Thursday, March 15, 2018

Busy like a beeeeeeeeeeeee 🐝

Yes, I’m very very very busy. (Sold 3 new and 1 used cars in 5 days!) Been on the road till wanna vomit... Calls and msgs keep coming in, see phone until banged wall... 😂😂😂

No dents but headlight cracked!!! 😱😱😱

I was told headlight for conti is damn freaking expensive!!! For new Japanese cars too, very ex. So please, take care of your headlights. 😬

But but but... 

You know what’s the privilege of being in the car trade? 

I got a pair of (used for 2 months) original at only $220!!! And...

Friends fixing it for me late at night! 😊

So both my headlights look like brand new now. Original somemore. ℓσℓ (No idea why I banged car bang until so happy. 😅) And I've arranged for people to come to my place for a ceramic coating over the weekend when I'm not in SG, sibei cheap also. Then, a dealer helped me to order (and will fix) running Merc light!!! Will blog about it after it's done. My Benz will be so chio, can't wait, so excited.

Actually, this is the first time I'm spending money ON my car. I just don't like the idea of it leh. Cos to me, car will scrap one day what, zhng this zhng that end up also no value, AT ALL. Might as well save the $ up, to buy a better car? I had this mindset since the first day I owned a car (at 18? lol), I don't spend on cars. And I'm so proud to say, since then, I pay for (and own) my own car. That's why when I buy car, I don't need anyone's permission. I bought then inform, cos I'm paying it myself mah.

O'rite, gtg and pack luggage and clear all my billsssssssssss. Blog again when I'm back ya! ^^

Thursday, February 15, 2018


Hahahahahah this is funny...

You know what it means? It means I don’t lie, I don’t make up any story to make myself look smart nor like a victim. 

Everything I posted here is based on #truestory. I really encountered them and it’s purely fact, nothing more, nothing less. 

Anyway, HIIIIIII EVERYONE! I’m back! Lolol

Sorry, have been very busy, will blog more when I settled all my cars & customers on hand ok? 

Thank you for still visiting this boring blog. I’ll be back soon, real soon. 😊

Aiya, wanted to post a photo of myself cos I thought people might miss me. But... realised that I’ve been cured of mental problem and seldom take any selfie now. The last post about my hair was the last selfie I took. (Read it somewhere, people who always take selfies got something wrong. Maybe wanna show off to people how many clothes they have lah? Same angle with different clothings, 😬) 

Friday, February 9, 2018

Maid-less now!

Well, Win has gone home (for 15 days already) and apparently, I've to go back to my past life 1.5 years ago, now. Waking up at 5:45am to see Raeann up the school bus, tie hair and send Meimei up the school bus everyday. I think I can handle though. See ah, I was doing everything alone until Raeann was 9 and Meimei was 5 years old. The toughest days were over, and I survived ah. (Don't ask me why I employed a helper, I'm lazy to explain. Can only say, I don't need one!)

But the only difference is, I've my own house now and every weekends, I've to go and do housework!

However, I'm lucky and blessed with someone to help me out with all the chores!!! (OMG, I washed until my nails and hands chui.) Besides helping in household chores, he helped me with the kids alot, entertain them alot, guided them with homework when I've to work late. (Gotta admit he's more patient than me, I'm very short tempered. He can tolerate nonsense and idiots, I cannot.) 

He's no other than... le’ bf! (Thank you love!)

Okay, Raeann did helped out a bit bit too.

Cos hor, I told her I’ll put all the rubbish she created into her room, hahahaha! Humans really cannot be spoilt lor. 

The last two weeks before CNY is always very crazy, rush and rush and rush, I’ve 5 cars on hand waiting for handover now. I don't understand why people cannot buy earlier leh? Must wait till last minute then get kan chiong? Why har? The rushing part is trilling huh?

Luckily my pace is fast enough to catch up, else sure get scolded one. But then again, I won't make any promises when I've no confident to deliver. That's how trust is gained, yes? 🙂

I received another set of iroad V9 from customer (Thank you Joey & Hub! 😊), this is the 4th sets, I think? Two sets V9, one set Blackvue (which is finally fixed up on my car on 7th Feb 2018, lol) and one I don't know what brand, it's originally from CnC. Nope, I don't sell them. I gave it to friends and customers who needed it. It's a cycle, when you're nice to people, people will be nice to you, NOT ALL THOUGH. 

