Wednesday, April 29, 2020


Read this article today and it totally expressed what I wish to say. It's like, hanor, I don't even know why those people went bonkers, also not talking about them or their family. They wanna support blindly is their problem mah, they can't force people to be blind like them too.

Anyway, it's the N days of CB, and ccb, I really lost count. I don't even know what date/day issit everyday, I've to ask. LOL

Ok lah, I go rot already, bye!

Friday, April 24, 2020


Hey H̤̮E̤̮L̤̮L̤̮O̤̮ everyone! How’s life? 😊

Covid-19 Circuit Breaker

And so, it extended for another 1 month...

Oh yes, I've been a complain bitch, always kpkb at what our Govt is doing. But you know, from the first day it started, everything I said, came true. If the G had reacted earlier, we would be recovering like China, HK, Taiwan now. (And it's indeed a joke we became a joke to others now, when earlier stage, some people are so proud of our "gold standard", and became so complacent.)

Yup, I do agree too, we can't compare with other countries cos we do not have any natural resources. But is there any difference NOW?

I always believe in "Prevention is better than cure."

Now that things are out of control, we have to suffer. Not becos Singaporeans are not cooperative (there is always black sheep in every country, cannot define whole lot of Singaporeans being Covidiot when there is only one small group whom refused to follow the rules), it's becos of the measures and messages they have been putting across, bit by bit. One moment this, another moment that. And what are they best at? Fines & summons.

Sometimes, I wonder, do people really know what's going on?

Let's skip the mask hoo-ha. Cos I was proven right.

Then, we were told not to hoard. So naturally, people who don't hoard, will go shop for groceries often. (For those who stock food, trolley will be full, then people will start taking photos to post, scold & criticize.) So now, those who don't hoard, appeared at supermarkets/markets, but becos they controlled the humans inside, obviously there will be queues ma? Then people will take photos and post (scold & criticize) again. Alamak.

So how? Don't hoard, don't go & buy, eat air ah? SG is very small, FYI, and we have a dense population.

Again I said, there is indeed a group of people who cannot be bothered, but pls do not lump all Singaporeans together. Check out how many of us have been staying at home even before the CB started.

Really don't understand why those pro-G people can find thousands of excuses to cover up for our G's mishandling??? When people complain abt G, they will be very unhappy. Then say, we’re not appreciative, hard to please, blah blah, but are they in our shoes, facing what we're facing? They are not.

Yeah, "not happy, just pack up and leave". Say until very easy hor, talk is cheap. Pls go and ask around how many Singaporeans wanted to migrate so much, but can't, cos it's not that easy!

Other than being grateful to the PAST G for building SG up, I can't think of anything else. My life? My parents gave it to me. My carefree childhood? My parents worked hard for it. My HDB flat? I paid for it with my own money. My car? I paid for it with my own money too. All these happened, becos my parents & I worked hard for it! So why should I be thankful to the G for the comfy life that we worked hard for? Very funny.

P/S: Before you start slamming me, kindly note that this is my own point of view. You may disagree, no worries. And I'm saying our current G & current roti prata system. If you can accept, that's your problem.

But anyway, we can only pray for the best now, and life can resume back to normal asap. Speedy recovery to those infected. And pls stay safe, all my family, friends and readers (no idea still have or not now, lol).

Before I end this post...

This is me now. Just in case anyone miss me!! Hahahahaha

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

CHIJ St Nicks Moonlight Party

Coal 3606 was being invited to join, to sell our signature St Nicks wingssss! They ordered 1000 pcs wings & 100 boxes pasta from us. 😊 

NYP, being nearest to St Nicks (5 mins drive) was being tasked to handle this event. (RP under reno now!) I felt there’s a need to go back to the wings’ homeground to take a look too. Before the event, I don’t even know where is St Nicks lor! 

But it was super duper shiong! We wash and marinated 13 cartons of chicken wings, and had to control our own stall’s stock cos fridge no space!!! Very challenging indeed, with some hiccups here and there. 

