Saturday, November 28, 2015

A day without stress!

Had a well spent Saturday with the kids, away from work, stress-less! The recent episode has caused a commotion in us. Confused, lost for words, anger, upset, and I don't know what else to describe. I hope things will settle down quickly and goes on smoothly from now on.

Kids; they are all born pure & innocent. No babies are born evil/cheats, isn't it? It's the upbringing and environment that made them what/how they are in the later phrase of their life. 

We, as parents, hold a great responsibility in what kind of adult they will turn out to be. But of cos, when they're already spoilt rotten, it's hard to discipline liao, and what you can do is to "hope" they will turn over a new leaf. Haiz... 

Personally, I don't pin any hope that my kids will "support" me in future. I mean, if they do, it's a bonus for me. But I do hope that they can be down to earth, honest and responsible for their own life. 

Whether they're able to find a good man, settle down and set up a family of their own, it's all fated. I'm really "open" on this, as long as the guy treats my girl good, even if he's poor, I'm okay. I don't look down on anyone, and I taught my kids not to look down on people too. 

Like I mentioned before - A rich man who is unwilling to spend his money/time on you VS A poor man who spends all his money and time on you, I'd prefer the latter. 

If he can shower you with expensive gifts & luxury lifestyle, but he's not around most of the time, he's probably in another woman's arm. I know I sound very bias here, but this is the reality. Marriage is too fragile nowadays, faithfulness is rare. Of cos, decent men still exist, just very rare. 

Anyway, as my girls grow up each day, it's easier to handle them when we are out now. Meimei can pee and clean herself, wash her hands etc. And Raeann do help out sometimes, when she's in good mood, lol. 

Becos I'm always out with them alone since babies, I can't help but to envy my own life now. I don't have to carry heavy bags, don't have to push a stroller, don't have to carry them, don't have to do a lot now. Most importantly, they listen. 

Like I brought them to market this morning, on the way walking home, they saw playground and asked if they can play awhile? I said "10 mins". But around 8 mins, Raeann called out "Mei, it's time to go home." And we walked home. I said Raeann can be really sensible and nice at times, right? (How nice if they don't have to attend schools, and we can lead kampong lifestyle everyday, haha!) 

And oh, the reason why we went market is, she said she wanna cook for me, ask me to bring her to buy ingredients.

We cooked these together! :)

And watched 'The Good Dinosaur' in the late noon! Guess what? Both girls sobbed. Hahaha 

The nonsense and anti-climate Meimei sobbed first. She was trying very hard to control her tears. It was shocking and funny lah. Impressed that she can understand the movie! When I knew she cried, I asked her why she cry? She denied and said "我留鼻涕", hahaha!
Still emo-ing after the movie, lol. Then before they sleep just now, they keep telling me about the movie! Meimei said she wants to watch again tomorrow. It's a nice cartoon, recommended, even B said it's nice. Imagine, cartoon leh. 

Raeann has been better lately, in terms of behaviour and attitude. Though I know she still secretly watched Minecraft, but she didn't ask for her iPad, neither gets jealous when Meimei can watch and she can't. She watched what Meimei was watching actually. They shared.

She did her tuition homework & took up a sudden interest in cooking. Well, she's not hopeless yet. She can still be disciplined properly, provided she stays (ONLY) within the family. Becos in order to do it, everyone must be very firm. 

I can't control anything if she goes to CCK. Cos I won't see/know what she's doing, I won't know anything. Hence, I'm going to be very firm on my stand from now onwards. She can still visit them of cos, but she cannot stay overnight. Under the custody, he has to bring her back before 12am. And if she refused to go, I'll not let her go. 

It's very sad that in order to please the adults, she has to do things against her own will. She already has a mind of her own, there's no point forcing her to do what she dislikes, it will only make her more rebellious and imbalanced. She has been asking "Why Meimei don't have to go, and why I have to go?" 

Meimei is never closed to them, so people will think it's "normal" if she refused to go. Raeann, on the contrary, didn't have a choice. 

