Friday, December 19, 2014

Hello, Beamer! =D

I didn't cry nor tear when I reached Turf to exchange my car today, becos...

I LEFT ONE CANE INSIDE PINKY (forgot to take out), and while transferring my stuffs over to Beamer (my friend gave this name), everyone got a shock!


Damn it. So paiseh can! (They knew I've two kids lah!)

Really thank my lucky star to have met this dealer. We met in such an unusual weird way. He approached me when my friend put his car to wash (he has a few businesses there).

I'd say it's fate lah. Like out of so many units, why I buy from him, why he approached me, etc. He's too good and honest to be true. I really 烦 him until like hell. To be honest, I think he's kinda suay to meet me...

"Change this ah, change that ok?"


He's only 31, very successful I'd say. And he's really damn nice, towards me, till his staffs are saying him bias. Lolol

He replaced and touched up so many things for me, till his P&L almost become red. He even showed me all his invoices. 


We become friends now. So you see, never underestimate a woman, she can bargain very well, not only in market, but in buying cars as well. Lolol


Though it's kinda upset that I've to fork out about $20K cash at once, but well, money can be earned back lah. And becos of it, I'm so determined to work harder now. (In fact, I can get back all the money I paid with my hard earned money when I scrap it!)

Oh btw, Swift has a new car plate now, just received the letter from LTA. Actually, my Beamer's car plate also quite nice de lor. But since I promised to retain my car plate, I must do it.
This car plate shall follow me, probably all the way till I die. Hohoho!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Emo mode on!

Le' sigh, I'M FEELING FUCKING EMO NOW, becos pinky is gonna leave me, latest by Friday (got potential buyer liao). I keep dragging and delaying the collection (and trade in) date becos I really can't bear to leave her. *cry*

I know, everyone is finding me lame and ridiculous. But I'm a cancerian mah, 重感情 one. 

Pinky is like my kid, which I've "supported" all alone for 9.5 years. 

Also, I honestly have no idea if I've made the right choice on the BMW not. Becos hor, my bro found (and is changing) another same one, slightly cheaper and better condition; exterior and interior. (I hate my caramel brown seats color, FML!)

But mine covered warranty on major parts till end of life, so it's about the same lah! Depreciation about $600 diff!

Please ah, I'm not feeling sour over anything, I asked my bro to get it becos it's worth (and helped him to neg too)! 

I'm just worried that I'll regret about my impulsive decision. Even though if I wanna back out now, it's still not too late.

But I'm lazy to go through the searching, viewing etc process again. (I've been going to Turf City everyday since last Friday!) It's such a waste of time. (Can see that I'm not a car lover!)

My initial plan was to look for a Honda Civic (I don't want hatch back!). But you know, depreciation of Civic is about the same as this BMW and OMV is lower. Which is why I painfully chosen this instead...

This was taken at Vicom today cos I paid $200 to send for a full inspection. I told them if the result is no good, I don't want the car. Better be safe than sorry. 

I've never like second hand cars, cos I don't know how the previous owner(s) treated the car. But I really cannot afford a new car now. 

Somehow I wonder, issit worth it or not, to empty bank account just to get a car? (I'm paying it all by myself! Luckily I've 50 + 5% NCD now!) 

But I need a car, for work and to shutter my kids around. I've always count my blessings that I'm still able to afford a car of my own. Nobody can take away anything from you, if you worked hard for it. (I thank god for loving me too, gave me "bonus", knowing that I need money! I'll continue to be good, nice and kind!) 

I hope I won't regret! Becos I can (will) only blame myself. (I dislike pointing fingers anyway! Be responsible for your own decisions & actions!) 


Goodness, I spent alot this year. Fantabulous 30, memories for life! 

"I'm gonna make the rest of my life, the BEST of my life!"

Sunday, December 14, 2014

大家一起 HUAT! :)

Unknowingly, I became "Santa" to my friends today. Becos I posted this on Friday...

My car plate; 4599. 

2nd prize today!

Well, I don't buy alot of 4d, so I didn't strike a lot. All my friends struck more than me, but I'm happy enough. Becos I was still feeling very very emo this afternoon...

As I went to pay the deposit of another car and I'm gonna bid bye bye to 4599 soon. I was really very very sad! :( 

(Which I later locked the post cos I don't want people to say I hao lian! Becos it's really nothing to boast about!) 

