Saturday, March 25, 2017

Shape of You

Sorry, I've been really busy... enjoying life. 😂 Eating and drinking from Singapore to Malaysia. ℓσℓ 

Planning to drive up to YP, Malacca and Genting soon. Then, maybe Port Dickson, Koh Samui, BKK (confirmed), Clubmed and HK. 😬

Life's short. Travel while you can. ✌🏻

Friday, March 17, 2017






Thursday, March 9, 2017

Crazy week!

Eh... Nope. I didn't sell anything since March started becos I over-chionged during Feb and this whole week, I slacked (meet friends lah, do nails lah and going for a 'date' tomorrow, lol) while settling some custs' issues. Those after-sales service lah. When problems (e.g. loan) arised, I need to think of solutions for them. But anyway, all settled! 😊 

Handed over Dyna on Wednesday, City just now, Merc probably next Monday. Phew! FINALLY. You know ah, as long as the vehicle is not handed over, those dealers are prepared to receive my msg/call almost everyday, until they auto update me the status. LOL 

Poor them. But they're still very happy to see me de hor. Cos I'm like their 正能量 and I'm funny. The friend of one of my trusted dealer told me today, "can you help me to find an agent like you?" 😂

Anyway, if you're following my page (, you'd have saw this new promo...

Okay, this bloody card costed me a bomb to customise it. So it's very very limited. 

In fact, I still can't decide to work or not cos on the other hand, I'm looking at holiday destinations to bring the kids to, for a short trip, during their school holiday. Becos after that, I'll be leaving for my own trips. 

So I'm really (literally) going for a one month holiday. 😬 Don't miss me hor! 🤣

Monday, March 6, 2017

Forget Me Not

In case you guys forget my face! 😂 I'm gonna stop working after my handovers and start my holidayssss!

Any enquiries, please contact me one month later! Hahahaha #justkidding You can contact me anytime. I've a partner who will see to everything for me when I'm not around. 😊

You know, I always thank God when I met nice people... 

And I do, meet nice dealers around. This dealer has never given me any problem before. That's why I love to deal with him. His cars and his character, are 👍🏻. 

I know, I jolly well know, the way I work will offend a lot of dealers. Even Sam told me, "becos of you". But well, I don't care. It's not that I sided with customers, but some dealers are fucking craps. 🖕🏻

I just don't understand, why some people can't earn money in a proper way? If your car is shit, then repair it. Don't sell a crap car at a dealer's price! 😒

But sorry, all these dealers have been blackmarked by me. No way I'll ever bring any customer to them. 

Another dealer told me, "I think you used your sincerity to touch people. I'm kinda influenced by you." 
Money, to me is nothing. As long as one learnt how to be contented, they will feel the same way as me. You know why? Becos it's fated. If it's not yours, God will take it away one day. If it's yours, it's yours. God will repay you in one way, or another. 

That's why, 莫强求, 听天由命.

Becos I've kids. And I want to be their good example. I've two beautiful daughters, whom one aspire to be a singer 😂, but I've no worries for her cos she's street smart. Another leechy one whom can amazingly study very well (she can learn her longgggg sentence spelling in 5 mins), but too homely. 😔

These two, although I don't pin any hope on them supporting me in future, but I want to do my part as a mum, like how my mum does. It's a cycle, which your kids will follow. 

All the things I'm doing now, are all for them only. If not ah, I'll just leave everything behind and FLY AWAY. My kids are my pillar of strength. Without them, I think I'll just ... *shrug*? Haha cos I felt that I've responsibility over them and I can't just leave lidat. 

One thing about me is, I don't easily get influenced by others, I influenced others instead. But I'm not a bad influence ah. 

I don't believe, by doing things the right way, one cannot be successful. As long as you don't greed, you can be successful. 💪🏻

Sunday, March 5, 2017