Oh yah... 

In case you miss me... WAHAHAHAHAHA 

Notice any changes??? Yeah. 12cm shorter, I feel so light now, lolol. The lighting at Chanel boutique (NO, I wasn't there to buy something, not so rich eh, but to repair my wallet) is so pretty, no Meipai nor filter needed. Yah, I’m lucky I’ve no 'lines', yet. CHOY CHOY CHOY. 😅

Ok lah, need to work liao, settling all my paperwork for direct owner sales. Ciaoz! 👋🏻


Friday, January 26, 2018

Harrier G’s Panoramic


Hey guys, I’ve this unit of (direct owner) Harrier G’s Panoramic for sale! 🤩

D.O.R: 22 JULY 2016
ARF: $39,953 (normal harrier about $18k - $23k)
ORIGINAL COLOR: BLACK (3M sticker wrap since day 1 to protect the paint! Can be removed upon request.) 

G’s is sort of Harrier LIMITED EDITION model. But now, this owner is gonna let go at Elegance (the most basic model) price! ✌🏻

If you didn’t know yet, G’s is the only Harrier with spare tyre and carbon fibre interior. 

• Original Tuned Suspension (35mm Lower)
• Large Diameter Ventilated Disc with Sport Brake Pad
• G's Special Front Bumper & Radiator Front Grille
• G's Special LED Illumination light
• G's Special Original Body Stripe (Black Paint)
• G's Special Rear Bumper
• G's Special Muffler (sound Tuning)
• G's Special Emblem (Side Fender & Rear Door)
• G's Special Sporty Suede + Synthetic Leather Seats (Front)
• G's Special Leather Wrapped with Silver Stitch Steering Wheel
• G's Special Leather Wrapped with Silver Stitch Shift Knob + Carbon Type Decoration
• G's Special Optitron Speed Meter
• Dark Plated Type Paint Garnish + Silver Stitch Instrumental Panel
• Front Doors Speaker Chrome Ring
• Dark Plated Type Paint Center Cluster Panel Garnish
• G's Special Engine Switch
• Dark Plated Paint Garnish + Silver Stitch Door Trim
• Aluminium Type Pedals
• Silver Stitch - Centre Console Box
• Dark Plated Type Paint - Rear Seat Air Conditioning Blower
• Electric Moonroof

On top of that, seller has changed to...

• Forged TSW rims, 20" with continental high specs, worth $5K. 

• Still under warranty and it’s transferable. 

And hor, 

Look at the brand new selling price! 😱 Oh sorry, I mosaic-ed the first one cos hor I had a really bad experience with them before, they flipped words like flipping roti prata. I kid you not. 😬

Please note that original carplate will be retained and you will be getting a new running number, which makes it like a brand new car. Oh yay! 😂

Loan up to 90k! Low interest! (I’ll settle all the paperwork for you! 😊) 

Kindly contact 📞 90087688 for the price. Confirm, guarantee plus chop CHEAP! Depre lower than the most basic model! 

Sunday, January 21, 2018


#throwback post!

No idea why, I'll become a chef whenever I come over to Senja. Google everywhere for recipes, try this and that. 😂

All the food below are made with homecooked (one big pot) stock, boiled for hours using ikan bilis, yellow bean, pork bone and red onion only, no salt, no msg

Used the stock to cook our favourite MHK, soup for the next day and braised pork belly! ✌🏻

We love it very much! #yummyinourtummies

Added in red dates, corns, potatoes and pork ribs! (Make do with ingredients I found inside the fridge!) No salt nor soy sauce either. The soup is rich from all the things I added in + overnight stock. Raeann said, "my mum can cook!", heehee!

Braised pork belly yo! Added in tau kwa and quail eggs.

The pot of stock is indeed very nourishing, delicious and useful. Try it! Boil one super big pot and keep it in the freezer, you can use it to cook many different dishes. I'm getting more and more aunty, hahahahaha!

Friday, December 29, 2017

Please open your mailbox!

Catch this in your mailbox next week! ✌🏻

Last two cars to handover (on Sunday, 31st) for 2017!!! It's been a good, albeit BEERy tiring year. I'm glad I'm still surviving! 🤣

Found this in my previous notebook. 

It's good to have dreams. 😂

加油 for 2018! 💪🏻 See u guys next year!