Honestly awed by the size of the school, it’s damn huge!!! 

The place where we fried the wings. Thank god there’s  a ‘secret’ spot inside the school with commercial sockets. If not, really head very big, the normal one cannot support my fryers (oh, do you know that all my kitchen equipment have names? 😂) at all!!! 

The never-ending queue lasted 3-4 hours, people really queue and waited for the wings for hours, Ah Ma's wings power lah!!! Deeply sorry for the long wait! So busy until no time to take photos sia! Can only wait for St Nicks photographers’ photos! (Kinda regret didn't take any photo with KTH's mum, the second generation of St Nicks wings.)

KTH’s vegan pasta!

I hereby express my gratitude to KTH, his parents, cousin, volunteers, teachers etc for all the help rendered on that day. I won't be able to handle without you guys! (Thanks CHIJ St Nicholas Girls' School for giving us a chance to be there!) 

It was an eye opening experience I should say, finally 见识到 the power of Ah Ma's wings!!! To those who have been craving and raving over it, thank you very much for the support. Drop by RP, NYP or IRAS for wings if you guys have crave for it in future, don't have to wait or queue for 3 hours ah. 😬

Also, I’ve set up an WhatsApp group for NYP wings update... Join if you’re keen, we will update our wings availability there, and take in reservations from there too. (Text 90087688 to join!!!)

P/S: Will update when I get to see those photos taken by the photographers on that day! =D

Coal 3606 @ NYP

Sunday, August 18, 2019

Wings anyone?

Already received 100 wings order as of now. Will leave some for NYP walk-ins cos I’ve given them too much disappointment. It’s always sold out! 🤭 No joke, sold out so fast (every week) until many asked for my mobile number liao, wanted to PO before they come! 

(Last week, I didn’t open any PO, and ordered lesser cos it’s their exam week, first day only, got a walk-in staff from NYP come and buy 30 pcs. Then all the 10 pcs, 6 pcs, 4 pcs, 3 pcs etc orders from lecturers & students, first day sold out liao! Therefore, I decided to open PO again this week!) 

All the big orders last two weeks... The wings is very pop in NYP now, even more pop than RP! Top sales ok! Lol! 

KTH says his ah ma will love me and may come and visit me this 7th mth. 😂 I say “ask her come NYP see see look look lor” before it’s gone... 

P/S: Say really, if anyone reading this, is coming down to visit this lonely old woman aka me, do drop me a text first, and reserve your wings! I’ll keep it aside for you first. 📞 90087688

来, ai order wings mai??? 😋

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Life in NYP

A skill and knowledge learnt, is something nobody can take away from you. 😊

Experience is the best teacher of all. And for that, there are no guarantees that one will become an artist. Only the journey matters. 

#beentheredonethat #LifeInNYP #FnB

Hey hey, I’m back in car trade!!! ✌🏻 But I will still be in NYP (usually noon till late) if I don’t have any appointment or after my appointment. Kinda used to life in NYP now. Aiya, 人就是很犯贱, complain & complain but 放不下, lolol. 

Seriously, if I start a post about Food C***py, I think 999k words also not enough for me to complain finish ah... They suck, they just SUCK. 

Problems are NEVER solved, the only time they appeared is when... hahaha chasing rental, when proper invoice (I kept asking for 1 mth) has never been received. Got see tenant chasing landlord for invoice before? Hahaha! Not that I’m rich, but I’m very scared of their bangali accounts. They can charge 3x interest on the same thing in the same month. When asked them why, no reply, drag and drag and drag, then it’s the next month again. So it’s another month of interest incurred. 🤬

Tons of empty promises given, nothing fulfilled. 

The latest example...

June has a two weeks school holiday whereby I closed 4 hours earlier for 9 days (not operating on weekends), and close shop for 1 day. May is a full month school days, I left NYP at 8pm (at least) everyday, after washing everything. Issit possible that my water and electricity (which is charged by them) is MORE EXP in June (than May)???