I'm gonna get this lah! And I told myself, if 4599 open top 3 today, I'll retain the car plate!!! My wish came true! Thank you God! :) 

So happy till I keep shivering leh. Cos I "upgraded" my bet this week. First time strike so much!!! But all the amount gonna go to the downpayment of the BMW though! :( 

When I first got this car, the number opened 2nd prize within 3 months. And as of today, it is left with 7 months lifespan, it opened 2nd prize again. A perfect closure for pinky, which has stayed with me for 9.5 years. I'll definitely miss you much. You know I love you, I really do! 

Congrats to all my friends who got poon tio! 大家一起 HAPPY, 一起 HUAT!!! (One friend struck $60+K, wtf! Another friend asked me to choose something within $500, should I thank him or my car? LOL) 

My phone is exploding!!! 

Friday, December 12, 2014


Okay, laugh all you want, becos alot of suay things happened (to me) today! If you're on my FB (or page), you'd have saw my posts! If not, nvm, I'm gonna blog about it now! It's probably a once in a lifetime experience!

• My car ki siao-ed early this morning!

I saw this light but I've no idea what went wrong? I sent this photo to the garage's boss. Before he called, my (dk what) meter has already shot up to "H". I went a big round and came back home. 
(It's the fan belt. Chui till cannot chui already. Total damages: $140, inclusive of tow! Not very cheap, I know, but reasonable!) 

I was advised to call a tow truck becos I can't risk driving all the way to the garage anymore. It will damage other parts as well. Towing business is very good today, I waited for about 2 hours lor!

• So, being the happy go lucky me, I still got the mood to meet my friend for lunch leh. I asked my bro to send me there, he asked me to take his car instead, but must be home by 2pm. 

• After that, another friend came to pick me up to see cars at Turf City! I really got the urge to just trade in and get a new car! 

I sot tio this new Honda (I forgot the name but it's newly launched!). Super swee, but super expensive! (Don't know why I still can be so happy leh?) 

• Then, I received a call from my bro, saying that his car needed to be tow too. LOLOL 

Okay lah! MAYBE it's me (much as I don't wish to believe), I'm the suay one, and I poon tio my bro. He's not angry though, only jokingly niam niam niam, becos we're on very good terms one! 

Anyway, even though I might be the suay one, I'm still feeling good and happy. Hahaha (Am I crazy? LOL) 
Well, one won't be suay or lucky forever lah! Most importantly, it's how you handle it. I didn't get emo or depressed over spilled milk. (I was only alittle frustrated and lost this morning becos all my plans got ruined!) I kept laughing away instead. Becos two (same family) cars got towed away at same location, on the same day! What are the odds? Hahahaha 

I'm blessed to meet good people, with all the helps rendered today! :) 日久见人心, 患难见真情.  
P/S: Best way to handle craps (people) - remain silent and continue to be happy.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Ah Yong Motor

Hello hello, I'm still alive, haha!

Just that I got a shock this morning on my way to work (and sending Raeann). My car vibrates like its gonna explode when I stop at junctions. However, the vibration is on and off, that's why when I sent it to workshop on Monday, they didn't detect anything wrong.

So I went to the workshop again just now and it's fixed. The filter (don't know what) is loose and they tighten it with screws. Best thing is, they didn't charge me at all! :)

For their honesty and integrity in doing business, I'm gonna intro them to all of you.
Ah Yong Motor
Blk 7 397J Woodlands Road S(678000)
I've been there a few times, and their charges are really reasonable. They won't anyhow "chop". I keep asking them if I need to change this or that anot, and they said, "still usable, don't need to change it yet".

I've been to other workshops (thou shall not name) and they're forever scarring me to change this and that. Or they will just change and charge me at exorbitant price. So yeah!

Anyway, my beloved forty five ninety nine is left with 6 months. I'm thinking if I should get another 2nd hand car? Or renew COE? Or don't drive anymore? A decision which involves plenty of cash, so it's not easy. Sigh

I don't need any chio car, I just need a transport. 

The Govt should come up with a scheme, like a rebate or something for people with kids? LOL

Wait 5000 years also won't happen. Migration will be a faster and better choice.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Result of being too greedy!


Caused me to lose my voice almost instantly. I ate 3 times in a week, lolol. Don't get me wrong, this is delicious, especially the one cooked by Aunty. But I forgotten that I'm not the one on confinement, my body cannot take it leh. I didn't feel this unwell for more than 2 years already. My body has miracle-ly became very strong after my 2nd pregnancy. But this time round, 我被猪脚醋打败了!

And you know what's the irony? It's when you're sick, you craved for even more heaty food. I craved for fried chicken when I woke up this morning. 

Sorry for the lack of proper updates. Just in case you miss our face...

I'll be back!