Tuesday, November 6, 2018


Today I wanna touch on this topic becos its one of my greatest FEAR HATE in life. I hate hate hate hate hate people going “missing in action” on me. You know like David Cooperfield? Magic! Poof! I simply don’t understand why would people LIKE to do that? No mouth to inform? Too shy to inform? Or? 

Like seriously, how hard issit to give a short text? Take up a lot of your precious time meh? 😵

If you’re just a stranger, not even friends, I won’t be bothered too. But why would people do that to their friends? Or maybe they don’t even see me as a friend lah. They never think of how awkward it will be in future if meet again. And, how much they will be jeopardising my job by doing so. 😞

Friends doing that to u, nah, not the worst. Imagine your own husband/wife/bf/gf doing that to you... Disappeared. Mystery. No idea what happened to you? On the bed with others? Die or not yet? (NO PUN INTENDED.)

To me, such people are sooooooo fucking irresponsible. They don’t even consider the fact that ‘people are waiting for their response’ like an idiot. People trusted you. Yet you betrayed their trust lidat. So you think they will trust you again? 🖕🏻

SPARE A THOUGHT FOR OTHERS. If they were to do the same thing to you, would you be happy? If I’m the one doing it to you, after that act like nothing had happened, pretend to be very normal & expect you will just forgive and forget, lidat can ah? 


I didn’t study a lot, but I know how to 做人. I think that’s the basic essential ALL humans must learn - Be considerate. 

Much as I agree everyone has different ways of handling things. But the way you handle will tell a lot about you.

Maybe becos I’m TOO STEADY towards people liao, that’s why people take it for granted. 😑

A note to all my friends... good news, bad news, I’m ready to accept all with absolutely no hard feeling, but pls, don’t suka suka go M.I.A, I’ll hate you! 

Saturday, September 22, 2018

All within 24 hours...

I WENT VIRAL!!! Thank god it’s nothing negative. 🤭

The response is too overwhelming. No joke. I is abit ‘chua tio’ until now... It wasn’t planned or expected. 

Everything happened too fast till I didn’t have time to digest! I wasn’t prepared! 😂


Click here to watch! 

21st Sept 11am sharp. I posted one hilarious recorded video of Misshopper Boutique owner doing her usual LIVE session. I posted cos I find her so damn funny. (Wonder why nobody posted it before?) She’s so authentic, I like the way she talk. Her English is as ‘powerful’ as mine. 

I set the post to ‘public’ so my friends (FYI, I only have 618 friends in my personal account) can share share with their friends this funny video. You see har, even though I’ve 618 friends, not all 618 people like me, not all followed me, not all will bother to see/read/watch what I post de mah. 

For the first 3 hours, everything was still quite ‘normal’. 

Then at 2:29pm, when I was about to make my way to finance company to submit document for my customer, I received PM from Lerine; Misshopper Boutique owner, the lady in the video. 

She’s so friendly, omg. She thanked me for appreciating her video. 😂 We chatted abit then I gotta drive liao, so didn’t see my phone.

And it started to ‘go crazy’...

I’ve no other word to use liao. Becos I started to receive notifications EVERY SEC, literally, for almost 12 hours non-stop. More than 1500 friends request (and still counting). Friends sending me links & screenshots and tagging me everywhere. 😂


And more...

My first thought was to inform Lerine, and erm, apologise to her, becos I really never never expect such a response.

Then I asked her if she needs me to remove the post, cos to be frank, I really ‘chua tio’. 😬 

Nope, it wasn’t planned. We don’t know each other (before this) at all! But maybe it’s fate lah, we exchanged contact already! Hahahaha

Within 24 hours, hitting 1 mil views. 😱😱😱 The power of social media. I seriously don’t know how to react. Lol

It’s 1.2++ mil views now. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 恭喜 Lerine & me. Even though till now I still don’t understand why am I getting viral too? The person inside the video also not me leh. I merely shared cos it’s jin funny. The focus should be her, not me! Tolong 一下, don’t add me on FB anymore cos that’s my personal FB which consist purely friends, family and relatives only.

