Thursday, June 30, 2016

A final farewell!

 To Beamer!!! Byebye lo!
And say Hi to... 


For the first time in my life, I buy car machiam buying vege. See, test drive, confirm, sign, all within 1 hour. Lol (It's all about trust!)

I have no mood to go source for cars at all. Thank god for my friends' help. Cos I'm totally not familiar with car trade at all. (It's easy to cheat me! But I always give 100% trust to people until they proven otherwise. There are reasons why I get my friend's help instead.) 

Loan has been approved. I need to handover Beamer by Monday. Farewell Beamer. Good riddance is what everyone said. Well, it gave me happy times before so I still appreciate it. Take care. 

Into a new life with Benz... 

Like I said, my life can only get better. With or without a man, I'll always climb higher. I'm a lucky girl and I really thank god for lovin' me. 老天爱笨小孩. I'm blessed! :) 

And it's my bro's turn to change car too...

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Sweet ki lan!

10 out of 10 people I met (customers, mum's friends etc) said I slimmed down ALOT and become much prettier. Well, it wasn't part of my life plan to slim down. Hahah

And probably becos of that, I attracted ALOT of unwanted attentions. Walao eh 

My hair stands when I see the msg. #truth Please don't ever flirt with me, 因为我不吃这套. I never ever flirt with males before. (I'll just ignore your msgs!) 

And please ah, I might be heart broken, but I'm not desperate leh. I won't anyhow find another one to substitute. So yes, leave me alone please. Thank you. Don't sweetie me and make my hair stands please. 

I don't need to flirt to do business. Becos of my fun-loving character and maybe looks??? I've plenty of supportive friends. 

Thank you for trusting and supporting me, all my dear friends.
Thank you for lovin' the imperfect me. 

P/S: I'm no longer with ALL my previous companies. This car business has nothing to do with them. I'm helping a friend to spread the awareness. He helped me to get my next car at a good price. (Will blog about it when the car comes! Hee) You may contact me @ 90087688 if you want to buy/change car/van/lorry/crane. (LOL) New or used all available! :) Will give you a good price when you quote "blog reader". Haha

To me, "awareness" is the most important. Please lah, there are soooooooo many car dealership companies in SG now. People can buy from anyone. But I want to make it like, when people need this service, they think of me immediately. And I'm doing good, becos everyone thought I'm in car sales now. LOL

God knows why he used wechat sia! Yes. I didn't see many of my friends for the longest time. Becos I closed all my doors for him. In return for lies and betrayals. Haha #FML

It's okay. Becos my life can only get better and will definitely be better. I mean, all along, I don't need a man ah. This is something everyone knows about me. 

There is only one me. So no matter how hard someone try copying my style, hair, makeup etc, she can never be me. 

And I realised... Putting on makeup is really a skill. Cos I seen the most horrible makeup yesterday. My goodness. 

She's probably trying to copy my simple makeup (as what my friend said), but it's fucking horrible. 

Sorry ah. I have skill, you no have ah. Do you know I did the makeup for myself for all my photo shoots? Yah. Quit trying. 

Monday, June 27, 2016

Deevana Patong Resort & Spa @ Phuket

This was where I stayed in Phuket. Randomly found in on Trivago. It's nice and affordable at $55 sgd per night. 

I must have left a deep impression for going alone. The captain said he spent one whole night searching for me on FB. LOLOL

And he made me promise to return there again... Next month. Hahaha Sorry, no more Phuket for the meantime. I want to travel to other places. 

It's like a chalet. 

Their service is really recommendable. This part is funny. He wanted to open the door, I stopped him. Cos I want to knock knock the door first. 

And he said... "But nobody inside, why you knock?" Hahahahaha Aunty at my best. 

The resort is 3-5 mins walk to Patong seafood area.

Coincidentally, I was back to this oh-so-familiar stall for dinner. 

They recommended this lobster and it's really quite good. 700 baht = about $28.

Must have Tom yum soup but it's so-so only. 

Most happening street in Patong. Please be careful when you're in there. A lot of men, women, weirdo stopping you everywhere. 

For me, I'm fucking good at ignoring people. So I just walk and walk and walk, don't care at all. 

It's sort of a memory recollection for this trip. Passed by so many places that we went before.

Upset, but still, thank you for the memories, with a sincere heart! :)

The taxi/tuk tuk back to the hotel is so expensive. I refused to pay, so I walked back. It's not difficult actually, unless you're a super 路痴. 

View from my room! And it's the start of a brand new day! 

The pool! They have two I think. Wasn't really paying attention when they tried to intro me. 

This definitely taste better. I asked them to add extra chilli padi. 

I love spicy food. My friends named me "chilli padi". And it's true my character is totally like one. 

But I'm not a revengeful person at all. It's tiring to be one. And usually when I'm done with something/someone, I'll simply give zero fuck. 

This meal is cheap! 300 baht for both dishes. About $12. 

Jungceylon; the large shopping mall. Again, it's memories. 

I was alone but I wasn't lonely. Cos I enjoyed my own company. 

Sudden thunderstorm so I sat for another glass of I don't know what. 

Walked back to hotel (about 15-20 mins) when the rain got milder. 

They really gave me a shock sia. Suddenly, halfway when I doing mask, they knocked and said "room service". I didn't order anything. 

It was very nice of them to even take note of my birthday. Thank you Deevana!

Thank you each and everyone for all the well wishes, be it on FB, email or whatsapp. Very much appreciated. 

Even though I choose to shut myself out from the world (typical Cancerian), I received a lot of love this year. 

The feeling is irony. The man you loved the most, broke you down on your birthday for two consecutive years. 

Woke up damn early, paid 250 baht for their breakfast and it's time for me to go home. 

It was a short and pleasant trip. I enjoyed myself! :) 

I hope the next time I go again, I'm not alone anymore.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

I'm not the only one.

I've loved you for many years, maybe I am just not enough. 
You've made me realise my deepest fear, by lying and tearing us up. 
You say... I'm crazy. Cos' you don't think I know what you've done. But when you call me baby, I know I'm not the only one. 

I know I'm not the only one.

Friday, June 24, 2016

A changed me!

In the past, travelling alone will never happen to me. I think it's crazy to do that. But now, I LOVE TRAVELLING ALONE. It gave me ample time to sort out all my confusions.

I think I've changed. Into someone even more independent and stronger than before. It's a good change, I hope.

I'll blog about Phuket soon. This resort is definitely worth the recommendation. 

Everyone here mistaken me as a Japanese. There are like 7 weird men from Hongkong, Japan, Angmoh came to "make friend" with me. I ignored and walk away. Sibei attitude. Lol

Okay, where's my next destination? I think I should buy annual travel insurance, lol. 

Thursday, June 23, 2016



From 38,000 miles apart now. 


Birthday escapade. Oh my, I'm so anti social now. I choose to be alone, on this very day. 

Alone is good. Others have no chance to hurt you at all. And you can't possibly hurt yourself. 

This is funny. My friend is envious of me. But I envy them too. 

I've slimmed down so much lately that my tummy becomes FLAT. It's a good thing, I can eat more here! ^^

Orange is the new black! :) 

Happy birthday to me. A brand new chapter, a brand new life, a brand new me.