So I asked for an explanation... Manager asked me “what explanation I want?” Hahahaha so I made my point la, I say “no logic what”. His reply was, “many things in life has no logic”. 😂😂😂 Still can tell me hor, “u think we very free issit?” Like hello, he think I’m very free meh? It’s $, MY $, cannot be paying blindly right? He pay for me lor, then I won’t disturb him, for sure. 

I insisted my way through then he said ok lor, will ask SP down to check my meter. Till now, no sound no picture. Hahaha BUT, come and chase for $$$. No work done, but keep chasing $$$. 

I kp before, saying that he seldom appear in NYP, say will come and look for me, but shadow also never see. Then his coll tried to help him... “he got no car, so very inconvenient for him to travel. 

FHL can. He work in sales line (and coordinator maybe), no car, my problem issit? So do I need to go and pick him up to help me solve my problem when I’m paying huge amount of rental monthly, or do I need to buy him a car??? Rubbish. No travel allowance given huh?! 

Dealing with such people is a pain in the ass. 😔 They made my life so difficult (every month) for the past 3 months. 

I believe, in every job, you have to show your professionalism, so people will respect you. 

There was once, my car is parked in front of my sis’s car, she went overseas & I couldn’t locate her or find her car key. The car is locked. But I’ve made an appointment with a customer (not selling car ok, is just helping him to look through some docs, no $ earned). I booked a cab immediately and rushed down.

It’s responsibility I felt. Say what you mean, mean what you say. Then again, I know not everyone is as cool as me! 😂

Alright, back to Coal 3606 @ NYP!


Opening orders now, cos I’ll have to PO the raw wings from RP! (It’s getting VERY POP in NYP now, I can sell 100++ wings in less than 2 days sia!)

Text me @ 90087688 & we will plan on the delivery. If it’s nearby at non peak hour, free delivery will be provided. 🤗

P/S: The wings has a very nostalgic taste, maybe my late grand parents will like it too. 🤭

Tuesday, June 18, 2019


🙏🏻 Let me recover before Friday!!! Cos I’m going for a birthday road trip to...!!! ☺️ Omg, entering mid life crisis soon. ℓσℓ

P/S: Intended to close the stall on Friday. Shall see how tomorrow. Becos it’s super duper mafan. Sold out cannot close early, don’t open will kena fine $200/day, everything must write in to submit for approval. 🙄 The management seriously sucks big time. Like hey, hello, it’s MY STALL, I don’t open I lose my earning, it’s my problem right?

Okay, I’m actually going into drowsy mode soon cos I just took my medicines. Have been coughing for many days and nights until I bth, visited a doc this morning.

Grateful to someone whom has been helping me to send Raeann to school for her remedial in the morning cos I'm feeling unwell, he wanted me to rest more! Honestly, without his support, TLC and help, I'd probably collapse.


To me, 幸福 is, when you're sick, there's someone looking after you, throughout the night, checking out on you and your temperature every hour. Wanting you to rest more (even when not sick) and sacrificed himself, just to help you out with your stuffs & errands. Knowing how to 心疼 you when you 受委屈. And you know, he will always stand in front of you to fight out whoever bully you, even with his own friends, becos he fully understands and knows you well that you won't be so dulan for no apparent reason. Always there for you when you need him the most, no excuses. In another words, he can give you enough security and you know you can just fall back on him, he will be there to hold you, for sure.

Find the one who can handle you.

Thanks Venus Beauty for the Birthday hamper! 🤗


Best birthday gift ever, considering I’m super poor now as all my $$$ has gone into NYP! I’m blessed! 😊 Don’t worry, I’ll continue to work hard! Heehee

I’ll enjoy my road trip and come back to fight (harder) again, cos the next day school reopen (for Poly) lo! 💪🏻

You may still text me @ 9008 7688 for any enquiry about cars!!! I’ll reply no matter where I am! 🤗

I ℓσνє June 2019!!! 

Till then, guys! And advanced “Sweet 21” to myself! HAHAHAHAHAHA