If you want, you can “follow” or “like” my pageThank you bery much ah. 😊

Wednesday, July 18, 2018


Read an article about Mum-shaming today... Made me recount of how many thousand times people keep telling me I should do this, I should do that, which includes keeping my marriage, for my childrens’ sake. Which I did, for 8 freaking years. I tried my best lah.

But in actual fact, does my children felt happy that I’ve done so? I’m not sure. 

My elder girl, whom was 7 years old that time, said something, and I remembered very clearly till now. Her dad kept wanting to fight for her custody and bring her away... His non-stop abuses and insults led her to say this, “Mummy I think I’ll follow him lah, if not he won’t stop scolding you & he will hit you again.” 

Those words broke my heart. I was so weak then, that I needed my 7yo to protect me, when I should be the one protecting them. 

You know how lessons and experiences made people stronger and stronger? I guess I’m trained to be. Now ah, try me, I’m not so weak anymore. 😬

Fast forward few years later, which is now, when I’m ALONE supporting myself, the house, and them, those “you should do that, you should do that” come again. And it really really make me realised, it’s impossible to have work life balance after having kids. 

I’m stuck in a dilemma of, 1) if I don’t work, where to find money? 2) if I don’t accompany my kids MORE, I’ll regret in future. 

I’ve to emphasise on the word “MORE” cos I do accompany them, but they expected more. 

I’m thinking, everyone knows they’re humans and expected to be treated fairly. Then what about me? Am I not human? Having to carry soooo much loads alone, and yet I’m expected to have more time. 

Every extra things you’re giving your kids, means you have to work extra harder. 

Like how? Teach me lor. If I don’t go out and find more customers, follow up, sales will automatically come to me ah? Won’t I be worried if I’ve no sales and can’t pay off all my stuff? Money will drop from sky huh?? 

Well, I’ve people (friends, his friends) msging me, telling me how capable I am, how am I a role model to them, blah blah. Hahaha no lor. I do breakdown too. But I always tell myself that I need to do better after every cry. And cannot be when I’m crying, I must tell people “I’m crying” mah. It’s okay to cry lah, but need to pick yourself up after that. 加油! 

Haiz... #justranting and I hope people can really stop all their “you should do this, you should do that” to all parents. Not busy enough looking after your own huh?? Why must poke into others’ business? Every parent also know that they should do this, they should do that, but not everyone has the luxury to do so.

If you think that I should do this, I should do that, can can, come and help me pay for everything plus allowance ok? Then I will do this, I will do that. 😑 

Homecook every meals? No problem. Send them to & fro school? No problem. Sit beside them to complete their hw, spelling & 听写 everyday? No problem too. I’ll have all the time what, if I don’t have to work & don’t have to rack my brain at all. 

Q&A on cutting down expenses! Once and for all! LOL

Q1) Why do you need to drive a Merc? 

A1) It’s for my work!!! I’ve to exchange car with customers always. Some customers are nice, some customers are more kiasi, which I don’t blame them. You think if I drive a cherry qq, they will allow me to take their car meh? To me, a car is just a transport. Every car is a good car as long as it don’t give problem! 

Q2) Why don’t you sell or rent out Senja? 

A2) I can’t sell yet but planning to after 5 years. Very shiong to be a house owner. 😬 As for why I didn’t rent it out, okay, cos my kids love there a lot and they finally have their own room. The only room available to rent is their room as I hacked away one room. (No intention to rent initially!) Also, I’ve no time & money for more troubles; toilet clog lah, this spoil that spoil lah.

Q3) Anymore question?

Just so you know, I’m one who think a lot. There’s a reason why I do things the way I did. Despite all, I didn’t bring any trouble to my family or anyone. I take good care of my own stuff, that’s enough. And this is precisely what I want my daughters to be, “be responsible for your own life, becos only you can help yourself.” I’m showing example ah, no meh? 

Right now, I’ve already let Raeann decide her own life at P5. She wants tuition, okay, I pay. But she has to be there on time every lesson. (I never force her to go for any tuition or enrichment anymore.) She wants to sleep late, okay, but she still has to wake up at 5:45am on school days, automatically. 

My friends were like, “Huh? 5:45am, so 可怜! Let her sleep later then u send her to school lah?” 

