Wednesday, May 6, 2015


It has marked the end of my probation in LCCS, and I've been confirmed. Much as I wish I can bring miracles to LCCS, I don't have much confidence either. But I'll try my very very best.

You know, ideas don't come when you stare at your laptop doing researches. Ideas are based on inspiration & trigger points.   

Like when driving, you saw something, and #dingggg, you roll and modify it, and who knows it might become your best proposal. 

Marketing needs plenty of ideas and creativities! Then survey around by asking friends, and plan if majority of people agreed with you. 

Which is why I've been noticing advertisements while walking, watching TV and on the road, watching out social media platforms to see which type of marketing works the best, and marking down human behaviours on marketing campaigns. 

In a whole, I need to be very connected to outside world. 

Now I understand why people have white hair, becos their brain is functioning non stop. 

I've to say that I'm a true blue workaholic. Becos once I've an idea of what I wanna do, I will work non stop, day and night to push it through. 

My cousin, who is a designer, working in an angmoh company told me that his company doesn't requires him to stay in the office at all, as long as he can show results. It's meaningless if you sit in the office whole day long, to show your face, but you don't show any result, you will be your company's liability instead of asset.

I'm adapting Mr LKY's words hor...

"You must not overlook the importance of discussion with knowledgable people. I would say that is much productive than absorbing or running through masses of documents. Because in a short exchange, you can abstract from someone who has immerse knowledge and experience, the essence of what he had gained."'

There's no shortcut to success, you have to work hard for it. And I'm pushing myself to the maximum now. Grateful for the opportunity given, therefore I need to prove myself in order not to let anyone down. 我能, 我行, 我可以!!!

Monday, May 4, 2015

楊濰豪 - 你要幸福

Marriott 1 for 1 High Tea Buffet

Couple of weeks ago, I saw this link on my FB -

I tried to make an appointment last week but it was fully booked till the end of promo already - 30th Apr.

However, the friendly staff informed me of another promo from DBS/POSB, also 1 for 1 till 16 May! (Still in time for it!) 

So I booked and went with B'. But I somehow regretted cos we were both very unhappy that day and we didn't eat much! Aiyo, so bo hua leh!!! 



Total bill is less than $50 for two pax!
I think I should go again, maybe jio the food queen this time round! I miss my friends. I miss hanging out with them. I miss food and wine session with Cheryl. I miss beer session with Jane & co. I just miss all of them! :`(

Sunday, May 3, 2015

The kids!

Aiyo... This Raeann hor, she showed me one video just now (her school one), saying she's inside the video.

Made me so excited, wait and wait and wait, thinking how come she haven't appear ah? I sent B' the link too.

Guess what?! 

Yah man! I only saw one pool of ants. Hahahahaha wth! 

These two fellows are amazing. They can fight the whole day, but the moment I take my cane out, they become very loving. Their reaction damn fast, and damn funny. Will tio 内伤 trying to control laughter sia.

I'll continue this post later, going to prepare the food for mookata liao!

Our dinner started as early as 4:30pm, cos B' helped to set up the fire. It's been so long... Eating mookata at home is so much cheaper than outside. Charcoal type tastes so much better too. The only hassle is the washing of the pot. But I think Mary will just throw there and soak it for one week or two. Then I'll get pekchek and wash it myself. She always chut this pattern one!

Saturday, May 2, 2015 I LOVE YOU

Wahahahahahaha this is mad funny right! 

My face... jialat, damn chui now, so many pimples, I must be damn stressed! But becos I'm stressed, B' promised to be sweeter to me, which he did. So should I feel happy to be stressed? Hmm

Love is amazing, or rather, we are amazing. We can totally live in our own little world, have endless topics to talk & joke about and laugh at each other. Even though we had plenty of arguments too, becos our character are too alike (too head strong, refused to give in), but it gets sweeter after each argument.

I'm very thankful to meet him. Sometimes, it feels too good to be true till a certain extend, I feel scared. When I feel so, I'll start pushing him away. (I want to leave, before I'm left!) But he will always hug me tighter each time. 

Thank you for loving me! Having you is truly a blessing. I don't hope for everlasting but I'll cherish all the moments we have! :) 

Yup! I miss all my friends lah! I think I've like 1 million things to tell her tomorrow. Hahaha! I've not seen her for quite some time already!!!  

Friday, May 1, 2015

Brand New and Ready Stock

Brand new Honda Vezel X and Vezel S
@ $115,888 and $119,888 respectively.
Ready stock in SG!


Becos I say it's good, so it must be good. Hahaha! Joking lah! Like I said before, I know nuts about cars. Why I like this car is cos it's very chio & spacious and it's ROAD TAX IS VERY CHEAP you know?! Aunty is lidat one, concern more about the price than the specs.
I don't care how fast or powerful it is lah, becos hor, SG road can drive how fast? Everyday jam like shit. If no jam worse, speed and kena summon. For what? Money very difficult to earn lor. (If you want fast hor, buy aeroplane will be a better choice!)
But I is very nice, I went to google the specs for your better understanding. (You're welcome!)  
A compact SUV with two engine options. The base engine is a four-cylinder, 1.5-liter unit producing 155 Nm of torque. This engine is paired to either a CVT or a 7-speed stepped CVT and is offered with 2WD and 4WD. In the Japanese driving cycle, this model returns 20.6 km/l (2WD) and 19 km/l (4WD).

However, I can't find the differences between the X and S model online. The boss told me but I forgot and I don't dare to ask again! =X BUT, if you're interested to buy, he will explain to you in details. Don't worry, he's very nice, he won't bite.
That's not all, they have Toyota Harrier Elegance and Premium too!!!

Brand New Toyota Harrier Elegance and Harrier Premium 
@ $155,888 and $161,888 respectively.
Ready Stock in SG too!!!
Sorry, I'm very lazy to search for the specs already. No understand why buy car need to find out so much! Till today, I don't even know the specs of my own car. Can move can already. Don't give me problem can already. 
There's no way I can sell cars becos I don't have a computer brain. And I think I'll tell customers this, "Go test drive lor, if can move means it's a good car. Cannot move means it's bad." HAHAHAHA
Anyway, price is open for discussion, let me know if you're interested (H/p: 9008 7688), I'll pass the contact to you! :) Their showrooms are located at Turf City, Carmart @ The Grandstand.