So, in order to fill up this "hole", I've to do something about it. Planning to sign her up for classes on Sundays, learning something she likes, music or cooking. Need to search around & discuss it with her first. 

Thursday, November 26, 2015


Finally made the FIRST trip to our new house last Sunday morning. Becos I'm a pure Taoist, I believe in praying before doing anything, be it renovation or moving in.

I'm blessed to have my mum to help me with the praying cos I know nuts about it. Feel so surreal, I'm suddenly a house owner. But I'm probably the first not-very-excited house owner. 

Whenever people say or ask about the house, my typical answers will be "随便啦" or "ok lor". My friends advised me to check for defects, I asked B to help me.

The one and only thing I noticed is, THE ROOMS ARE FREAKING SMALL. The master bedroom is crap, it doesn't looks like a master bedroom at all. The toilets look big though! -.- Big enough to fit a bathtub, I think. 

Tell you all a personal secret. I prefer dark & cozy home. I don't like bright bright, so I don't like white color walls. Then I came across these on Hipvan yesterday...

Feeling of fear... Huh...

Hahaha ok red then!

Purple for kids' room? 

Orange is out, cos I'm not very skinny. 

Yellow seems the best!

No comment.

No offence but I really really hate green! But according to the Fengshui, green color brings me luck.

My block is painted in green. Meimei don't know where is the location of our new house, she always say "green color house". 

So, what's the next step? I haven't start my utilities yet! I need to ask for the list of qualified contractors. Where can I get the licence for hacking the walls? Walao. It's tmd 麻烦. 

Thank god for him. 

The man who loves me like a baby...

Who has an unique mind of his own. One who always insist his own way when he thinks is right even when the whole world misunderstand or go against him. Can't deny that some decisions he made are brilliant, but some, I don't really agree. However, I still supported him.

Unlike me, he's not a reactive person (only reactive to nonsense like, people looking at me, lol), he knows when to strike, when to lie low, when to be nice & when not to, etc. Many times, I can't understand what's he thinking or doing, and he don't explain, so we ended up in arguments. 

Me; given my strong personality, I'm not easy to handle, I know. My character is such that, even if I don't agree, at least you have to make me understand, else I won't do it willingly or probably won't even do it at all.

I'm definitely not a 小女人 lah! 

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

I wish you well.

These few days have been really exhausting, having to trace ALL the invoices (which is like 100++ of them), complete their SOA, chase for payments & going down to meet them to tally and clarify one by one.

All becos we met a great guy, who created packs of lies. Not gonna name him nor elaborate much. But I'm still in shock, literally. I've never met such a great liar before. It's so scary. 

But if he think he's doing the right thing and he can sleep well at night, I rest my case. 


Every customers ought to know this please. If you want it fast, we will ONLY rectify what you want us to do. The rest of the parts we won't do or touch. But if you come back another day, there will be another bill. (That's what others do, isn't it?) 

But if you want the overall to be good and safe, then please don't rush us. Becos, you are not the only customer leh. 

And if you think we're too expensive, then don't come to us. We only charge what we do. (We have many customers who came to us eventually, saying they went other workshop to change this and that, but when we took out, it's all old and worn out. If you get what I mean.) 

Some cars are able to use OEM parts, some cars are not. Becos when you use OEM, it will only solve the problem temporary, and it will lead to damages of other parts. (Therefore another bill?) 

We will make sure the car is okay before handover. If you come back the next day with the same problem, we will do it FOC. 

If you happened to passby both our garages, you will see we are packed with cars everyday. We don't wish to see you always leh. 

And if your car is under our warranty, the more we want it to be safe and sound, for your sake, also for our own sake. 

Truth to be told, garage is NOT our main core of business. We opened garages to serve our warranty customers. We don't depend on garage sales to survive, so there's no need for us to cheat you with this little amount of money. 

