Saturday, July 1, 2017

Record breaking June!

Wooohooo! I LOVE JUNE! Cos...

1) It's my birthday month.
2) I broke the highest record for the past 10 months in cartrade.

Sold a new Vezel Hybrid on Thursday and a new Dyna yesterday. (Cos it's Sat now!) Haven't count how many cars this month (yet). 😬

🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 tolong all the deals will be smooth and happy. No hiccup please! Super thankful for all the intros and referrals. 😊

However, I'm feeling a little overwhelmed with everything; work, kids & family. Kinda exhausted at times. 😔 Just have to hang on, that's life. 

And hor, CAN I STOP GETTING SUMMONS???!!! Walao eh. I 明明 see the signboard, only need coupons until 5pm. Why the hell did I get a summon for not displaying coupon after 5pm??!! 😡 Did govt comes up with new law AGAIN?! 

Then ah, Upper Thomson and Yishun a lot of people speed issit? Tmd, so many cameras. I unknowing kena summon for speeding on a 60km/h road, > 1-20km!!! 

I've phobia so I travelled 50km/h all the way today. Kaoz (In this case, I need to plan at least 1.5 - 2 hrs to every destination. Sometimes, I really no understand SG govt. They wanted us to be fast paced. Yet, they made us waste our time. 你还要我怎样?) 

Supposed to meet dealer after meeting customer today at LTA. He called a few times, asked me why I take so long? I told him, "我还再做乌龟🐢啦!" 😅

Aiya, just some random rants about my life. Time for bed. Good night! 🌃

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Smoke & Mirrors

Heard of this place before? I didn't until Wendy brought me there yesterday...

Located at National Gallery Singapore. I didn't lost my way going there but I got lost INSIDE the gallery. 😂


Quite a cool place for chillin'. Aunty like me is so thankful to have updated friends, who always bring me to such places. 

Didn't expect this. Thank you so much. ❤️

The background is so chio, it seems like we are being photoshopped in. LOL

So touched when people actually remember little detail about you. O'rite, I still have many birthday treats, just when I feel like going on diet, nice. 😂

My friends & ❤️ made me feel loved and important this year, becos I don't celebrate birthday de lor. 

Till then. 

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Camping @ Senja

Woohoo. Sorry ah. Have been really very very busy, that's why no time and mood to blog. 😬 I finally understand why people cook more at their own house, becos got the feel leh. Hahaha

Porridge meal on Monday evening cos I was unwell.

I actually find it a joy to cook for my ❤️ ones now. It's a bliss watching them enjoying the food I cooked. #icancook hahahaha 

Work, kids (school holiday), family... tired die me. 😂

But there's a good good news... 

我再次做姑姑了!!!  😊

Saturday, April 29, 2017


STEP 1: Send me your log card OR give me your carplate and IC, I can retrieve it from onemotoring.

STEP 2: I'll blast it out to all my dealers on my side. Dealers will start offering if they're interested.

STEP 3: I'll then tell them what's the highest offer now, and if they're really keen, they will offer higher. I'll keep pushing the price, until the best for you. (But please be reasonable lah, don't ever expect market or above market value!)

STEP 4: I'll inform you the highest offer and if you're okay with the price, I'll then arrange with both parties to view the car (usually on the same day or next day).

It will save so much of your precious time. Let me help you! 😊

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Busy but I'm lovin' it!

Woohoo! 7 cars for handover this week! 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

And then, the person who gave me the shawl, encouraged me for the 8th. He said he will give me a treat if I hit 8 cars. 😊

It's true that people who wish to see the best out of you, always encouraging you to become a better person, always supporting you, are those who truly cared. Thankful for all these people in my life. 

I didn't earn much for most of the cars but I just want to keep my momentum going. Slacked for too long liao. When I chiong ah, I really do it all the way. But when I slack, it's all the way too. 😅

So, appointments for this whole week is jam packed. WHOLE WEEK. Overwhelmed but lovin' it. 😉

Btw, paying high price for scrap cars like Toyota Vios, Estima and Wish. Condition must be good, price will be good. Contact me if you have it 👌🏻?

I think hor, I should start a post about those difficult customers I met, and scolded, lol. Yeah. I don't give a damn. Especially those who THINK they're rich (or maybe they are), yet niao until juice come out, and expect people to work for them for free. 

Thank god I don't always meet such people becos ah, I filter out all these (eyes grow on top of head) people in my life. PLEASE PLEASE TOLONG 🙏🏻, don't look for me, I don't want to earn your money. 

This kind of people ah, confirm die at the hand of people who know how to "por" them. I don't know how to "por" people, sorry. I don't see the need to do it. We're all humans, you're nothing special, to me. 

And to those who love to "por lanpa", I despise you too. 😒 I don't believe by being a dog to be a good sales. 

Sales is all about sincerity and service. Providing geniune opinions and services is my sales motto. If you don't like the way I work, sorry then, go look for others. My customers are all very happy and contented, becos I don't earn their money for nothing.