NO WAY. What 可怜? Got school bus must 偷笑 already lor. I used to wake up at 5:30am everyday when I was in primary school, automatically. My parents never have to wake up to wake me up at all. This is self discipline. She has to do it in future when she work too? Don’t tell me I’ve to wake her up everyday and send her to work until she’s 30+ years old ah? 

Of cos, sometimes if I’m free, and not tired, I’ll send her to her class etc. But I always tell her, this is not a routine, it’s a bonus. 

I’m training her to have my mindset (Nobody owes you anything!). And she will gets stronger after every difficulty she faced. 

Results? Not important. 
Attitude? Yes.

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Happy Birthday to me! 🍺

Oh well well, I can’t sleep now, cos Germany got “kicked out” from WC today! 😭😭😭 

To be honest, they performed like shit this WC, and their Away jersey is damn ugly (cos I really hate green 😬), but I’ll still support them, no matter what! 

Good that they’re out also lah, so I’ll quit and focus on my work. 😂 Cos WC is indeed turning my life upside down. I actually stopped last whole week cos I was busy with work, I only watched Germany (and that day) matches, then I stopped again until today. 

So now, let me emo finish and I’ll get back to work again. Hahahaha


And it’s really comforting to see such comments, knowing people appreciated me for all the extra miles I did for all my customers. Really thanks for all the supports and trust. I always deliver what I promised. 😊


I told everyone that I don’t like to celebrate birthday, I don’t like to be centre of attraction (where everyone is looking at me & the cake), I don’t like people to waste $ on me, birthday is just another day to me. (And don’t you think it’s very sad if people only remember you once a year? I spend my life as though it’s my birthday everyday leh. 😂)

But this group of brothers and sisters really came up with a good plan to surprise me. I didn’t suspect AT ALL! Thank you all so much lah! 😊

Wendy also brought me to this jin atas place! Ambience is cool, service is good, but food so-so only. Thanks babe! ❤️

Meeting Mel tomorrow. Aiyo. I’m really paiseh when they keep ‘dating’ me and I keep postponing it, due to work and family. 😬 Of cos, I felt so blessed and loved, by all of them. To all my friends, thanks for remembering me, and the effort on our friendship! People come and go in life, I’m glad you all stayed. 😇

Not forgetting the simple dinner with my lovely family. Thanks bro for planning! 😊

Another surprise at my door! 感动! ☺️

Last but not least...

Thank ❤️ for this lovely present! 

Okay, I’ve been aiming this bag for a long time, but didn’t get it cos too expensive for it’s small size, can’t bear to buy it. 

This man really really dotes on me. But sometimes, unknowingly and unintentionally made me angry, but never for once (after throwing all my tantrums at him) he blow his top at me before. Thank you for lovin’ me lah! 😘

And oh ya, if u realised in all my photos, I’ve cut my hair jin short. LOL

Glad that I didn’t turned out weird, and no regret till date. Hahahaha 

Okay lah, I think I need to force myself to bed now. Good night all! 😴

Sunday, May 20, 2018

2CH Dash Cam

Photo Credit: http://corvit.sg

And seriously, don't buy those ahjiparia brand whereby it's being installed for a show only. It's cheap, but useless, cos it won't help when you need it. If you need any recommendation or good lobang (local set with warranty), contact me @ 90087688. I've intro-ed to many customers and they're all satisfied with his wiring work and service. And price is damn attractive, given that installation is included. Sometimes, if arranged earlier, he will even go to your place to fix it, at no additional charges. 

Follow me at www.facebook.com/amicusjo for more updates cos I'm getting soooooo lazy to blog nowadays. 

Sunday, May 13, 2018

(WoW)o 🐌🐌


Spent the whole night reading up about 🐌, the positive and the negative. Okay, I’m just kpo cos afterall, I’m a Singaporean mah. To be honest, it has been raved on my newsfeed everyday but I didn’t show any interest in it until hell breaks loose! 😬

However, my bf bought me a bottle of shampoo to try, just to support his friend. Wah, a small bottle costs $25 lor, I told him, “omg, this is so expensive, I need to use it slowly!” 