Sometimes, I felt we're being too honest, and people want to take advantage. Haiz

It's like, you tried to help people save money for the long run, but they blamed you for being the bad guy instead. 好人难做! (Some people probably love to visit workshop and pay every month!)

We have encountered our warranty customers going to other workshop, and upon hearing they are under our warranty, instead of retifying their small problem, they advised them to "damage" it. BECOS ITS UNDER WARRANTY MAH. So it's okay. Not they pay what. 

Really? Is this the way to do business? By deliberately ruining others, so your business will get better? HA. Karma dude. 

That's why one of our clause is, "warranty can be voided if you choose to go other workshop." (It all depends on our mood and your attitude!) You may be smart, but we are not stupid. 

Monday, November 23, 2015

Crazily in love with...

THIS. No joke, I can finish one big pack in 2 hours. Very very additive. And thus...

I bought this!!! The very FIRST thing I buy for my new house; a cushion. Heehee

It's so cute, I cannot resist lah! 看了都想吃! *slurp*

I'm also very in love with this fatty! Even my mum also said she's fat, becos all her clothes become so tight/short, hahahaha!


It's blurred cos it's a quick shot. She's too fat to stand on one leg, cannot balance you know you know! LOL

Despite being called "fatty", she totally cannot be bothered, still continue eating as and when she likes. 

But I think I need to control her diet liao. This cannot go on. She will regret in future if she 一发不可收拾.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Walk-in Wardrobe

THIS.IS.PERFECT. I want a room to be converted to this. All the clothes, bags etc will be in it. And there will be a door connected from my room to this room. 

And this will be in the middle of my room and the kids' room. YES, I want them to share a room, becos they are sisters. I don't want them to have a room each at young age, which resulted each to lock inside their own room without talking to each other. 

And becos they don't need a wardrobe inside their room, they will have enough space each. 

Anyway, both of them love to sleep and squeeze with me so much, they will end up in my room for the first few years. 

It's not gonna be an easy job cos it requires hacking and such. And have to search for everything from scratch. Tiles... Doors... Wallpaper... Cabinets... etc etc! 

I'm blessed to have him around, to help me to think, search, decide & coordinate. I know nuts about renovation and I do not have any idea in mind. All along, I only want a walk-in wardrobe and the rest, I don't really care.

In fact, I don't even know how to see the floor plan and I've NEVER been there yet. Haha 

On choosing something... 

Me: Aiya, u always say the thing/design I choose sucks. 

Him: Yah. I'm better. You see I choose you, and you choose me. 

Me: Oh yah hor. Yah yah yah. 


Tuesday, November 17, 2015

My pretty little girl...

Who doesn't look, behave and talk like a 4 years old, and is becoming a fatty, I'm indeed blessed to have you. Though you're so fierce & irritating sometimes, but your cheerful character and full of nonsense never failed to cheer people up!

Everybody loves her. But I'm not gonna praise her too much if not people will say I'm bias. In fact, I am not. 

B knows. He said I'm more patient and tolerant towards Raeann, but she's always pushing me to my limit. 

Meimei, on the contrary, she listens. So there's no reason for me to scold her? When she didn't, I lectured her too. 

Raeann always complain that I'm unfair. But little does she knows that, Meimei is the one I'm being unfair to. Raeann received so much more than her since birth. 

Till date, Meimei only travelled once, by plane. She doesn't have much toys/books, and is always playing with what Raeann threw aside, but she's mad happy and contented with it already. She wanted to learn music, but I don't dare to commit her cos of money & time. (I'm spending half of my salary to pay for all their things now.) 

But never once she complains or say I'm unfair. Probably she doesn't know yet lah. But I think she will understand if she knows.

I'll try to send them to music classes next year. Raeann is being grounded now, she can do her revision and assessment books, watch abit of TV, play some activities, but NO IPAD during her school holiday. No outing until December. I'm planning some programs for her in December, things she will love to do. 

Truth to be told, I love them both the same. And I'm trying very hard to play the role of a father and mother at the same time. It's tiring.