no need to niam keng and no pekchek. If you're the one doing, you will understand what I mean.

Both kids dismissed early today and my aunt went for holiday, so I've to take care of them. 

And remember the $50 voucher I won from WCP during Meimei's birthday? (Did I mention it here before?) It gonna expire in another 1 week plus...

Thus, we are back here again!! I won the voucher using Meimei's photo, so it's fair that I used it on them. Meimei is kinda sway lah, cos she tio banged till panda eye at Alexis's birthday last week.

And she just got it again, on the same spot! But at such places, such things bound to happen one lah. What to do, want to play have to learn to take care of themselves lor.

No worries, she can be calmed down easily, with food! Lolol (Yup, I brought my laptop along cos I think I'll be damn bored alone & they have free Wi-Fi here! Actually Uncle gay want to come and meet us de, but maybe I've to go hospital in the evening, so I tell him next time lah!)

She said the crepe is roti prata. Hahahaha

One thing I didn't expect is, there are so many people on weekdays ($20 unlimited), most are foreigners though. Japanese on my left and Korean on my right. 

And that annoying kid finally left. She has been screaming and shouting all the way since I stepped in here, it was so damn sharp till my ear drum almost tear. 

Alright, I do understand the agony of having such kids and as a mom, I shouldn't and WILL NOT give such a comment. 

But the mom is so annoying as well. Sitting there, act 一个 high class, in her own world & keep staring at me (reflection from my laptop screen). While her poor helper has to bear with all her kid's nonsense and stares from strangers. 

I do not have a personal helper so I've no idea how issit like. Does having one means having the privilege to live in their own world? Like you can totally heck care everything & just dump it to the helper?

One thing for sure, I'll not allow my kids to constantly scream, neither in public, nor at home. I can't tolerate screaming kids. Meimei used to have this habit, but she didn't escape any punishment when she does that, if I'm around. She does it lesser now.

Aiya, since they've left, I shall stop here. Cos I want to go into another topic!!! LOLOL

The aunty (who cooked all the food here) came to talk to Meimei, and asked me how old is she, she also asked if I've only one kid? I told her that Jiejie is playing inside, and is 7 years old this year.

She went "WOW" with her two big eyes staring at me.


Told her I'm already 30 (I'm very honest one!). She said, "WOW, 看不出 LEH. I THOUGHT YOU ARE 23-24 ONLY!"


Aunty definitely made my day, lolol.

And this, has keep me smiling since last night. It's so beautiful, I can't even. I just can't stop admiring it, spammed about 50 (or more?) photos liao. It should be the MOST beautiful bouquet I've ever received before. This "anonymous" really 下重本 huh? And it's a very successful surprise this time round, I was totally unprepared. LOL
谢了! ^.^
(These photos are taken today, I already took plenty of it last night! Hahaha)

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Kids nowadays...

OMFG! You will be SHOCKED by them.

Just now, Raeann suddenly popped me this question, very randomly... 

"Mummy, can you faster go and find a boyfriend?" 

I was like, "HUH???" 

Me: If I've a boyfriend, you very happy meh? 
R: Yah... Then we can go out together. 
Me: Your daddy no good meh? He loves both of you so much.
R: He's good to us, but he's no good to you. 
Me: HMM. Later he don't buy things for you liao. 
R: NVM lah. Can ask your new bf to buy for us!

That's why I always say, anyone can do the "buying things" job. And you can easily be replaced if you don't play your role properly. 

She insisted that her dad has a new gf already...

R: And you're alone! 
Me: I'm not alone what, I have you and Meimei! 
R: But you need a man to protect you!!!

Wah. She really left me speechless lor! I swear these are what she said, on her own, nobody will teach her to say all these lah.

No wonder there's a saying goes, "the best way to ℓσνє your children, is to ℓσνє their mother." It reflects a lot on them.

Kids like Raeann, who watch & learn tons of craps from TV, are very sensitive and they know a lot, even when they appear otherwise. 

I'm so afraid that she will keep things to herself so I make it a point to talk to her everyday. 

And I told her this...

"You and Meimei always fight, make me angry, I think I'll die at 40 years old." 

She cried.

R: Can you live till 100 years old? I promise I won't make you angry anymore. Please don't die so early. You gonna stay with us till we grow old. 

How to not ℓσνє her? She's sucha sweetie. 

P/S: But that Meimei bo chup at all, singing happily to her Carebears, lolol.