It doesn’t work on me. In fact, my scalp gets more itchy after using. But I didn’t talk about it at all, cos ‘one size doesn’t fit all’, it didn’t work on me, doesn’t mean that it won’t work on others too. 


Okay, just like the LED tooth whitening kit (which many of my friends used to sell), I didn’t even bother to click on it. Look what happened now?

No, don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I don’t trust my friends, but I just don’t trust the ‘miracles’ of the product that people claimed. 

I’ve been approached by many to sell all these, be it skincare or consumable products. But I’ve politely rejected all of them. I told them, “I myself need to try and be convinced first. If I can’t even convince myself (to even try), how am I able to convince others?” 

Truth is, I don’t dare.

Yup, even though I used to do reviews on beauty products. Plenty of research were done on each product first, to prevent giving wrong info to readers who trusted me. And I don’t dare to accept any adverts involving facial. Becos hello, my face leh, later rot how? Consumable products are worse, cos some side effects don’t appear instantly. 

I do buy to support friends, but to sell, absolutely NO-NO. It’s impossible to recruit me, so don’t even waste time trying. I’m very adamant on this. 

But don’t worry, I’ll help to promote if I’ve tried and think it’s really good, when I’m free, or when people ask me. (Just like the workshop and spray paint shop, I don’t earn a cent from recommending, but they’re indeed good, so I recommended them to everyone who asked me. This is the genuine ‘words of mouth’.) 


Well, even though all (not only 🐌 lah) claimed that they’re not MLM, which technically speaking, they’re not cos they don’t function exactly the same way MLM does, but when there’s a tier levels of earning/discount, it’s MLM to me lah! 

My definition of MLM is, making use of people’s credibility and words of mouth, using ‘recruitment’ as the first step and you’ve to pay to join them lor! 😑

Once you’re in, you will strongly promote the products to your own network then after that, recruit ‘downlines’. Your ‘downlines’ will get stocks from you, and the more stocks (got quota one) you order from your ‘upline’, you will be promoted to the next tier, thus cheaper price (likewise for your ‘upline’). Therefore, you’re earning from your lower tier too, no? This cycle will go on and on...

Who earned the most then? Think about it yourself. So, isn’t this considered some kind of MLM too? 🤔

Well, I’ve never trusted any MLM before. I just can’t accept the idea of having to fork out an upfront payment to join them; registeration fee, some called it ‘security deposit’ + starter kit. Siao bo! Pay to work and promote for them? Joke! 😂

❌ Don’t be silly to think that it’s your own business and that’s why you need capital for it. IT IS NOT YOUR OWN BUSINESS, becos you totally have NO control over it. Let’s put it this way, IF one day, something happened to the founder, and the Company suddenly shut down, who are you? Don’t be naive and get fooled by their ‘sweet talks’. They’re nice to you cos you’re helping them to earn money, that’s all! 


Okay, this is the most important point of this post, I guess which is why people are starting to post negative stuffs about it now — don’t claim things that are not true just to sell your products. (In this case, resellers cannot be blamed, unless they know about it!) 

HSA will not (and need not to) test and give approval to sell such products in Singapore, you just have to notify them. So by saying it’s #HSAApproved is very misleading. 

It’s just like IF I tell people I’m Case Trust Accreditted (when I’m not) to gain assurance by making use of the authority, it’s not right. #ifyougetwhatimean

Be very honest with all the content too. Don’t market it as 100% natural/organic/vegan (made of plants only, this is what my bf was told) and it’s safe for everyone (including preggies and babies) when it does contain chemicals. Who knows if someone is allergy to that one particular chemical leh? 

Yes, it’s easier to sell with such claims cos most people will trust what you claimed without researching. But there will be people who have all the time in the world to dig out all the infos. 


Regardless of what products/brands, you have to try it at your own risk. There’s no 100% assurance on everything. 

Once again, I’ve to emphasise, I’ve nothing against 🐌 and I’m not saying that their products are toxic/harmful becos it did show positive results on some people, just unfortunately, not me! 

P/S: What’s your take on this? Are you using 🐌🐌 too? If yes, did it works?!